Saturday, April 13, 2013

Random Pictures

Some of my favorite shots of my family.

Sara and Hunter on Easter Sunday

Mike and Sara at the Red Sox/Orioles game

Callissa and Alexander holding new cousin Amelia

Callissa, Nicole and Alexander

Patrick and Renee

Sara & Eric


Nikki, Amelia, Jon

This is a family picture of my Dad's side of the family circa 1958. That is me sitting on my father's lap in the lower left hand corner with my mother standing behind. My paternal grandparents are in the first row in the center.


ChicagoLady said...

Great pictures of the family! I really like the one of Sara and Hunter on the couch. So cute!

Intense Guy said...

Lucky Hunter....

:) I like the first and last photos the best - but they are all great!

Your grandpop looked really tired!

AliceKay said...

Your pictures gave me a big smile. I love seeing family pictures and these are great.

Lainie said...

My Grandfather WAS tired! He and my Grandmother raised 7 very rambunctious boys and 2 girls!

Jack Fernandes said...

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