Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where Did The Weekend Go?

It's been a busy and productive weekend. Even though it was snowing on Friday, it wasn't snowing too badly so George and I decided to meet for dinner anyway. I got out of work early so I took my time and drove to Concord, which is approximately 20 miles from where I work. Normally it would take me less than 30 minutes to get there but with the snow, I took my time and made it in an hour. There was a lot of traffic on the highway and I saw a couple of cars off the road so I decided to get off at the next exit and take the back road, which turned out to be much better. There was less traffic and the roads were actually treated much better than the highway was.
George arrived a little while after I did and we had a nice dinner. There were only a few other nut cases out for dinner that night. We had a nice meal and a good time, and a couple hours later I headed home. I took my time and again took the back roads home.

Saturday I continued to clean up my room, and my new bed arrived in the early afternoon. All I can say is wow...was I ever in need of a new mattress. It's funny how you don't realize just how bad your bed is when you are used to it being lousy.
It was a bit of a struggle getting the new mattress in my bedroom because there isn't a whole lot of space to maneuver but we managed and got that beast situated. I spent the rest of the afternoon making up the bed and putting things back in place. By 6 PM I was exhausted but I still had to get groceries so I put my shoes on and went out to the store. I was hungry too which is a really bad move. LOL I ended up spending about twice what I would normally spend on food, but I should have plenty for a couple of weeks. I made dinner, ate, and all I wanted to do after that was lay down. I jumped in the shower and crawled into my new bed to watch tv, but it wasn't long before I fell asleep. And I slept pretty well until 3:30 this morning. I guess going to bed so early wasn't such a good idea after all.
There isn't a whole lot to watch at 3:30 in the morning but I found the movie Back Draft on TNT and watched that for awhile. I think I fell back to sleep at some point because the next thing I knew it was 7AM and I figured I should just get up.

George came over at 10 and we went out for breakfast, then took a drive up the coast for part of the day. It was a pretty nice day, sunny and almost 40 degrees, which is really good for this time of year. We came back here and he cooked dinner...which was a real nice treat. He made a German dish called Rouladen, which is thinly sliced beef with mustard, bacon, onions and peppers all rolled up and simmered for an hour in beef broth. We also had mashed potatoes and gravy. It was delicious. The meat was so tender, you could cut it with your fork. And yes, I do enjoy his company as well. It is certainly much better hanging out with someone than doing everything alone.

I had a minor mishap while doing dishes, however. I sliced my ring finger of my right hand on a sharp edge of my meat tongs. I bled for quite awhile and was getting a little concerned I might have to drive myself to the ER but I finally managed to get my finger to stop bleeding. It's wrapped up right now making it not so much fun to type, but I think it'll be ok without stitches. I probably should stop using it and keep it elevated for awhile.

My belly is full and I am getting sleepy already. I am forcing myself to stay up until at least 9...but I think it is going to be a challenge. I hope there is something on TV that will keep my interest. I know if I open my book, I will be a goner and I'm not really interested in the Academy Awards. I think I'll go put my feet (and hand) up and call it a night.


AliceKay said...

I'm glad you had a nice time with George. Sounds like he's very good company for you. So sorry you cut your finger washing dishes. Keep a close eye on it and get medical attention if you think you need to. *hugs*

LadyStyx said...

Oh that new mattress sounds heavenly. Im wondering if we need to replace ours too as Ive been sleeping ohhhhh so wonderfully in the bed they have in the corporate housing.

Ditto what Alice said.

Karla said...

Good company is always nice :-)...Watch your finger make sure it doesn't get all red and yukky..don't want you getting infected! My mattress is 8 years old...but still in fair shape..So guess I'll keep it for a while!

Deb said...

I have a new blog

ChicagoLady said...

Me thinks you're enjoying spending time with George?????