Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's ME

It's freeking cold outside, that's all I can say. Two weeks ago it was in the 60's during the day and now we have barely made it out of the 30's. I guess I better get my winter stuff out, cos I don't think it's going to warm up until April.
Just three days of work next week and we are going to have a nice long weekend. I can hardly wait. I've been working 10+ hrs a day the last few weeks and I swore I was going to back off on the hours once I moved up here. I feel like a mole, go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.
Thursday we are having brunch with George's brother Ray and Ray's wife Diane. I imagine Diane's family will be there too.
Then we are going over to my parents house for dinner later in the afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing my kids and my parents. My neice is about ready to have her baby too. Maybe she will have it in time for Thanksgiving? If not definitely I will be a great aunt by Christmas.
Sara and Brad have moved into a new apartment and they love it. Living with Brad's family took it's toll on Sara and I can see a difference in her already. She is much more chipper when we talk on the phone and she just seems happier. Living with an alcoholic is very difficult and Brad's mother needs help but her husband and her sister are both enablers so she doesn't realize she has a problem.
Eric and Jessie have also moved but they have moved in with Jessie's parents. Long story but I suspect it won't last long. I'll talk more about that later...I really have to get dressed because we are heading back down to my other house to finish up cleaning it out.
George will be back any minute and I haven't done a darn thing. LOL


LadyStyx said...

YAY! Got cold weather down here too...sorted out the winter clothes yesterday. I half suspect the summer clothes that I boxed up yesterday wont be fitting come spring when I have to pull them out....breaks my heart.

So nice you're going to get to see family on Thanksgiving. It'll just be the two of us here then but come Christmas, it looks like we'll be taking a trip down to see his family...*again* this year.

ChicagoLady said...

Yes, it has gotten quite cold. TOO cold if you ask me! I'm glad you get to spend Thanksgiving with your kids and parents.

I'm glad everything is going so well for you! Enjoy your long weekend!

Tori_z said...

Almost everywhere (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) seems to be really cold now. Yep, it's time for the Winter clothes!

I'm glad everything is going so well for you, and that you'll be spending Thanksgiving with family.

Enjoy your long weekend. :)

Intense Guy said...

Well, you have your Georgehugger to help keep you warm. :)

Bitter cold for this time of year here too. I put on the winter coat before today's walk - nice and cozy.

Lainie said...

LOL I also can't type. Well I can but I guess I was rushing and didn't have time to check for errors. Good thing you all know what I meant. (Or perhaps no one noticed. LOL)
Oh Iggy...George certainly does know howw to keep me warm. He is downstairs at this moment cleaning out the Pellet stove, which will soon be fired up. Prolly not what you meant but it's true. :-)

AliceKay said...

LOL, Lainie. I think we know what you meant.

Sounds like things are moving right along. It's great to hear. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Punkn said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Lainie. Hope you are getting settled in ok.

Intense Guy said...

*waves to Lainie's mom over Sara's shoulder*