Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Playing Hookey

I decided to take the day off today. I'm not sick, but I just didn't feel like spending another day doing mindless tasks to fill a 10 hour day. I could probably take the whole week off but I hate to waste a whole week when I have nothing planned. Today just seemed like a good day to take off. The weather is fairly nice and today is the Red Sox Rolling Rally Celebration in Boston to welcome and celebrate the Boston Red Sox for winning the 2007 World Series. I seriously thought about going down to Boston today but decided although it would be great to be with the crowd, I would have a better seat watching on TV.
The Rally starts at noon at Fenway Park and ends up on Chardon Street several miles through the center of Boston. The team, front office and all their families will be riding along the parade route on the Duck Boats which are renovated WWII amphibious landing vehicles that you can ride on "Duck Tours" through the city streets of Boston, and then ending the tour as you ride into the Charles River and get a tour of the city from the River. In 2004 when Boston won the World Series, the Duck Boats took the team through the city on the parade route and did take the plunge into the river but that isn't going to happen this year at the request of the players. Several fans jumped into the river to get closer to the boats and were almost hurt in 2004 so for safety reasons they decided to skip that part of the parade. It's too darn cold to be on the water today anyway. I've had the television on for the last hour and it people have been sitting out there for hours already waiting. It's a crazy scene out there and I am glad I decided to stay home.

I spent last Friday evening with Eric and Jessie and some of their friends. I didn't stay long but we had a nice dinner and it was kind of fun to catch up with some of Eric's friends from high school, several I haven't seen for many years.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet except for Saturday and Sunday evenings spent watching the last two games of the World Series. I stayed up until 1:30am on Sunday, well actually Monday, watching the post game festivities and I was pretty exhausted by yesterday afternoon. But it was well worth the sleep deprivation.

I'm going to get some chores done. Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Kerry said...

Nice surprise post!

You enjoy the excitment of the Sox winning! The Sox fans deserve the celebration!

Intense Guy said...

Yes! Gooooooooooooo Red Sox!!!


Kerry said...

did you change your blog look again?

AliceKay said...

I like the look. I think it's changed 2 times since I first read your blog yesterday afternoon. LOL (hope you enjoyed your day off from work)

LadyStyx said...

This layout's one of my favorites of the pre-made ones.

Lainie said...

I get bored easily as you can see. LOL

ChicagoLady said...

Yay Red Sox! This is what happens when I skip a couple days reading blogs...Lainie posts! LOL