Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding Pics!

I finally got around to uploading and editing pics from the wedding last weekend. These are mostly pics from my camera taken by me so there was only one picture of me on here but I know others were taken so as soon as I get ahold of them, I will post them. As long as they aren't horrible, that is.
The wedding went off without a hitch although it was a rainy day. Rain is supposed to mean good luck so we will go along with that. The bride was lovely, the groom handsome and everyone seemed to have a good time. Jon made the mistake of the day when reciting his vows, he said, "I, Nikki take you Jon", then corrected himself and everyone had a great chuckle out of that. He is a bit of a pefectionist so it was quite humbling for him. At least he had the correct names, could have been worse if he said someone else's name entirely.
I sat with my kids and George's brother Ray, his wife Diane and my new nephews, Kris and Keith. Kris's girlfriend Elie also sat with us. We all had a wonderful time together.
Jessie caught the bridal bouquet which is nice since she will probably be the next bride but for some reason the pics I took didn't come out very clearly.
The food was delicious and it was a very nice evening. There were a couple of disappointing moments which I will blog about at another time. I'm still sorting out my feelings about them right now. But all in all...the wedding was beautiful.
So here are some pics of the evening. I am glad it's all over.

In The Limo

Alex and Aaron

Cutest Flower Girl and Ring Bearer ever

Nicole and George

Pat and Jon

Matt and Nicole

The Bride and Groom

Grampy dancing with the Flower Girl

Eric and Me

Sara and Jessie


The Ferland Men
Pat, George, Jon, Kris, Ray and Keith


Karla said...

How lovely! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding with lots of celebration. Well wishes to the bride and groom for a very very long marriage, lots of kids, loads of wealth and happiness!

Punkn said...

Everyone looks fabulous and oh so happy! I look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more...

LadyStyx said...

Very lovely!

ChicagoLady said...

Looks like everyone was having a nice time at the reception. Congratulations to the new bride and groom!

AliceKay said...

Loved the pics. Best wishes to the bride and groom.

Intense Guy said...

Yes, Little Alex is certainly a handsome ring bearer and the flower girl is a cutie-pie! I love the picture of her dancing with George LOL - some day her feet might reach the ground. Seems like Alex had the same problem dancing with Nicole!

I too, wish the bride and groom much happiness and joy.

You look great! That colorful top you picked out really does look nice.