Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

It's an 'off' Friday here for me and it's raining out pretty steadily at the moment so I think it will be a good day to stay indoors watch some tv and post on blogger. The only good thing about the rain is everything is so darn green outside. We've certainly had a lot of rain the last couple of weeks and the grass and plants are growing like mad.

Earlier this morning a woman came over to do an appraisal of our house. We are hoping to refinance, the rates are really good right now, and we also want to get George's ex-wife's name off of the mortgage. I couldn't believe that they want to charge us $2000 to simply remove her name. George can obviously afford to pay the mortgage by himself since he was doing just that for 10 months before I moved in, but there is so much red tape involved, it is just ridiculous. So I figured, if we are going to have to pay to remove her name, then we may as well go ahead and get the most bang for our buck and do a re-fi. I know that my credit is excellent so that can only help in the mortgage department. Anyway, the woman arrived on time, was here for approximately 15 minutes, and she was gone. Hopefully we will know something by Tuesday.

I don't really have anything planned for today. I have completed the laundry and cleaned the bathroom, baked a cranberry nut bread and have little ambition to do much else. The pup is sound asleep on the sofa, wrapped up in an afghan, and I think it looks mighty inviting. I just might join him in a bit.

Father's Day is fast approaching and I would like to take my Dad (and Mom if she wants to come) for lunch on Sunday.
There is a seafood restaurant that he likes called Newicks in Dover Point, NH so I think that is a good choice. It's one of my favorite places to go too. My Dad can be very stubborn and onery but it's ok, he is 79 years old and is entitled. He is also the cutest old guy I know. LOL Here he is on the far right at my wedding, along with my Mom and my kids.

My dad is known around the neighborhood where he lives as the neighborhood gossip. If you need to know anything, just call my Dad. He has connections all over the West Side of Manchester. I always say there is telephone, telegraph ane teleLeo. (His name is Leo) LOL
He used to work construction for a very prominent construction company before he retired in 1989. He did everything from running a jack hammer to cleaning up the finished school/addition/building once the job was complete. He is a jack of all trades, from carpentry to masonary, sheetrocking to painting. He's always been a hardworking guy and still is. Since his retirement from the construction business, he has taken a job part time at a neighborhood law office doing security, maintainance and cleaning. He works about 15 hours a week after the office is closed. The office is within walking distance of my Dad's home so he got lucky there. I think my Mom wishes he worked a few more hours a week to keep him out of her hair but it is what it is.
He also is chief babysitter these days for my grandneice, Kendall. She adores him...and always wants her great grandpa before anyone else. He can pretty much match her as far as energy goes, he's a pretty hyper guy. He likes to keep active. He says the day he stops moving is the day he dies. I have to believe him there.
So here's to you Dad...keep on keeping on. He drives me crazy but I couldn't ask for a better father. I love him to pieces.

The rain has stopped temporarily, the sky is brightening some to the west but it still looks rather blah out there. I may get my shoes on and get the mail...but then again, I may not. Kind of a lazy day, looks like a good napping afternoon.

Til next time...hope you are all well and Happy Father's Day to all the Pop's out there.


Intense Guy said...

Happy Father's Day George and Lainie's Dad!!

And thanks for Lainie, Leo! :) We really likes her.

Karla said...

Hope your dad and George have wonderful days Sunday...and yes..please thank your dad for you! you are a wonderful lady and we do loves you!

AliceKay said...

*ditto the two messages above*

Tori_z said...

Happy father's day George and Leo. :)

Deanna said...

Iggy and Karla said it best. So, ditto from me.

Treasure him, Lainie. Treasure them both.

LadyStyx said...

*dittos everyone above and wanders off chuckling at the "teleleo" line*