Friday, July 09, 2010

Checkin In

It's been a very hot and humid week off but George and I have made the best of the steamy weather. Last weekend was very busy for us and I was very glad to have a couple of days with no plans at all.
We had a BBQ at my brother's home last Saturday and that was a lot of fun. Sunday we had all the kids here for dinner and fireworks. Jon and Nikki bought some very nice fireworks and once it got dark, off they went from our side yard. It was a really nice display that lasted around 15 minutes. We plan on all pitching in next year so we can have a much larger and longer display.
Monday my friend Rose and her husband Steve came over for a BBQ and a lot of catching up. They stayed until 8PM or so and Sara went home shortly after they did. We got the dishes done and took a deep breath and decided that Tuesday was a day of rest and we weren't going to do anything but relax.
Wednesday we slept late then got a lot of things done around the house. Late in the afternoon we went for a ride around Lake Winni and then had a nice dinner at Cactus Jacks.
Yesterday, it was almost 100 degrees outside and very humid but we took a ride to the beach anyway. It was hot but there was a great seabreeze at the shore so that was a nice relief. We walked around and although I am not a beach person, I did enjoy the day.
I woke up today feeling a little groggy so it took me awhile to get moving. There has been a very nice breeze outside so we were able to keep the air conditioning off and let some of the fresh air in for awhile. I think we will be seeing some rain in the near future, which will be welcomed since our front yard has a lot of patches of burnt grass all over it.
It is hard to believe that my 11 day vacation is almost over. I could really use another week or 2. Looks like there won't be any of that any time soon. Maybe Christmas?? That seems like a long time away but the way this year is flying'll be here before we know it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Have A Happy 4th Of July

Hunter says Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

WOW...Half A Year Done Already

The 1st of July already! Can you believe 2010 is half over??

I am beginning my 11 day vacation today. I woke up around 6:30, which is a nice sleep in for me since I normally get up at 3:30. I took an early shower so I could get the laundry started afterwards. I have a lot of laundry to get through. 1 load of clothes, another load of towels and then 2 loads of linen. 1 load is the new sheet set I bought for Sara's bed and the other is the set of sheets that I took off her bed last night.

Sara is arriving tonight around 8pm for the weekend, and possibly more. I am going to do my best to convince her that she should seriously consider moving in with us for the time being. Sara has suffered a very difficult break up with Brad after three years together and she has been struggling to just get through the week. It's been very hard on her to be almost 100 miles away from her family. Luckily she has 1 good friend in Massachusetts that has been looking after her the last couple of days but she needs to be here with her family. Hopefully the long weekend with us will take her mind off her troubles for a little while. She knows she has a home here with George and me but her job is in Wellsley, Massachusetts and it will be about a 2 hour commute to work if she does move back here. She really has a hard time being in their apartment so I don't think she wants to go back there. So her options are either find a new job closer to us or find an apartment she can afford near her job down there. Either way, there is no immediate solution to the situation.
So last night George and I went shopping and bought a new comforter/sheet set for the spare room. Then we cleaned out the room and rearranged it, and today I am washing all the sheets and blankets. Hunter sometimes naps on the pillows in there so I have to wash everything to get the dog hair off of them. I have the bed half made, just waiting for the blanket to come out of the dryer now and will finish it up as soon as it's dry. I also bought a candle to make the room smell nice with her favorite scent, vanilla. We put my spare bookcase in there with a couple of books and some family pictures on it. It was a little difficult to find pictures that didn't have Brad in them but I found a few. Luckily I had some photos of her with George's nephews, who seem to be some of her new favorite people and I printed a couple of them out and stuck them in some frames. Not perfect but I hope the room looks inviting and comfortable for her. The room actually used to belong to Patrick so it is painted blue and red, not exactly girly colors but we did the best we could on short notice. Anyway, she is definitely spending the long weekend here and we've arranged to keep her busy for most of it.

On Saturday, we have a BBQ/pool party at my brother Dave's. That should be a lot of fun and the weather promises to be sunny and hot. On Sunday, the 4th, Jon, Nikki, Nicole, Matt and the kids are coming over for a BBQ. Jon is doing double duty since he is our resident mechanic and Nicole's car needs a little work done and we have a garage so he can work on it here. Sara's car also needs to be looked at so he has offered to do that too. We bought over $100 worth of fireworks to shoot off once it gets dark so it should be a good, fun time.

I am going to bake some chocolate chip cookies later this afternoon. Those aren't just for her...I've been craving them for awhile now and it's sunny but cool outside today so it's a perfect day for that. I kind of like being home and acting like a housewife.

George lucked out and also has next week off. We didn't make any plans but I know I want to get the other spare bedroom, which contains a lot of my stuff that I moved up here from my house, cleaned out and organized. That should take an entire day. I have also set aside one afternoon for my friend Rose and her hubby to come up and spend some time with us. We haven't seen them since just after Christmas and I miss my best friend. The rest of the week...who knows. Hopefully we will get to do something fun.

OK so I better get cracking and finish up my projects. Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful 4th. Be safe, no matter what you end up doing and enjoy!!!