Saturday, April 13, 2013

Random Pictures

Some of my favorite shots of my family.

Sara and Hunter on Easter Sunday

Mike and Sara at the Red Sox/Orioles game

Callissa and Alexander holding new cousin Amelia

Callissa, Nicole and Alexander

Patrick and Renee

Sara & Eric


Nikki, Amelia, Jon

This is a family picture of my Dad's side of the family circa 1958. That is me sitting on my father's lap in the lower left hand corner with my mother standing behind. My paternal grandparents are in the first row in the center.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Hunt For A Key

I am so bad at keeping up with this blog. Such a slacker! Oh well, I don't know how people get bored when they aren't working. I can always find things to do. The problem is I start projects and get sidetracked, and it takes me 3 times as long to accomplish something that should take 10 minutes to do. Like yesterday, for example. I started out by looking for my locker key for work. I knew when I went on disability it would be a few months before I was back at work, I never thought it would be 8+ months. I was very careful to put my key and badge and a few other things where I would not lose them. I was so sure I knew where they were. Wrong. I searched my night stand, my top dresser drawer, then had the bright idea to look in the purse I was using at the time. I opened the closet door and saw all my purses hanging on a hanger. Grabbed them all and started going through them, checking every compartment and unzipping every zipper. Didn't find the key or the badge but found several credit cards I didn't remember having. Also found some pictures of Sara at one of her proms, a few pics of an ex boyfriend, some 3 inch floppy disks that I know were full of pics but I had no way to view them so not even sure what they were and probably shouldn't even care. Then I got the bright idea to hook up an old PC and see if I could view them before tossing them out. Spent an hour finding cables and connecting the dinosaur to an old monitor in the junk room only to find out the files were unreadable. Ok so cleaned up that mess...tossed the disks and went back to the junk all over my bed.

One purse in particular had a lot of paperwork in it. Mostly receipts and physicians instructions, a lot of things I didn't want to lose or throw away that were related to my surgery and subsequent doctors appointments. Anyone who has dealt with insurance companies knows what I am talking about. I had things from the company that provided me with the meds I needed for infusion when I had the infection, the visiting nurse stuff and my physical therapy. So I found an empty folder and started going through everything, filing what I may need and tossing what I don't. That lead me to another folder of paid hospital and doctors bills so I went through that too and spent a lot of time organizing everything. I am not even sure why or for how long I should keep everything but I am guessing once I am back to work and all bills are paid for and the case is closed I can probably shred it. So...another 90 minutes later, the mess that was contained to my side of the bed, is now overflowing to the entire bed and a a box on the floor. And I still haven't found my locker key.

Move onto lunch, decided to make ham salad out of the leftover ham from Easter dinner. (Happy Easter to all by the way, hope you had a great day!) Got the ham all chopped up and realized I was out of Mayo. Had planned to go to the store to pick up a few things for dinner anyway so figured it was as good a time as any and headed out. 45 minutes later I am back home, (15 minutes to the store, 15 minutes to get what I needed and 15 minutes back), get the ham salad made, sandwich made and sitting at the kitchen island eating while watching the Chew. UPS guy comes to the door with a package (wedding shower gift). I open the package and find one item damaged. Called the company, dealt with that. By now it's 2pm and I still haven't found my locker key. Back to the drawing board.

I got my 6 or 7 purses back on the hanger and hung them up in the closet. In the back of the closet I found an overnight bag I used to keep in my car. Back in the day, I used to keep a change of clothes in there, just in case. The bag is now empty but it's cute and I decided to toss it in the washer so I can use it for my shorts and tee shirt that I use for Physical Therapy. I rounded up a few other items and started the washing machine. Back to the mess on the bed.

I'd given up in findng the key at this point. It was getting late and I still have 2 weeks before I head back to work so I figured I would straighten up the mess and try another day. I cleaned off the shelf on my night stand to put the insurance paperwork aside and found a pair of earrings I had been looking for. I was pretty happy about that because I had been through a similar afternoon searching for those several months ago! I also found dusty magazines several months old, that were also headed for the trash. Of course, now there is a layer of dust that is visible so I dusted the night stand and one dresser, and made my way to the other dresser, which was going to take a little longer because there was a stack of clothes on top of it. Yes, it is my dresser and my clothes but I have an explanation. After hip surgery, I was unable to bend and reach the bottom 2 drawers of the dresser so the clothes that normally went in there, stayed on top so I could easily reach them. Anyway, this task was going to take more than a couple minutes so I dusted just the areas I could see without moving all the clothes, I could do a proper job another day. Once that was done, I put the laundry in the dryer and headed to the kitchen to start supper.

Fast foward an hour, George gets home from work and we sit down to dinner. I am telling my tale of the unfound locker key and he points to the key holder tacked on the wall and asks if it's on there. It's not, but that triggers something. I got up, opened the drawer directly under it and tucked in the corner of the drawer is my locker key, my safety glasses and my badge, right where I put them 8 months ago. Success! hahaha

A day in the life, eh??

So anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I will be back to work part time for a couple weeks to ease back into a full time schedule. I am very happy being at home but it doesn't pay the bills. I usually can entertain myself most of the time but I do miss the social aspect of working. It will be good to see all my buds again. I just hope they will be as happy to see me!!