Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy Week Coming Up

Hello to all. Just a quick post to let everyone know how we are in the Northeast today.

It's been a busy week and next week will be busier with Jon and Nikki's wedding happening on April 4th. Thursday night the guys are taking Jon to a Bruins hockey game by Limo for his Bachelor Party. There are 10 guys going and it is still a surprise for Jon as far as I know. That same evening, some of us girls are going out for a few drinks with Nikki. Sara is coming up from Massachusetts to join in the fun and she will be coming home with me to spend the night here. She has Friday off but this Friday I have to work but she can hang out here with the Pup and enjoy some quality time with Hunter.

Friday evening is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. George and I and his ex wife Donna and her boyfriend Peter are hosting. The dinner is being held at the Red Blazer restaurant in Concord and will be a very nice evening. We have 24 people attending the dinner which includes the bridal party, parents of the bride and groom, the brides grandparents and a few spouses and significant others.
Then Saturday is the wedding. I am excited. A year ago I wasn't even sure I would be attending and now I am married into the family! Wow! I am sure Nikki will be a beautiful bride and I will definitely be posting pics after the event.
My kids will both be attending with their partners and Sara and Brad will be spending the night here after the wedding since they have a long drive home. I am looking forward to having them here.

Not only is George the father of the groom but he is also one of the grooms men, so he will be rather busy. I am looking forward to seeing him all dressed up in a tux. I bought a new dress for the occasion. It is a black dress with a colorful jacket of pinks, purple, and white. I was looking for a shawl of some type but all I could find was black or white and I wanted something with some color to it. As I was about to leave the store, my eye caught these 3/4 length sleeve jackets. I first saw a black, white and grey one but soon found the perfect one with the spring colors in it. I may actually go back and get the black, grey and white one because it will go nicely with that dress if I want to wear it for some other event. It would also go well with a pair of black dress pants.

On the following Sunday, Nikki's parents are hosting a brunch for anyone who wants to attend. Jon and Nikki will be opening their wedding gifts there before going off to Florida on their honeymoon. We will go to see them off and perhaps have a waffle or pancake or two.

Yesterday I took Hunter to the Vet to get his teeth cleaned. Too bad they don't have dental insurance for dogs on my insurance. He had to have a gingivectomy, which is when the doctor had to cut some of his gum away from his teeth because the gum was growing over the teeth. The whole proceedure along with the cleaning cost me $300! We have to deal with receding gums, and the poor pooch has the opposite problem. Anyway, they had to knock him out for the proceedure and he was a bit groggy last night and most of today but seems to be a bit more active right now. I think tomorrow he will be able to eat a normal diet and will be feeling much better.

George and I worked our asses off today and got the spare room all cleaned out and ready for Sara's sleepover on Thursday. We took out the twin bed and put up the double bed, dusted, vaccuumed and I washed all the bed linen. I just finished making up the bed and I put some books in the bookcase. Tomorrow I am going to pick up my TV from my other house and hook that up in there. It is starting to look like a bedroom again. Don't look in the other spare room though cos all of the stuff from my house that I have yet to go through and put away is now packed in there. LOL I am waiting for George to go through the basement and get rid of some of his junk to make room for my junk. Then we will turn the other spare room into our office/computer room and move the computer stuff in there and out of the living room.
All in good time. I will take some pics of the house and post them soon.

It took a long time for the fog and clouds to burn off today but it turned into a really nice day. I think it hit 60 degrees and a lot of snow melted today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so that will also get rid of some more snow. I had my snow tires taken off my car today so it had better not snow again until December or later.

George just took off to go for a walk out to the fields that he usually goes hunting in behind the house. There are about 6 acres of woods/fields out there and he has to cross a stream to get out there. I could hear the water rushing this morning when I had my coffee out on the deck so I hope he doesn't fall in. He took the camera with him in case he sees some deer out there.

I guess that's about all for today. I am going to see what might be on tv tonight and if nothing worth watching is on, then I am going to get back to my book. I've been reading a book called Lost Soul's by Lisa Jackson. It's a thriller/murder/mystery kind of read, right up my alley. First book by this author for me, not sure yet if I am interested enough to pick up anything else by her.

Oh...was nice chatting with Karla, Iggy and AliceKay last night in chat. Wow it has been a long time since I pulled out my chat fingers. Was fun though. :-)

Have a great evening.

Friday, March 20, 2009

5th Folder, 5th Pic

Ok so I am at work and I don't have 5 folders with pics in them on my work PC. But I was going to post a couple of new shots of my kids taken at the Boston Bruins game they went to last weekend. I got them both tickets to the game for Christmas and the day finally came last Saturday. Both said they had a great time and the Bruins won 2-1. The first thousand fans got commemorative St. Patrick's Day Bruins caps too so here they are sporting their caps.

