Friday, December 29, 2006

It's Friday!

Happy Friday...yes it is Friday although being off work all week and having holidays here and there, I haven't been sure what day it really is. It has to be close to the end of my vacation because today was the first day I actually slept past 6am. Normally I am up by 4am so I guess waking up around 6 is actually sleeping in, but today I managed to sleep until 9. I have realized one thing, though. There is nothing much to watch on tv during the day so I guess I am glad I have a day job. I watched all of my new movies and rented a few others, and I am halfway through a book I got for Christmas already, so I haven't been bored. My new vacuum cleaner works great! LOL You will be hard pressed to find any dog hair in the living room today, I tell you what! I cooked a spiral ham yesterday and it was yummy. This morning I made ham and cheese omelettes for breakfast. There is plenty of ham leftover for ham sandwiches and ham salad.

I have no plans to go out for New Year's Eve. I prefer to stay home and have done so for many years. Getting all dressed up in uncomfortable clothes and shoes to get drunk and possibly breaking an ankle in said shoes is not my idea of fun. I would much rather be home, in my PJ's or sweats, watching a movie or playing cards or games with friends and family. That way if I do happen to get tanked...I don't have far to crawl into bed either! New Year's Day I am going to have dinner with my parents and brothers. Not sure who else will be there but it is always a good time.

Time to get moving here. I think I'll get some shopping done today. The weather is great...a little chilly but no snow! YAY!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


AliceKay said...

If you get bored on New Year's Eve, you could always pop into c2c and join Terri and me for Name That Tune. (9 PM EST...1 hour, 10 songs, and a theme) :)

Happy New Year, Lainie. *hugs*

Lainie said...

I will keep that in mind...thanks AK
Happy New Year!!

Tori_Z said...


Kerry said...

You missed a really good time on New Years! We missed you

Happy New Years Lainie

it's all over today, back to the salt mines...... ok I don't work in the salt mines but it's a saying.. yes a really dumb one but it's a saying! Work with me!

Lainie said...

LOL I heard you all had a great New Year's's the hangover by the way? All better now I hope.
I don't work in the salt mines either but I know exactly what you mean! Where did the 11 days go anyway??
Happy New year to you too Kerry.