Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

It's been a fairly quiet weekend. George and I didn't really do a whole lot, just hung around like a couple of old farts and enjoyed each others company. Friday night we went out for supper and then came back to my place and watched Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage. It was ok, not really my kind of movie, but George is a Nick Cage fan and hadn't seen it before. George went home after the movie because he had errands to run Saturday morning at home. I also took the time Saturday morning to do laundry and food shopping. It was getting really hot by 11am so I turned on the A/C and did what I could to stay cool. Saturday afternoon George came back over and we just watched the ball game and BBQ'd some steaks for supper. Early evening we had a big thunder storm and lost power for awhile. Good thing we found something to keep us occupied.

This morning we went out for breakfast at the Longbranch restaurant. The prices are really cheap and the food is really good. It's a local breakfast and lunch hangout, only open from 5am-2pm, and I always run into someone I know. We then went to WalMart and George bought some jeans and collared summer shirts for work. While I was there, I was looking at a laptop that was on sale for $389. It's a Toshiba and I remember seeing it advertised that cheap back on Black Friday. It was offered as an early bird special to get you into the store and was only available at that price from 5am-9am. Naturally, they sold out in a matter of minutes, so I didn't even come close to getting one. Well today, there they were, at that price and there were 3 left in the store. Since I have Christmas money still and I never buy myself anything, I decided that today I was going to treat myself. Yay Me!

After WalMart, we went to visit my parents. The joke was on us though because no one was home. LOL We hung around for awhile then decided to just leave a note and move on. George wanted to see where I worked so we stopped there and I asked the guard if I could take him inside and give him the grand tour. The place was empty except for the two guards, so he gave George a visitor's badge and took his cell phone (it's a government contractor so no photo taking is allowed) and I showed him all around. Being in manufacturing (he's a manufacturing engineer) he could really appreciate the way the work stations and labs are laid out and the overall cleanliness of the building. It's really a nice place to work, and I think if he ever was in need of a job in the future, he might be able to find a nice home there.

From there, we came back here to my house and hung out until it was time for George to go on home. Since he left, I have cleaned off my desk and set up the laptop, painted my toenails (the color is called strawberry and my toes look delicious) and blogged. LOL What will I do for the rest of the day?? I know one thing, I am not used to getting up so early on a Sunday morning and I am feeling it a bit now. But look at all I've accomplished and it isn't even 5pm? I suppose I could make something for dinner.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Til next time.


Intense Guy said...

I can't imagine what a couple of old farts found to keep themselves occupied... I mean, you hadn't even bought the laptop yet.

Sounds like a nice low key weekend... its a shame George has the same trouble with his mailbox - Ooooooohhh, thats what you did to keep occupied! you figured out ways to keep the amilbox undented and catch those miscreant mailbox smashers... D'oh me!!

Lainie said...

That's it Iggy...we've laid out a contingency plan to catch the perpetrators. :-)

ChicagoLady said...

I like Nicholas Cage, but I don't think Ghost Rider was his best. Not his worst either though.

Hmmmm, what ever could you have done, in the dark, with no electricity????? LOL

Nice deal on a laptop! I've never gotten one because how often do I need a portable computer?

Sounds like you had a really nice weekend!

Karla said...

sounds like a great weekend to me...:-) (I like most of Nicholas Cages' movies..I've never seen that one City of Angels will always be my favorite one with him...kleenex ready)

LadyStyx said...

City of Angels was definitely one that got me the closest to crying (I rarely cry during movies). I loved Ghost Rider but think they coulda found a better co-star for sure.

Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend.

AliceKay said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend to me. I'm happy to hear you have such a great time with George...even when the power goes out. LOL He sounds like a super guy, Lainie.

(I loved "City of Angels" and cry everytime I see it)

Lainie said...

He is a super guy AK...I am a very lucky lady for sure. If this is a dream, I never want to wake up.

Punkn said...

I'm a big Nicholas Cage fan but haven't seen Ghost Riders. City of Angels was definitely a tear jerker. *makes not to rent both movies*. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend to me.

Intense Guy said...

I could watch Raquel Alessi, especially if that annoying guy stays out of the picture... Meg Ryan in City of Angels... now we're talking. :)