Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm back!'s been 17 months since my last post. LOL Sounds like going to confession. Well I have decided to pop in and see what is happening in the blog world. I've been very very busy the last month or so but with Christmas around the corner, everyone is, aren't they?
OK so a lot has happened in the last year and a half. I will try to catch you up on the key points.
My son Eric got married in August of 2010. It was a beautiful wedding, perfect day and we had a nice time, considering all the pre wedding crap that went on.

Hindsight being what it is...I have come to the conclusion that my daughter in law has a very mean side to her, which will become apparent later on in this post. I thought she was trying to push my buttons back then but refused to buy into it and now I KNOW she is mean spirited and phoney. A couple of examples...first she asked me if anyone would be insulted if they did not invite my husbands children (Eric's step siblings now) the wedding. I told her that I had a problem with that and I think they all would like to attend the wedding, and it is a downright insult to George if they are shunned. Well...they were not invited. Money wasn't an issue and I even offered to pay for their meals if it was. OK it's their wedding and their choice. Then, she purposely sat George and myself with my ex husband and his girlfriend, at the wedding reception. This was not an issue for me but she already knew that my ex was uncomfortable around George since he made that very clear at the rehearsal dinner. It really was not a huge problem, just uncomfortable and a little awkward but we are all adults and no fights broke out. I don't know, maybe she was hoping something would happen, who knows. This is Sara and me at the wedding.

After the wedding, it became more and more difficult to see them. Every time there was a family gathering, they always had an excuse as to why they couldn't make it. They missed both of my parents 80th birthday parties along with a few other events and last Christmas we had to totally rearrange our Christmas because they were not going to be at our usual Christmas gathering. This summer, they did come to our 4th of July BBQ but sat by themselves and didn't speak one word to anyone other than me, my parents and my daughter. They left as soon as dinner was over.
This Thanksgiving my son arrived here by himself and said Jessie was 'doing her own thing'. I have since learned that she has become very mean to him and they are now separated. Apparently a divorce is in the works although no one has told me directly. I've just been told not to expect Jessie at Christmas and not to purchase any gifts for her. Eric has also told his sister that it was Jessie who didn't want to invite George's kids to the wedding, it was always her idea to lie about why they couldn't attend anything regarding our family and she has a reason why she doesn't like anyone in our family. I guess we foiled her attempt to avoid Christmas with the family when we all rearranged our schedules to accommodate her and she had no choice but to attend last year. Frankly, it would have been more fun if she hadn't come, since she sat there with a pout on her face all day and couldn't even crack a smile in the family photo. See attached

Well all I can do is be there to support my son through this tough time. I know he must be heartbroken but he also has to feel terrible that he allowed her to make decisions for him regarding his family. We've always been very close no matter what differences and challenges we've had and it always made me sad when he didn't attend things.

On to happier things. Sara, has been doing very well. She has gone back to school and is now in hot pursuit of her Masters degree. So far, she has aced her classes and really enjoys school. She moved into a new apartment last August and has a new roommate. She leads a very active life and seems to be very happy even though she has no Mr. Right in her life at the moment. She keeps busy with work and school and comes up to visit about once a month. She will be here on Thursday after work and plans on staying through New Years. She has the week off from work and so do I so we will have a nice week together.

George is well. He got a very nice promotion last summer and is now the Engineering Manager where he works. He has had another unsuccessful Fall, meaning he did not manage to get a deer this past hunting season. His brother and many of his friends were successful but that's ok. He likes the solitude of hunting and he seems to enjoy just hiking in the woods and sitting in his tree stand and napping. LOL I think that's what he actually does in the tree stand but he claims he is always awake. Kind of hard for me to believe since everytime he sits still here for 5 minutes he is soon napping.

Work is very slow and I suppose it will get slower since I work for a Government contractor that supplies mountable flashlights and night vision goggles to the military. I suppose there is a downside to everything, but I am glad that we have withdrawn our troops from Iraq and I certainly hope we don't get involved in another conflict, even if it means downsizing and layoffs at work.

My Christmas shopping is finished and now I just have to complete wrapping. We are having Christmas with Georges kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family on Christmas Day at my parents house. On January 8th we are hosting an after Christmas Brunch so George's kids and his brother's family can all get together and see each other. Everyone is just too busy during Christmas to see everyone that we need to see so this will solve that problem and prolong Christmas a little longer.

My neice Crystal had twin boys last month. She was a surrogate for a couple who could not have children. The boys were born 6 weeks early but are now out of the hospital and doing great. Crystal is doing very well and the couple are over the moon now that their family is complete. I am so proud of her. Not sure I could do what she did but she is a very special person.

The end of January, George and I are going on a cruise with his brother Ray and Ray's wife Diane. I am so looking forward to it, we always have fun with them and they haven't been on a vacation in many years. We are going to Puerto Rico and a few other ports that I just cannot remember at this moment. All I need to know is it will be warm there and I am happy to go. We have had a very nice Fall so I really can't complain about the cold and right now we have no snow on the ground and it looks like we will not have a white Christmas. We did have a white Halloween though, so I am all set. :-)

I guess I should get back to wrapping gifts. George is watching some football game, getting ready for the game of the week @4, Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow. I hear it should be a heck of a game...we'll see!

Be back soon I hope!!


ChicagoLady said...

Lainie, so good to hear from you and get the scoop on all the latest things happening in your neck of the woods.

I'm so sorry Eric's marriage didn't work out, but it sounds like it is for the best. Jessie really doesn't look happy in that photo of everyone. Eric is very lucky to have you nearby to support him through this.

Congrats to Sara! What will her Masters be in? Enjoy your time with her this next week.

Engineering Manager for George. Wowza! That's awesome!

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year's. Will keep my fingers crossed that you still have a job next year.

Intense Guy said...

Wow... 17 months and a couple twin babies later... :)

It is really good to see and hear from you! You are looking good as is Sara (gosh I live her smile!)

Poor Eric - sounds like he really got thrown under the bus. I hope he bounces back and finds happiness elsewheres - I'm sure there are "some good ones" out there.

Congrats to George! He's gonna be governor someday...

I think you have the right attitude about that cruise! Just get on the boat and relax!


Lainie said...

Hi Chicagolady...awesome to hear from you too! Sara's Masters will be in Academic Advising. I think it will be right up her alley since she loves school. She has also been very helpful and supportive of her brother and it is nice to know she will drop everything to help him out.
Iggy...I think Governor is a little out of his leagus. LOL He will like the thought of it though.
Merry Christmas to you both. As soon as I get a chance, I will pop over to everyone's blogs and get caught up.

Toriz said...

Glad to see a post from you and hear that mostly all is well; sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law though.

Deanna said...

*waves at Lainie*

I about dropped over when I saw a post from you. And boy did you pack in a lot in one post!

Congrats to George on his promotion. I'm with you about your slow down. If it means our boys are coming home, that is a good thing.

It is a shame things didn't work out for Eric, but I remember early on you posting about the issues. I suspect you saw the handwriting on the wall for the get-go.

Congrats to Sara too. Getting a Masters is quite an accomplishment.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

AliceKay said...

I'm sorry Eric's marriage didn't work out. Sometimes a mother's intuition is spot on.

Congratulations to Sara. Sounds like she's on the right track to success. :)

Congrats also to George on his promotion.

Enjoy your cruise next month. Can't wait to see the pics. :)

Best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a Happy New Year. *hugs*

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