Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy Week Coming Up

Hello to all. Just a quick post to let everyone know how we are in the Northeast today.

It's been a busy week and next week will be busier with Jon and Nikki's wedding happening on April 4th. Thursday night the guys are taking Jon to a Bruins hockey game by Limo for his Bachelor Party. There are 10 guys going and it is still a surprise for Jon as far as I know. That same evening, some of us girls are going out for a few drinks with Nikki. Sara is coming up from Massachusetts to join in the fun and she will be coming home with me to spend the night here. She has Friday off but this Friday I have to work but she can hang out here with the Pup and enjoy some quality time with Hunter.

Friday evening is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. George and I and his ex wife Donna and her boyfriend Peter are hosting. The dinner is being held at the Red Blazer restaurant in Concord and will be a very nice evening. We have 24 people attending the dinner which includes the bridal party, parents of the bride and groom, the brides grandparents and a few spouses and significant others.
Then Saturday is the wedding. I am excited. A year ago I wasn't even sure I would be attending and now I am married into the family! Wow! I am sure Nikki will be a beautiful bride and I will definitely be posting pics after the event.
My kids will both be attending with their partners and Sara and Brad will be spending the night here after the wedding since they have a long drive home. I am looking forward to having them here.

Not only is George the father of the groom but he is also one of the grooms men, so he will be rather busy. I am looking forward to seeing him all dressed up in a tux. I bought a new dress for the occasion. It is a black dress with a colorful jacket of pinks, purple, and white. I was looking for a shawl of some type but all I could find was black or white and I wanted something with some color to it. As I was about to leave the store, my eye caught these 3/4 length sleeve jackets. I first saw a black, white and grey one but soon found the perfect one with the spring colors in it. I may actually go back and get the black, grey and white one because it will go nicely with that dress if I want to wear it for some other event. It would also go well with a pair of black dress pants.

On the following Sunday, Nikki's parents are hosting a brunch for anyone who wants to attend. Jon and Nikki will be opening their wedding gifts there before going off to Florida on their honeymoon. We will go to see them off and perhaps have a waffle or pancake or two.

Yesterday I took Hunter to the Vet to get his teeth cleaned. Too bad they don't have dental insurance for dogs on my insurance. He had to have a gingivectomy, which is when the doctor had to cut some of his gum away from his teeth because the gum was growing over the teeth. The whole proceedure along with the cleaning cost me $300! We have to deal with receding gums, and the poor pooch has the opposite problem. Anyway, they had to knock him out for the proceedure and he was a bit groggy last night and most of today but seems to be a bit more active right now. I think tomorrow he will be able to eat a normal diet and will be feeling much better.

George and I worked our asses off today and got the spare room all cleaned out and ready for Sara's sleepover on Thursday. We took out the twin bed and put up the double bed, dusted, vaccuumed and I washed all the bed linen. I just finished making up the bed and I put some books in the bookcase. Tomorrow I am going to pick up my TV from my other house and hook that up in there. It is starting to look like a bedroom again. Don't look in the other spare room though cos all of the stuff from my house that I have yet to go through and put away is now packed in there. LOL I am waiting for George to go through the basement and get rid of some of his junk to make room for my junk. Then we will turn the other spare room into our office/computer room and move the computer stuff in there and out of the living room.
All in good time. I will take some pics of the house and post them soon.

It took a long time for the fog and clouds to burn off today but it turned into a really nice day. I think it hit 60 degrees and a lot of snow melted today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so that will also get rid of some more snow. I had my snow tires taken off my car today so it had better not snow again until December or later.

George just took off to go for a walk out to the fields that he usually goes hunting in behind the house. There are about 6 acres of woods/fields out there and he has to cross a stream to get out there. I could hear the water rushing this morning when I had my coffee out on the deck so I hope he doesn't fall in. He took the camera with him in case he sees some deer out there.

I guess that's about all for today. I am going to see what might be on tv tonight and if nothing worth watching is on, then I am going to get back to my book. I've been reading a book called Lost Soul's by Lisa Jackson. It's a thriller/murder/mystery kind of read, right up my alley. First book by this author for me, not sure yet if I am interested enough to pick up anything else by her.

Oh...was nice chatting with Karla, Iggy and AliceKay last night in chat. Wow it has been a long time since I pulled out my chat fingers. Was fun though. :-)

Have a great evening.


ChicagoLady said...

Have fun at the wedding next weekend! I bet George will look really nice in the tux. Your dress and jacket sound really pretty too. I'm sure the two of you will like very nice together.

The weather is sucky here, rain changing to snow tonight. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...I had to mention it though, lol.

I hope Hunter is feeling better soon. Doesn't sound like much fun to have a gingivectomy.

I watched "Just Like Heaven" on ABC with Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon. Then at 10 I'm going to watch the Nora Roberts' movie "Midnight Bayou" on Lifetime.

LadyStyx said...

We had a bit of fog here today too and some rain.

*HUGZ* for da poochie

Tori_z said...

Hope all goes well for the wedding next weekend.

Poor Hunter. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Karla said...

what a weekend! You won't have time to breath!!

Yeah I enjoyed your company Friday night a lot :-). Have missed you!!

Intense Guy said...

It was great talking to you too!! Even if it was only too briefly.

I bet you and George will look as great as the bride and groom ...

And poor poor huntababes... That sounds like a horrible thing to happen to an ol' doggie.

AliceKay said...

It was great seeing you in chat Friday night during my stream. It's been awhile. Last night while I was hosting NTT, Nitro said she had news, that lainie got married and was VERY happy. I said...lainie who? (i kinda figured who she meant...LOL) and she says, LAINIE from chat. LOL I told her I already knew. :p

Pets cost their owners a lot of money sometimes, but I think they're worth it. :)

Best wishes to the bride and groom and I hope all goes as planned. Take lots of pics for us. *hugs*

Punkn said...

Getting rid of junk to replace it with junk... now that is right down my alley!

You have one of those weeks ahead of you that at the end you will just crash! I hope you post some pictures.