Monday, June 02, 2008

A Little Blogging

I hope everyone is doing well and you are all able to enjoy some nice weather. The month of May has been very good to New Hampshire except for the fire dangers all around the state. We've not had much rain all month so everything is pretty dry. Saturday afternoon we had several small thunderstorms roll in but they were all quick hitting producing very little lightening and only a trace of rain. We didn't have any plans to worry about either so we just enjoyed a quiet afternoon inside with a movie.
Friday night my sweet daughter moved out of her apartment and into her boyfriends family's house. Of course, that meant a pit stop at my house to store some of her things that she doesn't have room for at the moment. As I watched box after box follow the bed, dresser and desk, I realized that more stuff was actually being moved into my house than out. Her room is now jam packed and she claims she will be over one day this week to organize it some, but I won't hold my breath on that actually happening this week. I did remind her, however, that I am also going to be sorting out my own stuff and purging the house in the coming months before I move up North, so she will eventually have to move her stuff into storage. She has her eyes on some of my things anyway so a storage unit might not be a bad idea until they are ready to get their own place. I am hoping to have my house up for sale by the spring, if not sooner. Ideally I would love to be moved out of here before winter hits. If I can get this place shaped up enough to put it on the market by then, I most certainly will. I'm in no rush, but the thought of paying a ridiculous heating oil bill this winter is quite motivating. I do realize we will be paying for heat at George's place but he heats his house with a pellet stove which is far more economical than oil.
This coming Sunday is George's 50th birthday. His daughter Nicole and soon to be daughter in law Nikki, have been planning a surprise birthday party for him on Saturday for the last 6 weeks. They've got BBQ theme decorations and ordered a cake shaped and decorated like a cheeseburger. (Cheeseburgers are George's favorite food.) They even found confetti in the shape of ketchup bottles and spatula's. They took up a collection from all the guests interested in contributing and are making up a money tree for him instead of gifts. I have no idea how much they collected but Nikki said it was 'a ton'. (I got him a Cannon digital camera which I hope he likes.) I am sure he thinks something is going on but hopefully he will think it will be on Sunday and we will surprise him on Saturday. Both of my kids and their significant others will be there as well, which I am sure will make him happy. He's been trying to get all of our kids together for weeks now but something always comes up. Hopefully I can get some good pics to share.
The next few weekends are going to be pretty busy. Two of George's nephews are graduating from high school and we've been invited to both graduation parties, both on the same day, one at noon and the other at 3pm. At least they are graduating from the same high school so we will only have to go to one Graduation. Then we have George's grandson's birthday party at the end of the month. He will be 2. I also have a Saturday afternoon when I am meeting a couple of girlfriends for lunch. We were unable to do that last month so we definitely have to squeeze it in this month.
I have taken the first week of July off from work. We were given the option to have it off without pay or we can use our vacation time, or we can work in another department. I have plenty of time so I took the week off. I think George's job has a shut down that week anyway so we will be able to do something together, even if it is camping. (Yeah, I will complain but I will go.)
I suppose I should get moving here and get the dishes washed. I am enclosing a picture of The Huntababes, resting comfortably after his long weekend field trip. He sure does look tired, doesn't he?

Have a great week everyone!


Kerry said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hunter you are so damn cute!!

one question tho you said you want to have your house up for sale before spring? so you can be moved by this winter? you do know spring will be over in 20 days??

LadyStyx said...

He's ~such~ a darling little pooch!

Good luck in getting everything sorted and ready. Hoping for an easy move for you.

Intense Guy said...

Now there is a dog with excellent taste... a spongebob squarepants "pillow" - what more could a very cute and very happy doggie want?

:) I bet his owner is as happy as he is.

Karla said...

Gonna take a vacation eh? LOL well I'll say it two can always come see me :-) *hugs*

Lainie said...

Umm Yes Kerry I am well aware that spring is over in 20 days...the amateur blogger in me has come out. So sorry for the confusion, I was referring to Spring of '09. I should have said "NEXT Spring."

ChicagoLady said...

Sounds like you will be very busy the next few weeks, giving you lots to blog about in your free time.

Happy early birthday to George! He get's his AARP card now! That Hunter does look comfortable, like it would take a natural disaster to get him up, lol.

AliceKay said...

Busy, busy.....sounds like some serious fun is to be had tho, so enjoy the families and let us know how things are going. *hugs*

(i've got an AARP card now...does that make me old?)

Deb said...

I threw my AARP card in the garbage. I don't want to be a card carrying AARP old person. I hope the housing market is better by next spring. It seems like a lot of things in the world are going to hell in a handbasket.

Lainie said...

OH AK of course you aren't old...I haven't mailed in my fee yet but I plan to. Being an AARP card holder doesn't make you old. According to George, having an AARP card gives you certain privileges, such as not having to say excuse me when you burp or fart. (He said it not me.) LOL

AliceKay said...

Way to go, George! LOL

Intense Guy said...

Wow, in that case I can hardly wait to get my AARP card!!

What do you have to be, 50? Yikes, it won't be long now.