Thursday, November 08, 2007

Catching Up

It's been quite awhile since my last post. I have been really tired this week for some reason, but I don't feel like I am coming down with anything. Maybe the whole time change has screwed me up a bit.

We finally got some good news at work last week and we have been keeping pretty busy all week long. Last Friday afternoon we got parts to start building towards an order that is due to ship in early January. Everyone was excited and immediately got busy. It was really good to not be looking at the clock every 5 minutes.

I finally got my desk at work last Friday and my computer on Monday. It's brand spanking new, right out of the box. I was surprised, I really thought I would be getting someone's cast off. I had to go to a PC Orientation Monday afternoon which was kind of boring. Mostly it was all about the different programs I would be using but I really find that just diving in and getting my feet wet on my own is the best way to learn. And of course, I had been using these programs on my boss's PC anyway, so I am already familiar with a lot of it.

I also heard from a very reliable source that we are going to get bonuses very soon. This is very good news, and couldn't come at a better time. Hopefully it will be enough to help with my Christmas shopping.

It looks like I might be getting a room mate soon. Sara has been thinking about giving up her apartment and moving back home for awhile so she can get a handle on her student loan payments before she starts grad school. Of course I told her it would be good for her if she lived here for a year after she graduated so she could save up some of that money but she had her own ideas. She had to find out for herself, which she did, and she admitted I was right. I think once she finds someone to take her place at the apartment she will be coming home. I do love my alone time and I know I complained about her being messy and noisy (and I will definitely complain again) but I do miss her and I know the puppy does too.

Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away and I still don't know what I am doing. I will be visiting my folks this weekend so I'm going to see what they want to do. Last year we had dinner at their house and my brother's girlfriend, my daughter and I did the bulk of the cooking and clean up so my mother didn't have to. My parents have a much bigger house than I do so it really works much better to have everyone there.

I don't think I mentioned that my niece came home from boot camp a week ago. She got really sick halfway through training and spent a week in the infirmary but they felt she would be better able to get well being back home. She can go back to basic training in 6 months but she will have to start over from day one. Seems a bit unfair but that's the way it is. She's very disappointed but looks forward to getting back into it.

It's been really cold here the last few days and nights. Definitely below freezing the last couple of nights and it is only 27 out there right now. There is 10 inches of fresh snow on Mt. Washington and it will probably snow there again tomorrow. Hopefully we won't see any here for another month or so. I still have to find someone to plow my driveway before it does snow. I will shovel if I have to but I really hate it and it is worth the $$$ to have someone plow. But I think the guy who was plowing for me last winter hit the front end of my car with his plow and he never admitted to it so I have to find someone else for the job. Two years ago he knocked down my fence while plowing and I was standing in the doorway watching him. He saw the fence fall down and just drove away...and played dumb when I called him and told him I was going to use the money I would have paid him to pay someone to fix my fence. He did offer to fix the fence for me in the spring at no charge. I told him if he fixed the fence then I would pay him what I owed him for plowing. I was born at night but not LAST night. Dumbass. LOL It's time for me to find someone else.

Well I think I will say goodnight and head for bed. I have tomorrow off but i don't have anything exciting planned. I got my grocery shopping done tonight and I will run a few errands tomorrow morning, (WallyWorld and the bank) but other than that, not much else will be going on. I want to make a pot of beef vegetable soup sometime this weekend.

Stay warm. Have a good Friday.


LadyStyx said...

Oh sure...blame the poor time change for being screwed up. We all know better Lainie dahlin *winkz w/ a giggle*

Good news that some work finally came through for you and a new puter to boot. WHOOT!

Glad the kiddo's coming home for a while. Sometimes a kid's gotta learn for themselves that mom's right (damn that sounds familiar).

Hope your niece feels better soon. It's the pits she'll have to start all over again in 6 months.I hope this doesnt discourage her any.

The plowman needed to be replaced the year before with the fence incident. Just my opinion there.

Have a nice day tomorrow. *packs bags to head east for a bowl of veggie soup...*

Kerry said...

wooohooo!! you've got work to do! isn't it sad when you're happy to have work to do LOL

Sorry about your neice getting sick.

Did I mention it snowed here yesterday? big fat and coming down fast snowflakes. it didn't stay and I seriously expected to wake up to white ground..... but thankgod it's still brown.

AliceKay said...

Yep, good to hear you have work coming in now. It's easier getting thru the work day when you have work to keep you busy. Wtg on the new computer. Guess you must have earned it. :)

Good idea with Sara moving back home for a bit. I'm sure you'll love the company.
Marty has been moving his stuff back home. He's giving up his apartment in Pittsburgh at the end of this month. He travels during the week for his job with Sheetz so he figures it would be a lot cheaper to crash here when he is in the area or crash at a motel on the weekends when he isn't. Sheetz pays for his lodging during the week when he isn't near his apartment. I should post some pics of my place. Can't find an empty spot at the moment.:( Ever try moving a whole apartment into a 3-bedroom trailer when all he moved out was a suitcase and bed?? (not to mention that Terri has taken over Marty's bedroom as his Scout "office". (dont get me started there)

Yep, time to find a new snow plow driver.

I guess I better get going. I'm late getting ready for work because I was reading too many blogs..and commenting too much. Oh well...LOL (no new pics in my blog today)

Have a good day today, Lainie. *sends her snow to New Hampshire cuz Lainie loves it so much*

Lainie said...

I know what you mean about moving an entire apartment back into your house. I already told Sara that she isn't moving one article of clothing in here until she cleans out the junk she left behind when she moved out. I've tossed out quite a bit that I know she won't need but I don't dare touch the rest, so she better get her ass here and do it before she shows up with the things from her apartment. We are also going to have to remove the twin bed that is in her room now so she can put her full size bed in there.
Oh and AK honey...keep your blasted snow, I am all set for now. :-)

AliceKay said...

Dang...and I was getting the snow blower all ready to blow in the northeasterly direction, too.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm so glad the snow missed me! I'm not ready for winter!!!!

I'm so glad you have work to do again. We seem to go in spurts. We work furiously for a week or so, then we have week or so to catch up on everything else that didn't get done. Then it's end of month, trying to get everything done for that, then it starts all over again. A never-ending cycle, lol.

Sometimes it's nice having a child come back home, but sometimes it can be aggravating. My aunt allowed her son to move back home when he had no place else to go, and she's about ready to kick him out.

I hope your niece is better soon and stays positive about going back to basics.

Make sure, when you hire a new plowman, that he's easy on the eyes. That will help you make it through the long winter, lmao.

Kerry said...

sexy snow plowmen? why do I have a picture of Homer Simpson in my head now??

Lainie said...

If you think Homer Simpson is sexy, might I suggest an eye exam and some new glasses? LOL I'm not really too concerned with his sexiness since I will hardly ever see him. However...if he is willing to shovel my walkway and steps, I might spend a little time at the door holding a cup of hot chocolate. If he is really sexy, I will even add marshmallows or whipped cream.