Thursday, September 04, 2008

Weekend Update (Labor Day Edition)

OK Styxie I can take a hint. I was going to wait until tomorrow but I suppose I better get this done now. LOL

So, the long Labor Day weekend is now a thing of the past. All I can say is there never seems to be enough time in the day lately.

Friday I had the day off, giving me an extra day to do whatever needed to be done, or whatever I felt like doing. I spent the morning doing laundry, getting groceries and making Avon deliveries. Luckily I only have 5 customers in town so that didn't take very long, but I also did my banking while I was in town. I then came home and put the groceries away, folded laundry, and took care of some chores while I watched a few soap operas. Yes they are a guilty pleasure for me since I usually only have every other Friday off and that is the only time I can really watch them.

George came over after he got out of work and we went out to Applebees for supper. They had a pizza party at work for lunch so he didn't want pizza again for supper. Can't say that I blame him there. There aren't too many places around here to eat a decent supper so we went to Applebees. No complaints, both of our meals were very good and we didn't have to wait for a table.

Saturday morning George ran his errands and then we booked our vacation for February. We will be going on a 5 night cruise to Jamaica, Grand Caymen and some other port that escapes my memory at the moment. We will be leaving out of Miami on Valentine's Day. I am very excited since I have never been on a cruise and it is something I have always wanted to do. Once we got that squared away, we headed out to Concord to meet Rose and Steve at Olive Garden. (We were supposed to attend Big John's Pig roast that afternoon but I could tell George's heart wasn't in it so we decided to not go. According to a few who did go, we didn't really miss much.)

The weather had been pretty good all day, I would guess 75-80 degrees and sunny but as soon as we got in to Concord, it clouded over and started to rain. It came down pretty hard for about 5 minutes and then the sun was back out and except for the puddles, you would never have known it had rained. When we got to the restaurant, there was a huge line of people outside waiting to be seated and I thought we were going to have quite a wait on our hands. But I saw Rose in the crowd and she had the foresight to go on inside and get a buzzer (or whatever you call those alien looking things). We waited about 15 minutes and Rose started to vibrate so it was time to go in and get some food!
We were seated and a nice looking young man named Colin came over to tell us he was our server for the night. We ordered drinks and started yacking away. Rose makes me laugh so much, it is hard to study a menu or make any kind of decision but we managed to finally order. The guys got steaks and Tuscan Potatoes, Rose got Seafood Alfredo and I decided on the Tour of Italy which consists of a very nice piece of Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan and a portion of Fettucini. This also comes with the most delicious breadsticks known to man and your choice of soup or salad. I chose the salad as did Steve and Rose. George went with the soup since he does not eat his veggies, but only had a couple of spoonfuls before deciding he would wait for his meal. My guess...he didn't realize there were going to be veggies in his soup, too. LOL He is a very fussy eater, strictly a meat and potatoes kinda guy.
We talked and ate and talked some more until we were all full. I really LOVE Olive Garden. :-)
After supper we went over to the Steeplegate Mall and walked around for an hour or so, just talking and window shopping. I didn't spend a penny. Now had we gone to Wal-Mart...

Sunday we got up early and had breakfast, then got ready to go to Massachusetts. I was pretty excited to finally meet Brad's family and I wanted to make a good impression so I dressed up a bit instead of wearing my usual jeans and a tee shirt. It was a nice ride down there, about 90 minutes, and we found their house with no problem at all. We were greeted by Sara and Brad and Brad's dog Gizmo in the driveway. We made our way to the back yard and met Deb and Wayne, Brad's parents, and Brad's Auntie Laura. All are very nice people, very gracious and I felt quite comfortable right from the start. Brad's brother Joe and his wife Karen arrived a bit later and they brought their yellow lab Riley with them. Well so much for me dressing up, Riley wanted to play ball and I got selected to be the ball thrower. She dropped her dirty wet tennis ball right in my lap, and kept nudging me until I gave in. Oh well...cotton washes pretty easily. LOL
We all took turns playing with her and did our best to tire her out. The guys played horseshoes and frisbee while all the ladies gabbed away out by the pool. It was very relaxing.
Wayne was the chef for the day and he made a delicious meal of lemon pepper chicken and roasted potatoes on the grill. He also made crabcakes and bbq kielbasa and there was a variety of salads to choose from as well. Everything was so good and we really did enjoy the day getting to know them all. Deb was having way more fun than all of us though and she got really trashed. It was kind of embarrassing and I really felt bad for Brad and Wayne, who kept apologizing for her behavior. I will say she is a quiet drunk, not at all loud and obnoxious like some can be. But still embarrassing, nonetheless.
We were invited to stay the night but I thought it best that we head on home. Those poor people were humiliated enough. We left around 8:30 and I was home and in bed shortly after 10pm. I don't know if Deb even remembers we were there. LOL Sara said she hasn't even mentioned us being gthere. Probably too embarrassed to bring it up.

