Thursday, March 27, 2008

T. G .I .(ALMOST) F.

Howdy howdy. Hope you are all having a good week. It's been a busy one for me but I have tomorrow off so I can put off some of the stuff I was going to do tonight and sit on my butt and write some boring stuff in my blog.

I just heard an updated weather report and it is going to snow tomorrow. Oh happy day. We are expecting anywhere from 4-8 inches. It figures. I am just starting to see parts of the actual ground in my back yard now. We've had some fairly warm weather the last couple of days (50's) and some sun, which has helped a great deal with the melting. I can see most of the doghouse now and my picnic table is completely visible. The snowbanks on either side of the driveway have gone way down and it is no longer dangerous trying to leave the dooryard. The ground is still a bit frozen so it's not muddy out there yet and I actually hoping to hang my sheets out on the line this weekend but I guess that's going to be a bust. Thinking positively, at least the snow we do get won't hang around for long because it is bound to warm up eventually.

I really enjoyed Easter with my family. It was good to see everyone, including my niece Crystal, who is back home again after a short stay in California. She had moved there in mid February but decided she didn't really like the job she had so she came back home. Crystal is a bit of a gypsy and it looks like she is going to move around quite a bit. She's 19 and has no ties really so she may as well travel and have fun now.

George fit in nicely with the family, (I had no doubt about that) and my mother was very glad to see him again. My father had a little trouble remembering him from some 30 years ago but as the afternoon passed, it was all clicking into place. My brother was happy to see his buddy George again and first chance he got he cornered me and asked me how long this was going on. He wanted all the scoop then told me he's never seen me happier. He is right, I don't think the smile has left my face in weeks. Here is a photo taken of us the previous Saturday at Rose and Steve's house.

The biggest surprise of the day, however, was finding out that my brother and his longtime girlfriend have broken up. It was quite a shock since they've been together for around 6 years and seemed like the perfect match. I will miss Jacqueline a lot. She and I have become "sisters-in-law" even without them getting married. I hope we can continue our friendship.

The week has been fairly busy. I've got very little spare time at work as the orders keep coming and we've ramped up quite a bit in the last month. I took the doggie in for his pedicure this afternoon and spent a little time with Dr. Lesley, who LOVES seeing the Huntababes. She is pleased to see him getting around so well even if he can't see a darn thing. He was romping with a beautiful Cocker Spaniel puppy while we were in the waiting room and they were having a blast. He doesn't let his lack of vision stop him from having a good time and he's always smiling. The only thing he has a hard time with is jumping in and out of the car. He took a nice belly flop the last time he tried getting out of the car by himself so now I make sure I grab him before opening the door and I carry him in and out. I don't want him hurting his cute little face. Oh and since you asked for some pics of the's some puppy love for ya!

Since it will be snowing tomorrow, I guess I will clean house. Not much fun on my day off but it has to be done sometime. I also have to get my haircut sometime this weekend. That's about all I have planned. The rest of the time we will play it by ear I guess.

I suppose I should get the dishes done now. Take good care and HUGS!


Kerry said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh wow!! I loved the pictures

YOU LOOK RADIANT!! I don't think I have seen such genuine happiness on a face like that in such a long time!!!

LadyStyx said...

Snowwwwwwwwwwww!!! *whimpers and whines*

What a LOVELY picture of you :D Ya'll look so good together.

Awwwe that little sweet cute.

AliceKay said...

I look very happy. So nice to see. Love the pics. (keep 'em coming)

I hope the weather forecast is wrong and you don't get the snow. It's sleeting here right now, tho, and I'm sure it's heading in your direction. :\

Intense Guy said...

Awww... your looking good! And I love the pictures of the very happy dog.


ChicagoLady said...

I love all the pictures! And I agree with everyone else, you DO look very happy! You are very lucky to have found (re-found?) such a nice man!