Thursday, September 14, 2006

busy week

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, I know. It's been a very busy week for me.
I was so tired on Monday that after I made some dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen, showered and headed straight to bed. Me, in bed at 8:00...well that's pretty much unheard of. But I must have been tired because I slept right thru until 4:15am. Tuesday went by really slow but at least I was awake. Eric and Jessie were coming over for dinner so I stopped at the supermarket on my way home and picked up some fresh broccoli. I had some steak tips to grill and decided last minute to make some rice. If it had just been me I would have been content with the beef and broccoli but Eric is a big eater and I wouldn't want him to leave the table still hungry. Jessie brought me some chocolate chip cookies that she made earlier in the day. They were delicious. (Nice way to suck up to the boyfriends Mom, Jessie!)
Wednesday was a pretty decent day...I was pretty busy and it went by quickly. We had a meeting with our new manager. He seems to be pretty easy going and I don't think we'll have too much trouble whipping him into shape. He will soon learn that the additional 5 minutes we add onto our coffee breaks are beneficial not only to us but to him too. LOL (i.e we aren't quite so bitchy when given the proper amount of time to finish our coffee.)
I had to bake a birthday cake last night for a party at work today and I almost dropped the ball on that one. It wasn't until I was in the shower last evening that I remembered. I had everything I needed, but nearly forgot to bake it. That would have been terrible. Even a phone call from the birthday girl herself a bit earlier in the evening didn't jar my memory. The cake went together easily and the worst part was waiting for it to cool so I could frost and decorate it. I was finally finished by around 11:00 and damn if it didn't look good! I love to bake but I am not much of a decorater. I knew it would taste good, even if it didn't look that great, but I surprised myself and did a decent job.
I was not very busy at work today and everyone was pretty anxious to just get the day over with. Tomorrow is my "Off" Friday and I am looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing. It is raining now, and is supposed to continue until Saturday. (looks like Marvin sent her rain to me) I'll probably get the housework out of the way tomorrow and maybe run some errands. I'm not planning anything, just gonna play it by ear.
The new season of Survivor starts tonight and I am excited! That's one of my favorite shows, ever! Can't wait. Also...I watched the 1st episode of Jericho courtesy of Yahoo last night (the premiere isn't until next Wednesday night) and it looks really good. I hope it lives up to all the hype.
Does anyone watch House? I am hooked on the show now and was very surprised to hear that Hugh Laurie, the star of the show, is actually British. He pulls off
an American accent quite well.
I hope everyone had a good week. I shall return.


AliceKay said...

I'm setting up my vcr for Survivor so I don't miss anything. Should be interesting to see how the game is gonna be played this time around.

Terri just left for his scout meeting/weekend training camp, so I'm here alone. Thought I'd set up a few song downloads while washing dishes and decided to check on some blogs. Enjoy your day off, Lainie. *hugs*

Lainie said...

Thanks you AK hugs back atcha!

ChicagoLady said...

If there's anything else I can do for you, other than sending you rain, be sure to let me know! lmao
We finally got some sun here today, so my mood instantly picked up.

I watched Survivor with Kerry tonight, since her hubby wasn't home to watch it with her. I've never watched Survivor, but I must say, it was more interesting than I thought it would be. I'll wait and see if I continue to be this interested a few weeks from now.

Enjoy your day off!

P.S. Free chance to get in my box Saturday night during NTT!

Lainie said...

If I am home, I will gladly jump into your box Saturday night! LOL

ChicagoLady said...

Jump in it? That might hurt, lmao

LadyStyx said...

Ummm ya'll know you're supposed to be sending the rain WEST right?

Lainie, if you bring some Jose F. with you when you jump in chicago's box Saturday, maybe it wont hurt her too much... :D

AliceKay said...

I wish I could send the rain west, Styxie. It's been raining here all day today. :(

Jose what? lol

Lainie said...

LOL good idea Styxie I'll get her well tanked with some of that Jose F and watch what happens. But don't worry chicagolady, I'll be gentle. :-)