Friday, August 01, 2008

A Day Off

Off Friday...gotta love that! I slept until 8 this morning and could have stayed in bed longer but I hate to waste a nice sunny day. So I got up, cleaned the bathroom, straightened up the kitchen and loaded my car with Avon that needed to be delivered. I showered, paid some bills while I waited for my hair to dry, then headed out. Got everything done, came home, watched All My Children, and now have General Hospital on. I spent the hour between shows online chatting with my friend Chris, who I never get to chat with. He now lives in Arkansas with his girlfriend Joy and was very happy to hear of the recent and future changes in my life.

It's the first day of August. Where has the summer gone? Summers here in the Northeast are so short. This summer has been a particularly odd summer but the weather has been warm and humid for the most part. Last summer we struggled to get past 80 most days. Anyway it has been a really decent summer except for a few bad storms. I'm glad I am able to enjoy a decent day every once in awhile.

I wanted to take a ride this afternoon to the area that was devastated by the tornado last week but I realized I had forgotten my camera so I will save that for another day. Maybe George and I can take a ride on Sunday afternoon. I am told that there are still lots of trees down. There is about a 40 mile path of uprooted and sheared off trees, houses and cars with trees through the roofs and buildings that have been moved right off their foundations. It will and be quite awhile before everything is repaired and/or replaced. I know those of you in the south are used to weather like this but we are not and it has really been a challenge for many.

Just sitting here now waiting for George to get out of work. He should be here around 5pm and we are going to go out for beer and pizza tonight. I suppose we will come back to my place after and watch the baseball game. Well we will at least put it on. *insert evil grin here*
One of my favorite players on the Red Sox was traded yesterday to the LA Dodgers. Manny Rameriez is a fan favorite and an awesome ball player but he also liked to stir the trouble pot and flap his gums. I think he did it a few times too many. The Red Sox organization seems to have been fed up with his antics and when they got the chance to trade him, they did. They are still paying his salary for the remainder of the year so I guess that says they had really had enough of him. Manny is a great left fielder and has hit over 500 homeruns in his career. He was also very instrumental in helping the Red Sox win 2 World Series in the last few years, so hats off to him. But he isn't irreplaceable and I think Jason Bay can fill those big shoes. Maybe with less drama but perhaps a little shaking up is what the Red Sox need, since they've been slumping a bit lately.

OK I guess that's enough gibberish for today. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



Intense Guy said...

*insert evil grin here* ??? What's this? a do-it-youself blog component? I don't have time to *insert evil grin here* I'm much too busy looking for three-eyed fish floating upside down in the inlets around the nuclear power plant. I cannot believe I overlooked that. *shakes head muttering*

:) You enjoy "the ball game" and your weekend!!!

ChicagoLady said...

I heard Manny was pretty much asking to be traded, then I heard that he WAS traded, I just never heard what team he went to. Thanks for filling in the blanks.

Enjoy "the game" and whatever else occupies your time tonight, lol.

Kerry said...

Hope you had a wonderful evening I'm sure someone had a home-run last night!

AliceKay said...

LOL,'re probably right about that.

Have a great weekend, Lainie. *hugs*