Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good Morning

A good Sunday morning to all. I slept in this morning, until 8:15. That is great for me since I am normally up before the crack of dawn. I did stay up until midnight or so but a solid 8 hours is good for me!
Had fun playing NTT last night with Marvin and Kerry. Thanks always do a SUPER job. Tori it was great to see you in chat, I had not had the pleasure before. It was a really good game, pretty close all the way down to the wire. But voodooman pulled off a great win, wtg voo! It's been several weeks since I've been in chat long enough to play and after I got the kinks out of my typing skills (or lack thereof) I managed to stay in marvin's box all night! WOOOOHOOOOO
It's been another week of long hours. I hope I can keep up the pace until Christmas anyway. The paychecks are awesome! If I can manage to not burn out, I should be able to get all of my Christmas shopping done entirely on Overtime money and not have to dip into my savings, which would be awesome since I need all of that to pay my property taxes. That bill came in Thursday and nearly caused a stroke. Last spring my property was reassessed and that brought my property value up considerably. However, that also means I will be taxed at a higher amount. AND, to top it off, a new middle school is being built in town and the cost of that construction is reflected on this tax bill. It figures that the new school proposal would be approved after my kids are out of the public school system! I've been seriously thinking about selling my house and moving. There are many pros and cons regarding this decision, so I am thinking about it very, very carefully. It is just very scary to take on a new endeavor especially with only one paycheck as my only means of support. I haven't had a mortgage payment in 9 years, I live quietly and within my means but still struggle, primarily since I am helping my daughter with college. She works a part time job to help out but she is still dependent on me for a lot. Her father's assistance has been sporadic at best. (That $200 he gave her 3 years ago for books really made a dent in the tuition woes!) OK time to get off that subject. Anyway...a lot to ponder in the coming months. Graduation is 6 months away, perhaps I will have some clarity by then.
It's sunny and bright outside today but a bit chilly. All the trees are bare now around the yard, a reminder that winter isn't far away. Brrrrrrrrr.
Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. Hugssss


Kerry said...

you sound so grounded and settled in life..... can't wait until I get to that stage!
no mortgage? Dayum can't wait for that either!
Glad you had fun last night, it's people like you that make the evening especially fun!
I slept in this morning too!! Until LeadHead woke me up all shaved and smelling good!

Lainie said...

That's the best way to wake up in my opinion! :-)

ChicagoLady said...

He shaved? Did you give him morning sex? lmao

I really enjoyed you being in my box all night, lainie! I'm so glad you came in to play, everyone made the night enjoyable.

Tori_Z said...

Great wake-up call in my opinion, Kerry! LOL!

Lainie, it was great to see you in chat too. Normally when I'm there you're not! Hope you'll be there when I am more often!