Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all of you! I hope it has been a relaxing day for everyone.

I decided to spend the day relaxing and not doing a whole lot of anything since we have been on the go since first thing Saturday morning. We got up fairly early and I had to get a batch of brownies into the oven even before I jumped into the shower because I was pressed for time and I know the border patrol is always waiting on me as I cross over into Maine. I am not allowed in the state without a pan of brownies. LOL (That is according to Rick and Mazz and of course I always comply)

George headed for the dump while I showered and then got back home to load up the car for our 300 mile trip. Rick and Blossom were planning a pool party for the unofficial last weekend of the summer and we would not miss it for the world. As soon as the brownies came out of the oven we were ready to hit the road. I was riding shotgun this trip and I grabbed the camera because it was a gorgeous day for a ride and we were going to go through the White Mountain area and I knew I could get some awesome shots. As you can see...I did just that. The sky was so blue and it was just a pretty day.

It took us 5 hours to get to our motel. We checked in, freshened up and headed right over to Rick's house. I wish I had taken some photos of the room we had because it was really nice...and HUGE! We could have easily stayed there for a week and not been uncomfortable. It had two beds,(not that we needed two), a sofa with recliners and a really nice kitchen area with a table and chairs, s microwave oven, stove top and fridge. The bathroom was quite large as well with a walk in shower which was really nice.

Anyway...we got to Rick's and the first person I spotted was Tweetie! She wasn't able to make it the last time we were there so it was great to see her. During the course of the afternoon/evening she and I spent a lot of time chatting and catching up. Mazz was also there with his wife April and their son Andy. Rick's son David was there too with his girlfriend Jaime. Blossom's sister and brother in law also were there with their grandson. Pup-Pup, Gene and Nikki were there along with Gene's cousin Wanda. It is always great fun hanging with these bunch of mainiacs...that is for sure.
We had a bite to eat, all was delicious of course, Rick is a fantastic cook, and the drinking and partying commenced. It got really chilly outside once the sun went down so we got a fire going in the fire pit, then after awhile we went into the basement to listen to music and Karaoke. George and I laughed all night long and had a wonderful time. We left there around 11:30 and went back to the motel to unwind and get some sleep. We were planning to go back to Rick's for breakfast but never got up until after 9 and decided we had better get back on the road soon. We took the overland route home back through the mountains and made a few stops along the way for lunch and to stretch our legs. We made it home around 4pm. A whirlwind trip but lots of fun and always great to be with wonderful people.

Tweetie, Rick, Gene and Mazz

Rick and Mazz


Today was a lazy day. All I did was laundry and read a bit, then made a quick supper. George and his buddy are out in the woods at the moment doing a little bear hunting. He enjoys that activity...I cheer for the wildlife. Hunting doesn't do much for me, but hey it keeps him out of my hair for awhile! LOL As long as I don't have to clean anything he brings home...

The Mighty Hunter

It will be back to work tomorrow...whoopie. The best thing is I have Friday off too so hopefully the 3 days I have to work won't drag.

Hope you enjoyed the little slide show. Have a great evening!


ChicagoLady said...

I'm so glad you still get together with Rick, Blossom, Tweetie, Mazz and Pup! How nice that George gets to know such wonderful people! Looks like the drive to Maine was beautiful, and from the one picture, you were definitely going the right direction (opposite of all the traffic, lol).

Enjoy your short work-week. Hugs!

AliceKay said...

Wonderful pictures. I remember seeing some of that scenery back in 2003 when Terri and I were there.

I'm glad you had the chance to get to visit with the Mainiacs. Rick said in chat yesterday morning that you and George were still at the motel. It must be great to get together with so many friends and having a great time. :)

Have a good short week. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures with us.

Lainie said...

All those cars that looked like they were going in the opposite direction were actually parked at one of the trailheads that go up the mountain. We saw the same sight at every trailhead we passed. It was a great day for hiking.

Deanna said...

How many years have you guys been getting together!!! What fun. One of these days I'm going to get a chance to try those brownies of yours - I swear I am....

Sounds like you had a great time.

Intense Guy said...

Are all the brownies gone already? I'm thinking to keep up with the Mainiacs - you must put some special ingredient in them.

That blue sky! I wish you could bottle it and let it out on some gloomy rainy days!

I wants to see the Mainiacs too, someday.

*hugs for Lainie*

Lynn said...

Hey girlie, I loved seeing the pics. I always love looking at places I never been before. I'm so glad yall had fun and you get a short week to boot. I had to work all weekend, but I still get a short week though and this coming weekend off so I'm ok...wooohooo!!

LadyStyx said...

Leave it the Burd to be flippin the bird... LOL!