Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This and That

Greetings. Wow it's actually been a dry day, today. Not a single shower in sight. Strange. It's really been a weird summer, sunny and warm in the mornings until around 2pm and then thunder showers and sometimes torrential downpours. Kinda feels like I've moved to Florida or something.

Anyway, it's Tuesday night, I am home alone and there is nothing worth watching on TV. I have the baseball game on in the background but I couldn't even tell you the score. Just haven't been all that keen to watch the games I guess. I am actually quite bored with TV these days and wonder if the Fall line up will capture my interest any. Survivor starts September 18, that's the only show I am looking forward to watching right now.

Nothing really new around here. I've been fairly busy at work, managing to get in quite a bit of overtime. Last week's paycheck was very very nice. I wish I could bring all that money home every week.

I got my car payment bill in the mail today and I only owe a little over $500 on my car. That's so friggen exciting! I bought this car all by myself almost 5 years ago and it is almost paid off! I'm hoping it will last another year so I can build up my savings account a bit and then I want to trade it in for a new one. I really have enjoyed my Elantra and it really is a nice reliable car, so I will probably buy another one. I'll decide after spending a winter driving to work from George's house. I'll be a little further northwest than I am now and the driving could be a whole lot worse than I am used to.

Saturday we are going to Meadowbrook to see Styx and Boston. I hope the weather is good, but as long as the show is on, we will be there. George has had the tickets for a couple of months now and we've been really looking forward to the show.

I spoke to Sara on the phone yesterday and she tells me she is now employed. It's about time. LOL She is now working as a receptionist at a dental office and she loves it. Of course it's only been a couple of days. How long that will last is anyone's guess. But hopefully it will last long enough so she can find another job before she quits. She's actually quite excited though so here's hoping. This could be the start of a whole new career.

In 2 weeks George and I are taking a weekend and going up to Snowfield Cabins in Pittsburg, NH. It's about a 3 hour drive north of the Lakes Region and pretty much touches the Canadian border. I have never been up there but it is an area that George knows well since he goes snowshoeing up there in the winter and hunting up there in the fall. He also spent many summers up there camping and exploring when he was a kid so I am looking forward to seeing just how beautiful God's Country is up there. I am told that it is nicknamed Moose Alley so I have a really good chance of seeing moose and bear. I've also heard stories about people packing picnic lunches and going up to the town dump in the early evening to watch the black bears romping through the fields. Apparently this is as much fun as going to a drive in movie! I can hardly wait. Sounds like a photo op to me!

Friday evening we met with my friend/former sister in law, Cathy. We had a blast hanging out and catching up and I have to admit, it seemed a whole lot like old times. We laughed all night long and I ended up getting pretty trashed on Mai Tai's. She's still the same ole girl and I wish we had gotten together a lot sooner. We plan on reconnecting though and this time we are going to make sure her brother Brian and his wife Louise can join us. George and I had originally talked about having a reunion with all of our old friends but we got word sometime in June that one of our friends, Debbie, is undergoing chemo treatments for colon cancer so we are going to wait until she is feeling better.

I guess I should think about getting ready for bed.
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Intense Guy said...

Wow. You are having way too much fun for it all to be legal. :)

You and George hitch a ride and rock the paradise during that concert. It sounds like it ought to be great fun.. oh.. and no smokin' (the funny stuff).

I hope the best for Sara in her new career! Her smile probably made her a shoo-in for the position!

Take lots of pictures at the town dump!! I'm gonna want to see 'em!

LadyStyx said...

YAY!! The car's almost paid off. How awesome for you!

*whimperz* Ya think my friend would notice if I played hookie from her wedding and went to join you to see Styx? ~smilez~ Have a great time!

AliceKay said...

I was thinking along that same line, Iggy. LOL

Good luck to Sara in her new position.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm not thrilled about anything on tv right now either. In the Fall, I'm going to watch shows that I've been watching that were renewed, but I'm determined not to watch anything new. Most times, the good ones get cancelled, so I give up.

Sounds like a nice little weekend you have planned with George. Can't wait to see pics of the moose and bears!

Let me know how the Styx concert is, since Dennis DeYoung isn't with them anymore. And I heard Boston is using two lead singers to fill Brad Delp's spot, lol.

Lainie said...

You are so right Iggy, the dentist who hired Sara told her that she had a beautiful smile and it definitely helped her get the job. Her orthodontist will be so proud! LOL
George stopped smoking the wacky stuff long ago, Iggy. And I really never got into it so we'll be enjoying the concert perfectly straight.

Punkn said...

Heck you two are having way too much fun - you don't need any wacky stuff. Your getaway sounds wonderful. Am looking forward to seeing some pictures. Yaaaa Sara! I hope she continues liking her job. It sure makes getting up every morning and going to work a lot easier.