Friday, April 24, 2009

Yard Work, Blood Work And A Day Off From Work

It's time for a new post, even though there isn't a whole lot to write about.

Spring has sprung here in New Hampshire. Last weekend George raked up the front yard and it is starting to look pretty good out there. There is a little greenery sprouting there thanks to the torrential rains we had Tuesday and Wednesday. I've thought up a project for my husband, too. The back deck is rather boring so I am going to have him build some flower boxes and mount them to the deck rail so I can plant some pretty flowers and dress it up a bit. I've also got a few ideas for the front of the house but since I have only been living here 6 months, I am not sure what may be planted out there.

It's very sunny and about 60 degrees here today but tomorrow promises to be a lot warmer. I am certainly ready for that. The past winter was a long one and even though I am not a huge fan of humid weather, I do enjoy the warm sun. I hope to be able to get outside and enjoy the sun this weekend.

I had the day off today and I had to take Hunter to the Vet for another blood test. Last month his red blood count level was low so we needed to get a recheck. I just called the office and the results were good...his levels are back at a normal level and he is perfectly fine. Just makes me shake my head because I can't help thinking it is just a plot to get more money out of me. I know I am being ridiculous and we don't always 'see' if something is wrong, especially with our animals, but it's always something, isn't it? Don't mind me...I'm just a skeptic by nature. But I had a feeling there was nothing wrong with him.
Hunter wasn't very co-operative this morning, either. He would not sit still and it took 2 adults to hold him down so the doctor could draw the blood. (He is only 13 lbs.) As it was, he managed to wiggle free before Dr. Ware was ready and that caused him to bleed a bit more than normal since we had to wrestle him down again to apply pressure to the area. He finally calmed down enough for me to clean him up. All that red blood in his white fur was a bit scary looking.
Once I got him back at home, he was fine and went right to his hiding spot in the spare bedroom and took a long nap. He is now out on the back deck soaking up the sunshine. I've got a load of laundry to fold and then I am going to join him.

Not too much going on around here. Everyone is healthy and happy. We haven't seen much of Patrick since we stopped Renee from sleeping here. In fact, he hasn't slept here one night since that night but he comes home from time to time to do his laundry and take a shower. Tonight we are meeting him for dinner in a couple of hours.

Jon and Nikki are home from their honeymoon but we've only talked to them once since they got back. The only one of George's kids who calls and stops by is Nicole and we hear from her a couple times a week. She dropped some books off for me on Wednesday and tomorrow we are going to take the grandkids for a few hours so she and Matt can go out with some friends.

My kids are both doing ok. Eric is still unemployed but he keeps looking. Sara is doing just fine.

I am heading out to get that laundry dealt with and catch some sun before George gets home from work. Hope everyone is having a good day. Get outside this weekend if you can and enjoy the fresh air!


ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad Huntababes is ok. It does make you wonder what caused his red blood count to drop, but as long as it's back up to normal, that's the most important thing.

It's beautiful today, and I'm stuck inside. But I will be going to the warm California air tomorrow morning, so I won't really care what it's doing here until I come back next Saturday.

Karla said...

Sounds like you're finally being able to get outside some and the cabin fever is subsiding...

Tori_z said...

I'm glad Hunter is OK. Vet bills really are expensive. But then, isn't everything nowadays? And isn't everyone after our money these days?

Glad the kids are all OK. :)

Hope you get to enjoy some of that sunshine.

LadyStyx said...

Katy's the same way. The only way they can draw blood without her raising a huge stink is for the nurse to take her out of the exam room and bring her out back somewhere. If they try to do anything while hubby's in the room (she's HIS dog), she gets mean.

Intense Guy said...

Poor Huntababes... he probably doesn't like that Vampire Vet much.

Spring has turned to summer here it seems, its pushing the upper 80's.

Oh... you gots an award waiting for you over my place... :)

AliceKay said...

I'm glad Hunter is okay. I think sometimes vets (just like some doctors) use more testing as a scam to get more money for their practice. :\

I've picked off 3 ticks from Abby the past two weeks so bought some Frontline Plus at the pet supplies store yesterday and put it on her last night. I hope that does the trick. Never seen them this bad before. They said on the local news the other night that ticks will be bad this year. Didn't want to hear that.

It was hot here today. Too hot....too hot, too soon. Our bodies don't adapt that fast. Esecially since I still have some of the storm windows in and no air conditioning or central air. (i have all 5 ceiling fans going and 2 upright fans blowing air around) It's 87F in this computer room at the moment, so back out to the living room to tackle moving a couch to take out the storm window that's behind it. It's cooling off outside and need more of that air in here.

By the way, make sure you take pics of your projects. :)

(this is a mini-post for me so i don't have to post on my blog today)

Deanna said...

I'm glad to hear Hunter is ok. You can't be too careful. Sounds like your life is busy but yet peaceful right now. So that is a good thing! Hope you got plenty of sun but no burn.

Intense Guy said...

Just peeking to see how you and Huntababes were doing...