Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrr Baby It's Cold Outside

What a difference a couple of days make. Thursday it was 58 degrees outside. Today it is 39 at 1:30 pm. All the rain we got Friday here in southern New Hampshire was snow up in the mountains. I heard they got between 5-10 inches, depending on elevation. I am glad we didn't have to deal with snow but I know it is just a matter of time. The chill in the air tells the story.

The local Boy Scouts are holding their annual food drive this weekend. Last week they went door to door and dropped off plastic bags for all the residents to fill with one or several items to be picked up this weekend. All food collected will be added to the local food bank. I did my part and added several items to the bag and left it on the porch. Around 9:30 it was picked up. While I was going through my cabinets I realized that I had a lot of outdated canned goods so that got me started on a major clean up. In the last couple of hours I have filled a huge garbage bag with old spices, baking items and stuff I had forgotten I even had. I reorganized all the cabinets and then got started on my counter tops, removing everything, washing down the counters and small appliances and once again, reorganizing. I then cleaned out my freezer. That wasn't as much of a chore because it is done fairly regularly. I did go thru the fridge as well and tossed out the half emptied jars of jelly, salsa and bbq sauce that is most likely past their prime. Nice feeling of accomplishment now. I am taking a break and then I am on to the spare room to start filling my new bookcase and reorganize my books. I'm going to keep the one bookcase I have in the living room but I am going to keep my hard bound books in that one and all my paperbacks in the new one since it is a bit smaller. I have a couple of junk drawers to go through, too. I'll do that tomorrow before I start the shredder and get rid of all that stuff. Good thing I bought extra trash bags this week.

I went out last night with a couple of friends for a few hours and a few drinks. It was fun for awhile. But one of my friends brought along one of her friends and that girl (who can really toss back the rum and cokes) started getting weepy and emotional and the more she drank, the louder she got. I wish people would learn their limits and handle their alcohol better. It made a few of us uncomfortable to say the least and kind of put a damper on the rest of the evening. When she tripped and nearly knocked over another table on her way to the bathroom, I decided I was calling it a night. I came home and met up with some friends in chat...which was a fun way to end the evening. Good to see all of you and thanks to Denise for the tunes. Hopefully I will get in there again real soon.

My break is over and it is time to get back to work.


AliceKay said...

Hey...want to come clean out my cupboards for me? :) I've done a little of that myself lately, but there's more to be done. Sounds like you're on a roll!

Sorry to hear that person had to mess up a fun night out with your friends, but it was good to see you in chat last night. I hope sometime you can come in a little earlier on a Friday night and join me during my stream for awhile. *winks*

Lainie said...

I definitely will, AK. Count on it.

ChicagoLady said...

SOOOO nice to see you Friday night Lainie!!!! I'm sorry your night out ended early, though.

I hear ya with the cleaning out of the pantry/fridge. And when I do it, my fridge sure does look empty, lol.

Lainie said...

I'm kind of glad it ended early cos that gave me a chance to catch up with you gals and that made my night!

Kerry said...

brrrrrrr it's really cold out this morning!
So glad to see you in the chatroom Friday night!