Sara and Brad

Eric and Jessie

Eric and Sara

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Venting Blogger

It seems to be a trend lately but I was going to vent on blogger because of an issue that has been causing me some stress as of late...but the 'problem' corrected itself the other night so I don't have to vent. I am still going to put down my thoughts and ask for opinions...mainly because I want to assure myself that I am not the only one who feels this way, even if it is 2009.

It has always been my not allow my kids to have their significant others sleep with them in my house. They can certainly spend the night if the weather is bad or for some other good reason, but to just sleep in the same bed with my adult was not acceptable or allowed. If Sara's boyfriend spent the night, he slept on the sofa or in the spare bedroom. The same went for Eric and his girlfriend. While they lived with me, I was having none of that. And in turn, I did not allow any man I may have been in a relationship with to spend the night at my house while my kids were there. Of course I had no control of that when I wasn't at home but while I was no no. Not gonna happen. My kids didn't like it but they accepted it. They knew Mom was pretty old fashioned.

George has a 21 year old son and he lives with us. The house rules are not the same as mine were and it has been an adjustment for me but that's just the way it is. Pat's former girlfriend would occaissionally spend the night here, and I mean once in a great while. I think she actually slept here twice from November through the end of December. They have since broken up and he has a new girlfriend, Renee. He and Renee have been going together since the break up of his relationship with girlfriend #1 and he never told us he had a new girlfriend until a night in mid January when he called here asking if she could spend the night. Now I immediately wanted to say NO freeking way, but George made the decision before I had the chance to voice my opinion, even though he wasn't feeling too comfortable with the situation. I mean, come on...we hadn't even met her or knew she existed. But it was out of my hands and Pat was given the OK. That decision turned out to be a HUGE mistake but it wouldn't rear it's ugly head for a week or so.
It all started one Sunday night when they came bopping in after 10pm. I was already asleep but woke up when I heard their voices. George went out into the living room and said hello, and asked them to keep their voices down because I was trying to sleep and I get up at 3:30 am. Pat knows this but apparently failed to mention it to Renee. It was quiet for awhile, then they decided to play a video game in the living room. This is a ranch style house and the living room is right on the other side of my bedroom wall. I tried to sleep but all I could hear was the repetitive music from the game they were playing. This went on until midnight, then they shut the game off and went downstairs to Pat's room. I know I could have told them to lower the volume but I was hoping to not have to go that route. Anyway, I was about asleep when they came back upstairs to use the bathroom. Shouldn't be a problem but my bedroom is directly across from the bathroom and as soon as the light goes's pretty much in my face. My bedroom door was open but after that night I always closed my door when I went to bed. Anyway, I figured they would both use the bathroom and then go back downstairs...and be quiet for the night. Well, they went back downstairs and put the television on. After about a half hour of hearing that, I went to the top of the stairs and hollered down that they needed to turn the tv down, which they did. By now it was way after midnight and my sleep had been interrupted for several hours at this point. I was now anxious about being able to fall asleep and knew I only had a couple hours before I had to be up for work. I did fall back to sleep but when I had to get up, I was tired and cranky and kind of mad.

That night when I got home from work, George and I had a long talk and he was pretty upset that I was upset and totally unaware that I hadn't slept much. He apparently was not bothered by the noise and slept through it all. He swore he would talk to Pat, which he did and for the next couple of weeks, things were not completely peaceful but quieter than that Sunday night. Until Friday night, when they came strolling in around 11:30. They woke me out of a sound sleep laughing and talking, and George woke up when they came upstairs and were looking through the fridge for food. It was Renee's voice mostly, giggling and talking like she was at a sporting event or something. Granted, it is their spring break and it was Friday night and neither George nor I had to work on Saturday, but the house was dark and we were asleep. A little common sense people. By midnight, they were downstairs in Pat's room but we could hear everything Renee was saying and giggling about and it was apparent that we were about to hear things we really didn't want to hear. That's when George went downstairs and told them to quiet down or take off. I was surprised when they left 30 minutes later. It was decided then and there that Renee was no longer going to be spending the night here with Pat. Problem solved.
Pat was a bit surprised when his father told him the news. He actually had the nerve to ask why. What the hell is wrong with kids today? And why on earth do they want to sleep here when we are right upstairs when Renee has her own place? I don't get it, never will. But at least now I will be able to sleep uninterrupted. I suspect we will not be seeing a whole lot of Patrick but that's alright. He's old enough to be on his own.