George went home late Monday morning so he could beat the traffic and I did a little cleaning until noonish. Then I went to my parents house to wish my youngest brother a happy birthday. (He is now 43) I stayed for some cake and then headed home so I could relax at least a little bit before having to go back to work on Tuesday.
I was pretty tired actually and ended up going to bed quite early. There's nothing like your bed after a very busy weekend.

This week has been fairly quiet except for one little bit of drama. Sara called me on Tuesday to tell me that Brad's dog Gizmo passed away sometime during the night on Monday. He was 14, deaf and had cancer. The docs had orignially given him 3-4 weeks to live some 5 years ago, so I would say he did really well. I'm glad I got to meet him on Sunday. He was a cutie that's for sure and will be greatly missed by the family. (Oh and they called him Gizmo because he was a Papillion and looked just like Gizmo in the movie Gremlins.)

Ok all caught up on the week. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and have a wonderful Friday!


LadyStyx said...

LOL! Wasnt supposed to be a hint...just messin with ya! Although...going from quickies to vibrating items *inserts cheeky grin*

Sounds like a wonderful time though. Sad they lost Gizmo but really glad the pooch had one more good day before leaving their company.

Punkn said...

Well now that was definitely not a quickie! lol
I loved Jamaica. We were strolling through the market at 9:30 Sunday morning and they were all calling out after us... "Petty lady!" wanting to sell us all sorts of stuff. A MUST is Red Stripe Beer and jerk chicken. Dam Good Mon! We parasailed in Jamaica! Dang, I think I'm going to have to do a Jamaica blob lol.
Sounds like you have a really good weekend and poor Deb - I kinda feel sorry for her, but she should have known better.

Punkn said...

*throws an r up there and makes that Pretty lady*

Karla said...

Sounds like a really wonderful time! Hopefully Deb's "party" was only for that day and she isn't an alcoholic (that's a sign of alcoholism..I was married to one for 20 years so guess I see things in other ppl that may or may not be true)
and the cruise sounds wonderful!

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you and George had a great weekend despite a glitch or two. (he's like me...i'm a meat and potatoes type person too)

Looking forward to pics from the cruise. :)

Sorry to hear about Brad's dog, Gizmo. It's hard to lose a pet. They're members of the family just like anyone else.

Intense Guy said...

Wow.. all that food... hey Lainie! i got a neat Squirrel recipe you might want to try sometime!


Aww... Gizmo must of been pretty cute to get that name. RIP Gizmo - enjoy all those doggy treats in heaven.

Don't forget to keep George away from Julie when you get on the Love Boat...

Lainie said...

I was married to an alcoholic too Karla so I know the signs. She definitely falls into that category from all I could see, but that's her problem, not mine. As long as she is good to my daughter, that's all that matters to me.
I've been eating nothing but salads and tuna all week. Some of my pants are too tight! Can't imagine why? LOL Is squirrel meat low fat, Iggy? Send me some recipes.

Tori_z said...

Sorry I haven't commented on your blog for so long. I've been coming and reading posts from time to time, but... *shrugs*... I don't know. Either you used to have the word verification thingy on and I never thought to check if you'd turned it off. Or I just didn't get around to commenting. Or I thought you had the word verification because so many people seem to and didn't check properly. Either way... Sorry!

Glad you had such a good holiday weekend. Sorry about Gizmo though... But it sounds like he had a good life.

You do know it's nearly impossible to tire out a labrador, right? LOL!

Lainie said...

I don't think I ever had the word verification thing on, Tori, but in any event...glad you stop by and ty so much for the comment. I hope all is well in your part of the world!

ChicagoLady said...

I was reading what was being ordered at Olive Garden, and before you even mentioned the name, I said to myself "Tour of Italy? They must have been at Olive Garden." Sure enough, that's where you were at, lol. I loved the statement "Rose started to vibrate."

I'm glad you had a nice time at Brad's parent's house, and hopefully Deb will not be too embarassed later to ask you over in the future.

Enjoy your cruise. And if you're anyplace where you see shotglass...I know two people (me and AK) who collect them, and I'd be willing to pay you for them. *Hint hint*

Tori_z said...

Yeah, I thought it might have been my imagination. Thing is that so many of the blogs I visited had word verification on them and the people didn't seem to want to remove it, so I went through my "Friendly Blogs" list on my links page and removed all those ones... Guess I got carried away. Sorry! *Looks embarrassed*

Your back on the list now though, so your blog will be checked every time I'm doing a blog post check. :)

Btw, I meant to say that...

I had to re-read the part about Rose vibrating a few times before it sank in. I had images of her vibrating on the spot... No buzzer thingy required. Hmmm... I'm getting rather concerned about my state of mind... LOL!

Intense Guy said...

Every time I read that title, "Weekend Update," I hear the announcer from Saturday Night Live...

And now Weekend Update with Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd... or Charles Rocket... or Bill Murray... or Tina Fey.

I can still remember and laugh at Gilda Radner (as Rosanne Rosannadanna) doing those "in my opinion" bits. :)

Lainie said...

SNL used to be one of my favorite shows, Iggy. I can't seem to stay up late enough to watch it anymore though. A lot of brilliant comedians have made their way after a stint on SNL, Gilda Radner, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler are among my faves.