Saturday, August 01, 2009

His And Hers Rocking Horses

Years ago, 1981 to be exact, George and I were working for the same company, as we had been since 1975. He worked in one department, and I worked in another but we sat just 15 feet away from each other. We had been friends before I started working there, hanging out in the same neighborhood and knowing the same people. In fact, many of our friends worked for this company at one time or another. It was the best place to get your feet wet as far as part time jobs in the 70's when we were all still in high school. For George and myself, it was our first job. Anyway, by 1981 we were both still working there and we were married to other people. There was also a young guy that worked there named Roger who was very crafty and enjoyed doing a lot of woodworking on the side. One day he brought in a rocking horse that he had made for someone. I couldn't believe how cute it was and I asked Roger if he could find some time to make one just like it for me. He said he had been taking orders all day and he was happy to have the business. So I placed my order and waited patiently for the day he brought it into work for me. I don't remember how long it took before I had my rocking horse but I do remember taking it home and finding the perfect place to set it, in the corner by the bay window of the apartment where I lived with my then husband, Dave.
It moved where we moved and each time I made sure it had the perfect spot to be seen and admired. Eric was born a year later and once he was old enough to climb on, he rode that rocking horse for many many hours. Sara followed suit when she was old enough and soon it had plenty of scratches and knicks on it. When we wmoved to our house in 1990, both kids were too old to be bothered with it anymore so I covered up the rocking horse and put it in the attic.
Last month while cleaning out the attic, my son had me close my eyes and then set my rocking horse down in front of me. When I opened them, I had a smile from ear to ear. I pretty much had forgotten about my rocking horse until then. George asked if that was made by Roger and I said it was. He started laughing and said he had one just like it in his basement. Roger had made one for him in 1981 when his wife Donna was pregnant with Nicole.
When we got home that day I had him bring it upstairs and now we have both rocking horses sitting side by side in the corner of the spare room. I can't help but smile every time I look at them.
It's really weird, but it's just another little piece of history from our separate lives that prove to me that we really belong together.

Pay no attention to the dust LOL


Karla said...

those are adorable...Looks like you've come full circle :-) you and George and your rocking horses!!!!

Tori_z said...

That's sweet. :)

LadyStyx said...

Awww how cute!

AliceKay said...

Very cute and what nice treasures to "find" after all of these years. :)

Deanna said...

lol Karla beat me to it... I started typing "those are adorable" and then her comment caught my eyes. But they are adorable! How special.

When Jim and I got married and started unpacking the stuff we had (trust me, at that point it was just crap/stuff) we pulled out identical teddy bears, pink for me and yellow for him. To this day they sit on a chair in the corner of my front room.

Intense Guy said...


. o O (There isn't anything to say but to just smile at this...)