George is always telling me that this is my house now. This whole incident had me feeling otherwise. It's really a difficult situation to be in. I don't want to come off as the evil stepmother, nor do I want to cause any kind of interruption in Patrick's life. I go out of my way to keep things as much as they were before I got here. I don't expect Patrick to take care of my dog, and I make sure I know his schedule so I don't hog the shower when he might have to get ready for school or work. When I have a day off...I don't vaccuum until he is awake and moving about. Any changes I have made regarding the household have been minor. Oh and he never has to worry about clean clothes because since I have been here, the laundry never piles up. That should count for something. LOL

Let me say for the record, I was initially impressed with Renee when I first met her. I liked the fact that she looked me in the eye when she spoke to me and she appearred to have manners and thanked us for allowing her to sleep here. But shortly after that introduction, she has shown very little repsect or consideration to us and in fact hardly spoke to us when she was here. I am sure she is going to speak even less to us now, but that's alright

Ok that's off my chest and I feel better. Actually writing this down has made me feel like I probably take things a little too personally. Well that's me and if all my problems are this minor I guess I have it pretty good.
Thanks for listening. And please do leave comments. I am sure there will be more 'incidents' that I will need advice about.
Have a great Sunday!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Our Toilet Paper Bride

As many of you know, George's son Jon is getting married in a few weeks. 2 weeks ago, Sara and I went to Nikki's bridal shower. It was a lot of fun and Nikki got a lot of really nice gifts, including 3 waffle makers. LOL I know she said she loves waffles but I am not so sure she needs 3. A couple of them have been exchanged for something else and she now has everything she could possibly need and want.

We played a few games at the shower and one of them was Kitchen Bingo. I didn't come close to winning that but Sara did and took home a nice gift bag with some shower gel and body lotion. We also had to guess how many Hershey kisses were in a jar. Again, not even close but the game may have been rigged because George was seen eating Hershey kisses before we actually started guessing.

My favorite game though was Toilet Paper Bride. We broke up into 4 groups of 4 and each group got one roll of toilet paper and 5 minutes to choose a member of their group and dress them up. My sister in law Diane and I selected Sara as our model but we weren't very creative in dressing her. Sara was the only one who had a garter though. In fact, she got the prize for being the trashiest bride. LOL Oh well, it was fun and we had a really good time.
Below are some pics of our trashy bride.

Diane and I attempting to dress our bride

She couldn't stop laughing

The 4 finalists. The girl in the red shirt was the winner.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Engagements, Weddings and Snow!

Saturday, George and I had a pretty busy day planned. We went out for breakfast at our usual Saturday morning spot and then ran a few errands, bank, grocery store, pharmacy. Once we got home and got the groceries put away, we headed back out to visit my parents. We had some gifts from Jamaica for them and of course wanted to share our vacation photos with them. We had a nice visit and I was happy to see my niece there with her 3 month old daughter. I held and played with Kendall. She has such a goofy grin and is a happy and very squirmy baby. She really doesn't sit still for long and I think she is going to be all over the place as soon as she figures out how. Crystal informed us that she and her boyfriend are getting married in July when he gets home from Iraq. Happy news for sure.

After a couple of hours, we headed over to my house to check on everything there and to pick up a few more things. My Dad has been busy hauling things off to the dump and organizing the rest of what is left so we can have a yard/garage sale as soon as the snow melts. I found my file cabinet and we loaded it into my car, then headed over to visit Eric and Jessie.

This was the first time I was to visit them in their new residence and I was pretty excited. They live in an old part of town and there is a lot of history there.
Jessie's parents house is a very old home built in the 1700's. They have renovated a few of the rooms recently and the kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. Jessie designed it for them and I can see she has a knack for interior design, which is her major in college. The dining room is in process now and I can see great potential there.

We sat down after a tour of the house and that's when I spotted a huge rock on Jessie's hand. I asked about it and they both started beaming. They got engaged while we were on our trip! I couldn't be happier for them. They have come a long way and continue to move forward making a decent life for themselves. The wedding is in the planning stages but they have a date set, August 28th of 2010. Jessie has asked Sara to be her Maid of Honor and Eric is still deciding who he wants to stand up for him. I know her parents are happy and I am thrilled.
We had a delicious dinner and sat around the table after talking about our trip and their plans, along with a lot of other things. Eric is one who normally keeps a lot of things to himself but it was nice to see him animated and excited about their future together.

We left around 9PM and made the 90 minute ride home. By the time we got here, I was pretty much ready for my bed. I know I slept like a baby and didn't wake up until after 7 AM.

Yesterday, we didn't do a whole lot. George went off in the morning to deliver a sofa and loveseat to a co worker and I took care of a few chores then sat down and read. We spent part of the afternoon working on a jigsaw puzzle. It was a nice relaxing afternoon.

Today, the Northeast is in the middle of another winter storm. I took the day off today not because of the weather, but because I am not feeling well. I have been trying to get rid of a cold that has settled in my chest and I just wanted another day to rest and be aggressive with my meds. They make me sleepy so I really don't want to take them if I am at work. I have over 90 hours of sick time accumulated so I think I can afford one day.

I would say we have about 10 inches of snow on the ground right now. It started shortly after midnight I think and will continue throughout the day. I really have my doubts that spring is ever going to get here. The snow is really pretty to look at though. I do hope that LadyStyx finally got some of the snow she has been asking for all winter.

Have a great day. I am going to stretch out on the sofa and get back to my book.