Friday, September 28, 2007

It's F R I D A Y !!!

Good Morning. Happy Friday to you!

It sure feels good not having to go to work today. My week has been exceptionally long and I surely am looking forward to not having to deal with the BS for a few days. It's been a week since I did the physical inventory and one seems to see that we have over 400 units that have to be shipped by the end of October and we have very few parts to build with. I don't understand how they run their stock room or how the planners and purchasers have managed to keep their jobs but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that no parts means no builds and eventually that will mean no business. We have 7 people in our department alone with little or nothing to do. Yet, my manager seems to be turning a blind eye to that. One girl who sits in the corner of the room keeps a paperback book on her work bench and has done quite a bit of reading the last few weeks. Another does word search puzzles to pass the time. I've started taking walks through the building just to kill some time. It all makes no sense to me. We keep hearing about all this work we have but I've yet to see it.
Yesterday the CEO provided a BBQ lunch for us all to celebrate a huge contract that they got with the Marine Corps. We had burgers and dogs, mac salad, cole slaw, Italian sausages, chicken and all the fixins. They also had strawberry shortcake and chocolate cake for dessert. The food was really good and we took our sweet time eating and relaxing afterwards. No one was in any hurry to get back to work, that's for sure. The benefit from all that was the rest of the afternoon went by a bit better because we were all hyped up from the sugar.

I did my grocery shopping after work so I could just get it out of the way. I have to get the dog's nails clipped this morning and then I am going to visit my parents. This afternoon I am going to the hospital to visit my friend Elaine who has been there since Sunday. She has been having a lot of dizziness and says the room keeps spinning out of control, so badly that she is nauseous and can't stand up or walk without losing her balance. She's been diagnosed with Meniere's disease which is an abnormality of the inner ear with symptoms similar to vertigo. She had a bad fall a few years ago and broke a small bone in her inner ear which the doctors feel is the root of all of her problems. She was able to walk with a walker for 65 paces yesterday but they aren't going to let her go home until she can get up and walk unassisted and without all of the dizziness. The medications she is on make her a bit loopy too so I don't think they are going to want her to be home alone.

I was watching the news last night and they showed some photos of the foliage way up in Northern New Hampshire. Looks really nice up there! I am thinking I should take a drive either Saturday or Sunday and have a look for myself. The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow so I'm going to put the word out and see if I can get someone to come along with me. If not, I will go alone. I have no problems with that.

Monday I have someone coming to clean my furnace. I purposely made the appointment for early in the morning so I won't be tied to the house all day and I can take off and go after he is done. I also have to get over to my son's apartment sometime this weekend and drop off some mail and things that belong to him.

In my preparations for winter, I had the oil changed in my car and all of the fluids changed and/or topped off. I also had my septic tank sumped out last week. I have a tank full of heating oil and I have 500 additional gallons paid for and on reserve. So I am pretty much good to go for winter. Now all I need is to pay my taxes in December. Then I will be totally broke. :-(

We had heavy rain and severe thunderstorms all through the night but the sun is trying to break through the clouds right now. It may shape up to be a nice day afterall.

One of the biggest county fairs is going on this weekend in Deerfield, NH. The fairgrounds are about 12 miles from my house and there's usually a lot of traffic around Deerfield and my town. I am sure it's going to be a mad house around here all weekend especially since the weather is going to co-operate. I will be staying as far away from the fairgrounds as humanly possible since I really have no desire to be stuck in traffic and I am not a huge fan of the enormous crowds.

It's time to jump in the shower and get my butt in gear. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


LadyStyx said...

Nothing worse than trying to look busy at work when there's really nothing to do. It's actually more draining on you than being super busy...go figure.

I have a friend with that Meniere's Disease. What's so scary about it is that it can flare up at any given time. She'll be fine one moment and *poof* next she's face down in the bathroom on the floor. She ends up sleeping it off most the time and by the next day or so she's fine. Ive noticed that everytime she's mentioned it she's had something very stressful going on at home so you may want to suggest that Elaine have the drs check into that.When my friend first started having the symptoms, she was able to time them. They'd happen every 2 weeks or so. They've progressed so they can hit at anytime so she keeps some antidizzy and antinauseal on her at all times.

Oh how I miss the autumnal changes in the leaves...and the cooler weather that shows up around then. We're in the 90's today...and humid *bah*.

Good that you're getting ready for winter. Nothing like running out of fuel the day before Christmas and on one of the coldest days of the year ;). We've gotta check ours too but I dont think we'll be filling that until next month....maybe as late as December with the way the weather's been.

AliceKay said...

I hope your work gets back in the proper swing of things soon. (want to come work for me? i need a break) LOL

I hope your friend can go home soon. It must be scary for her to have those spells so often. I've had benign vertigo lots of times since first diagnosed with it in 1985. I was at work one day and all of a sudden I got so dizzy I could feel my eyes going round and round in my sockets and I felt like I was going to fall of my chair. It took a long time to steady myself. Terri took me to the doctor's and I was told I had benign vertigo. In fact, I was just talking to one of the physical therapists about it today and he gave me some information to read. Your friend has much more to deal with. I wish her well.

Have fun checking out the foliage. It was three (and four) years ago this week that Terri and I were up there seeing the sights. Our leaves are really beginning to turn now. I think because it's been so dry. Have a great weekend, Lainie.

ChicagoLady said...

There's nothing more boring than being at work, wanting to be busy, and having nothing to do. I sit at a desk all day, and when I get slow like that it drives me nuts. I can't imagine how frustrating it is being out on the production floor.

We've had few color changes here. Most of the trees are still green, although they are starting to show signs of fading, finally. I do love the fall foliage, but I'm really tired of the really cold temps that always follow it, lol.

I'm so glad I don't have to worry about having heating oil for winter. Everything here is electric, lol.