Saturday, October 21, 2006

short weekend

It's the weekend woohooo!! I've been working late every night this week and also went in this morning for 4 hours so I am a little punchy right now. We have finally got all of our parts shortages resolved so we will be working plenty of overtime probably until Thanksgiving anyway. I did receive a very good paycheck this week so I am not complaining one bit.
On Thursday there was a meeting at work with our CEO but I had a doctors appointment that afternoon so I missed it. Apparently he wanted to let us all know that as a company we were doing very well and we made a lot of money for him so far this year. He then proceeded to pass out thank you cards to everyone for all of their hard work, etc. This is a good sign, because in the past, those thank you cards also included nice fat bonuses! Since I wasn't there, my card went into the mail. So here I sit, watching for the mailperson to arrive so I can see just how much of a bonus I did get. Of course it is all going into the bank until I need it for Christmas, but every little bit helps, that is for sure.
I finally got the rear tires replaced on my car today. Not too bad, only $129 for the tires(mounting included) and disposal of the two tires they removed. Definitely a lot better than I had been quoted a couple of weeks ago. I also asked the guy to take the tires off of the front and put them in the back, and put the new tires in the front since I have front wheel drive, which he did at no extra charge. I was in and out of there in 30 minutes, which was also better than the three hour wait I was expecting two weeks ago had I decided to purchase those overpriced tires. I think a lot of people who would otherwise be out and about on a Saturday, were either at the funeral service of a local police officer, or at home watching it.
On Monday morning, a 35 yr old police officer responded to a domestic call and was gunned down in an alley, one shot to the head. He passed away the next day at a local hospital. The shooter is in custody in Boston, fighting extradition to NH. Needless to say, the entire state is pretty grief stricken. Today there was a huge funeral procession and service in Manchester. I did watch some of it on TV, so very sad. Officer Briggs leaves a wife and two young boys.
I hope you are all having a good weekend. I think I am in need of a nap. Mail still hasn't come, so I'll check it later.


AliceKay said...

There were two deputy sheriffs shot and killed in our county a couple of years ago while they were trying to serve an arrest warrant on a guy. This county had the biggest funeral anyone can remember. There were hundreds of state police, local police, emergency workers, and even congressmen and senators from a few states driving along in the procession. Newspaper reports said the procession from the funeral home to the two cemeteries were miles long...a great tribute to two men who were gunned down in the prime of their life. They both had families with small children. The man accused of killing them has been tried, convicted, and sentenced to death.

Lainie said...

A fitting sentence in my opinion. This young man could be sentenced to death by lethal injection, although most folks would like to see a public hanging. Just breaks my heart.
I read in the paper today that several members of the police force had Officer Briggs name and badge number tattooed on their arms in his honor. The money for the tattoos was donated to the family. I think that's pretty awesome.

AliceKay said...

Yes, it is awesome. Different organizations have raised money for education funds for the officers' children down here.

Want to hear something a bit strange,though? The man who was convicted of killing the officers in our county is named Dustin Briggs. How strange is that??

Lainie said...

Wow that is strange. Gave me the chills when I first read that.

ChicagoLady said...

Very sad and unfortunate when a police officer is gunned down. My heart goes out to his family.

Kerry said...

very sad :(