Friday, April 11, 2008

A Quiet Off Friday

Not a whole lot to post today. My week has been busy and productive but not very interesting.
It's my Friday off and I got to sleep in until about 7 this morning. Not too bad considering I was asleep by 10.

The weather has begun to co-operate around here and yesterday it was a whopping 72 degrees. It's not going to get that warm today, naturally, but it is sunny out right now and the rain isn't coming in until alter this afternoon. All traces of snow are gone from the back yard and the front has just a little bit left in the area where all the snow was piled up from the snow plow. It's really dirty and yucky looking too so I hope it goes away by the end of the weekend. I noticed yesterday when I took a walk around the property that my little pine tree got damaged from the weight of the snow. I planted that a couple of years ago on the side of the house after a car accident took out my other tree there. I think it will be ok but it was a main branch that snapped in two. It just looks kind of pitiful. The daffodils are starting to show now and my tulips are coming along too. I really need to get out back and rake up the leaves that never got raked up last November. I can probably get to some of the yard but there is still a lot of wet muddy areas out there. My dad has been calling almost every week wanting to come up and get the yard cleaned up. It is supposed to rain all weekend so this won't be a good weekend for that chore but hopefully soon.

With the nicer temperatures, I haven't had to turn the furnace on for about a week. I think I cranked it one morning when I got up to get the chill out of the house but that's about it. It is chilly in here right now but I have a sweater on and am drinking some hot tea so that should help keep me warm for the time being.
Sara is coming home tonight and she is planning to spend the weekend here. She has a fancy wedding to go to next weekend and she needs to shop for a dress so I guess I have been designated to go shopping with her on Saturday. Her boyfriend's brother is getting married on the Cape which is a very affluent area of Massachusetts and everyone will be dressed to the nines. Even though Sara isn't in the bridal party, Brad's mother took her along with all the other girls to a day at the spa last weekend. They had their nails done and went tanning, had massages, the whole spa treatment. Tonight Sara is getting her hair cut and highlighted (or whatever it's called) and then tomorrow we will shop for a dress. Yeah I know, she always waits until the last minute to do everything. But she insists that's when she gets the best deals. Whatever...I just hope she plans on buying me lunch too! LOL

I have to get a shower soon though and get started on my errands. I have to go to the pharmacy and then get something for George's grand daughter for her 4th birthday. Thank goodness I have friends who are grandmothers, cos I have no idea what little kids are into these days.

I hope you are all having a great day!



ChicagoLady said...

You've had better weather than I have!! I'm soooo jealous! I think Spring and Summer passed me by and it's now fall again. Especially since it's supposed to snow this weekend! Grrrrrrrrr.

Glad you've been enjoying the nice weather, and have fun shopping with Sara.

Intense Guy said...

Enjoy shopping for the birthday present. I know what you mean about "what are they into?" these days. I've a teenage neice and a couple nephews and durn if I know what to get the eyebrow pierced, spiked haired, pants worn with the beltline at mid-thigh "little monsters." :) I've been told "money always works" but that seems so tacky.

Lainie said...

I know what you mean Iggy but money and/or gift cards for teenagers is usually a good thing. I got the 4 year old a Princess doll that comes with a horse and hair accessories.
Shopping with my daughter wasn't as bad as I expected. We actually found a couple of dresses right away and after trying several on, she decided to buy the first one she spotted. She managed to get it on sale too and got another discount for opening a credit card. Shoes...well that's a whole other matter. I did my part so she's on her own now.
Oh and she sprung for lunch at the Olive Garden too. How could I pass that up?

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you had a nice day out with Sara. :)

I'm thinking the cool weather is heading your way tho. We had a few thunderstorms roll thru last night and it's getting cooler outside right now....54F and overcast.

LadyStyx said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon.

As for nephew (hubby's side) is pretty easy to buy for still. When in doubt buy something for his John Deere or Thomas collection. My niece and nephew on my side, however, are another matter. As much as I hate the gift card route, it seems to work well with them. They've gotten so they anticipate the envelope from Auntie because it's the only time they get to make a trip to Toys R Us. I could always send Target cards as that's where SIL likes to shop...but this is for the kids and they like going there. She waits until each has two cards and then they know they have enough for somthing a little bigger than normal (or several smaller items).

Punkn said...

Little girls love anything and everything! The older they get, the more difficult they are to buy for. I find my older grandkids are thrilled with gift cards. I do wish someone could explain what made anyone decide it made sense to sag pants so ya can't walk and are always in danger of having them around the ankle. The bigger mystery is, why did anyone follow? I'd be sorely tempted to buy them a pair of pants that fit and say, "Try it, you'll like it!".
And Lainie and Iggy, Chicagolady and I would both appreciate it if you'd send some nice weather our way. It is spitting sleet and snow here again this morning. sigh.

Karla said...

What a good day to enjoy time with your daughter. I miss my eldest son so much but he only calls me about once a month...:-( He lives so far away I never get to see him. I'm jealous!! LOL

Kerry said...

Sounds like you had a great day, it's always the first dress LOL try on 15 and it's still the first dress.

Olive Garden.. they are all gone in Canada now. dang I miss them.

Anonymous said...

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