Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Almost vacation time!!

One more full day of work then I can start my 11 day vacation. How sweet is that? Tomorrow is a full day at work but I don't think we'll actually be doing much in the way of working. Today we had our sell off with the government inspector and everything went well, so hip hip hoooray...I can have a stress free day.
First thing in the morning we have a meeting with the CEO. I imagine he will tell us how rich we all made him over the past year and he will thank us and tell us to keep up the good work. Perhaps he can trade his Jaguar in and purchase a newer model now. Then he and his wife will hand out a Christmas card to each and every one of us along with some token of appreciation. In years past we've received long sleeved denim shirts, fleece jackets and last year we got an all weather jacket...all with the company logo embroidered on everything. No one came around asking for sizes this year so I am guessing we aren't getting anything to wear!
Our department decided to order chinese food for lunch tomorrow and a lot of folks are bringing home baked goodies in. The festivities will continue after work at The Alpine. I've been running a few errands after work every night this week so I can enjoy a few drinks tomorrow and not have to worry about driving anywhere. My parents live right down the road from the bar so if I should become impaired, I can crawl to their house and sleep it off there. LOL
Yes indeed...tomorrow should be a good day.

Christmas Eve the kids and I are going to a pot luck gathering at my parents house. It's an annual tradition, we all bring a few delicious dishes to share, crack open the rum, mix it with the egg nog, and have a ball. At some point in the evening, we will exchange gifts, have some more egg nog and then play cards. Other friends and relatives show up throughout the evening so it's always a good time. Sometimes they even bring more rum. And eggnog. LOL

I am having a Christmas morning brunch this year so the kids can spend some time here before heading out to their father's house and then their significant other's relatives. As they get older, I have had to become more flexible, but I still like having them here on Christmas morning to open their gifts. I am making a sausage and cheese quiche, french toast and bacon and coffee, with assorted fruit and juice, ...all of their favorites. I'm getting really excited now!

Heading for the sofa...have a good evening everyone.


ChicagoLady said...

I'm off for 5 days, then back for 3, then off for 5, then back for 2, then off for 10, lmao

Sounds like a lot of fun at your parent's house on Christmas Eve!

We usually get a shirt or coat or something from the company. Last year we got winter coats with the company logo. But this year, they did outdoor vests, which I didn't want or need, so I declined.

They also have done a company raffle during the day right before Christmas, but this year they did it at the Holiday party, which I didn't go to. Good thing too, I didn't have to sit there and say to myself, there's another prize I didn't win. LOL

Kerry said...

Half Day today then I'm off for 11 days too!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dancin in my seat
Hope to "see" you sometime over the holidays, and if not Have a wonderful vacation and ENJOY the rest.