Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trying to catch up

It's been awhile, I know, and I haven't been super busy this week but I also haven't had a lot to talk about. Not much happening this side of the country, except the weather has been a little weird. Last weekend we were enjoying (matter of opinion of course) 95 degree weather with humidity and today is barely made it to 70 and was windy and cool. Saturday was the worst, 95 at least and very humid. I pretty much stayed inside all day since I wasn't feeling all that great anyway. Nothing I can point my finger on, just feeling lazy, tired, just under the weather I guess. I was in bed by 8pm and was up before 5am Sunday morning. I made breakfast since I hadn't eaten dinner the night before and I was pretty hungry, and watched Brokeback Mountain on HBO. I popped into chat Sunday morning to listen to someone's Inspirational Stream, (y'all can guess who)and after watching everyone go into shock, enjoyed the music and everyone's company for a bit.

I did some cleaning and roasted a chicken in the afternoon while switching between the baseball and football games. That was pretty much my day, had dinner around 5, finished reading my book, and watched TV.

The week hasn't been any more exciting. We had rain all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but it cleared up today. Cool tough, but good for sleeping. Work has picked up just a little bit and I've been able to keep busy doing my job and helping Sue with a lot of the data entry. My manager is impressed and has ordered another computer so Sue doesn't have to share hers with me. Hopefully in a week or so I will have my own computer set up on the production floor. Just one more step to a promotion I am thinking. :-)

Friday night is my niece's going away party. As you may know, Crystal has joined the Navy and is leaving for boot camp on September 18th. She's very excited and I think this will be a really good adventure for her. She wanted to go to college but decided that joining the Navy would be a good way to get a college education and see the world a bit all at the expense of Uncle Sam. The Navy is probably the safest for her right now with Iraq going on and all because she won't be allowed on a sub and the Navy is patrolling the seaports and not immediately involved in combat. Anyway, the party is being held at a Chinese food restaurant near my brother's house and it promises to be a good time. I plan on having my share of Mai Tai's. :-) I will con one of my kids into taking pics...since I really suck at it.

I have been invited to Maine to see the Mainiacs on Saturday. I am seriously thinking about going. It's always a good time, that's for sure.

OK I am heading for the sofa. Hope you are all enjoying the week so far.


AliceKay said...

Yes, it was definitely a nice surprise to see you there Sunday morning. :) Everyone was happy you were there to share some time with us, too. Don't be such a stranger...come in more often. LOL

Have a nice time at the party. I sure hope the Navy is good to your niece and she's able to stay out of harm's way. And if you go visit the Mainiacs, have a safe trip and tell them I said hello.

LadyStyx said...

How'd the party go? Did you have fun?

The weather's been weird everywhere this year.Areas that are normally arid are getting rain and those that normally have nice temps have been hot, humid and really scorched lawnwise.

Glad you're getting that little extra you've been looking for at work and praying you get that promotion you're looking forward to.

Lainie said...

Thanks :-)

ChicagoLady said...

Been very quiet here too. Not much to blog about. I'm mostly wishing it was warmer again...oh yeah, it will be tomorrow, lol.

Will keep my fingers crossed that the additional work you're putting in will help you advance!