Sunday, May 20, 2007



It's been a very busy weekend indeed.

Friday evening was Sara's awards ceremony at UNH. I would guess about 250 students were awarded various academic awards based on their credits and grade point average. Sara was awarded a white cord to wear with her cap and gown for her GPA which has stayed pretty much between 3.25-3.50.
After the ceremony her father and I took her and her boyfriend Brad out for dinner. It also happened to be my birthday so it was a nice combo celebration.

Saturday morning we were up early and headed to the University. Since the keynote speakers were the 41st and 42nd Presidents of the United States, I knew security was going to be tight and I wanted to make sure we had a decent seat. The weather was not going to co-operate so we decided we would watch the ceremony from the indoor arena. They were going to have jumbo screens set up so we could watch and I thought we would actually see better anyway. As soon as we got on campus, we were directed to a large parking facility and then boarded a bus that shuttled us to the arena. They had closed down the campus to traffic at 6am, and only necessary personel were getting through. We had plenty of time to spare so we wandered around a bit and picked a good seat. The rain tapered off right before the grads filed in to Cowell Stadium. (And no it was not named after Simon Cowell LOL) I spotted Sara in the crowd when the former Presidents were filing in. She was franticly taking pics and shook President Bush's hand.
The speeches were awesome and except for a couple of asides regarding female presidents made by Bill Clinton,(the university president is a female) the speeches were mostly geared towards the students being citizens and not politicaly influenced.
The last student received his diploma around 3 hours later and the last speech was given. Sara caught up to us after awhile and we all posed and took pics. She had to go back to her dorm and finish packing so we jumped back on the bus and got shuttled back to my car. We went to her dorm and helped her clean up, loaded my car with as much as it can hold and headed home. The rain started again right on cue as soon as we got home.
I am very proud of my baby and I know she worked really hard to get where she is today. We will have a big party for her on June 9th.

Today was supposed to be my day of rest. LOL I am so tired, I even took a nap this afternoon.
I've been helping Sara organize her room which is no easy task since she is a pack rat and her room was already packed with stuff before she moved the things from school into it. I think there will be some over spill into the spare bedroom but I am discouraging that because I have been trying to make that room into a sitting room. She seems to think every spare corner in the house is hers to fill up. NOT!
It's good to have her home again but I can already see issues that will need to be addressed. She is not the neatest person in the world and I have been used to cleaning up after myself the last 4 years and not her too. Funny how fast they return to their childhood when it suits them.

I have posted one of my favorite pics taken yesterday and that is of Sara and her big brother after graduation. Definitely a keeper.

Time for another nap, I think.


AliceKay said...

You changed your page a bit...looks nice. And now I can comment, too. :)

What a great pic of your kids. Congratulations to Sara for a job well done. I'm glad everything went well for her...and for you, the proud mom. :)

Debby said...

I liked your page from the beginning. Your kids look so happy. I'm glad your daughter is going after her dream.

ChicagoLady said...

I love the pics of Sara! I know you're proud of her. And I'm glad the president's speeches were not political. That was not the right place or time for that.

Kerry said...

AWESOME pictures!!
Love the changes.... kinda thought I was at the wrong blog at first LOL