Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Canadian OCHA's

I saw a few things in Canada that immediately made me think of IntenseGuy so I grabbed my camera and took a few pics before I got caught. I am not really sure what Canadian OCHA's are like, especially ones who are lined up trying to cross the border. They could have gone nutso on me for all I knew so I snapped fast but this is what I got. These are especially for you Iggy!

I saw these OCHA's trying to cross the border into the USA but the Canadian officials were having no part of that. They were lined up one by one for about a mile while the Canadian officials searched their belongings for proper Identification.

This one was happy to pose for a picture.

One good thing was the drug sniffing dogs that are usually all around the Inspection Station were all busy searching a non OCHA vehicle so they didn't have time to lift their legs on the OCHA's (although I think that would have been quite funny.)

The next pic is of an American OCHA sitting on the road in New Hampshire. He was also in a long line but didn't seem too upset about that.

The rest of his friends were all waiting for a moose sighting so they could tell their families all about it. It certainly would have made their trip up North well worth while!

This totally answers any questions about whether or not OCHA's reside in foreign countries. I am not really sure if they were trying to escape or just visiting. I guess that would be a good thing to investigate next trip into Canada. :-)


Karla said...

LOL I think Iggy's imaginatative stories are rubbing off on you!! Enjoyed it a lot :-)

LadyStyx said...

heh heh heh!

AliceKay said...

LOL.....gotta love it!

Intense Guy said...

Those shiny new Moose Sentry Picket Line (MOSPIL) OCHAs just have to spot a moose eventually, don't you think? I mean, the Moose does know they are to cross the road here - the highway folks won't put a sign up if they didn't.

Man, those Canadian OCHAs look like a wholly different species. Sort of like a cross between the Orange Stripped Barrels and a "normal" OCHA. You think.. nahh.. I wouldn't wanna even think.... nooo... it couldn't be intermixed breeding 'tween the two... *cringes* Ewwwwwwwwwww!

That reminds me of something my sister-in-law once said, while the family was hanging out at the beach in NJ. She saw some guy in a swimsuit there and said "Oh look, a Canadian!" and the rest of us went "Huh? how do you know?" And she said, "Oh its obvious, Canadians all look alike."

To this day, when any of us spot someone that looks a little unusual, we say, "Oh look, a Canadian!" and then crack up.

Lainie said...

I think she said "Oh a Canadien" because he was wearing a speedo bathing suit and carrying a beer in the waistband. That's how we know around here! LMAO

Deanna said...

LMAO - priceless.

Tori_z said...

Sight seeing OChas... Whatever next? ;)