Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mid Week Ramblin'

It's mid week and I have nothing to write about but I will ramble on here for a bit just because I can. :-)

The weather has been fairly nice, a little cool today but still sunny. Getting the Fall feeling for sure. Tonight it is supposed to drop down into the low 40's. I will leave my bedroom window open for as long as I possibly can. I sleep so much better when I can feel fresh natural air blowing on me. I don't like running the ceiling fan all night. For some reason, I wake up in the morning with my nose all stuffed up when the fan is left on.

George has been going out hunting every evening for the past week. Bear season opened up on September 1st. He likes to go out but he isn't interested so much in bear. He mainly hunts deer out behind our house and he is an avid bow shotguns for him. We have 6 acres of woods/fields out there and he has a few favorite spots to sit up in his tree stand and be one with nature. So several evenings a week, he races home and grabs a quick bite to eat and goes out until it starts getting dark. This won't last long, obviously, since it has been getting dark earlier and earlier. But for now, he's having a good time. (Although I don't know how much fun it can be sitting 20 feet high in a tree for several hours trying not to make any noise. Not my idea of fun.) LOL

My friend Leanne got terminated from work today. I am pretty sad about that but she made a mistake and at this time, the management is not in much of a forgiving mood. Looking for any reason to reduce the work force, I think. There are some people who should have been let go a long time ago because they are pretty useless but somehow they are still employed.
They've been riding our butts about time clock practices...don't punch in more than 5 minutes before your shift starts and you can't punch out any later than 5 minutes after your shift ends...etc etc. Apparently she was running late yesterday morning so she pulled her car up to the building...ran in, punched in then went back out to park her car. I know...that has wrong written all over it. No argument from me there. But I see a lot of people who are on the clock and they're in the ladies room for 15 minutes combing their hair and reapplying makeup...or hanging around in the halls killing time. One of my co workers makes an entire loop through the building 2 or 3 times a day using the bathroom that is farthest from her work station so she can kill a little time. So I don't see how this is any worse. But she was ratted out by the security guard and lost her job. I guess I am going to have to really keep on my toes. It looks like they are looking for any reason to dump a few more bodies.

I suppose I should get my supper dishes washed and maybe I can get a little reading in before George gets home.
Not sure what we are doing this weekend. So far, nothing is planned but things can change in a heartbeat around here. I know he is going to want to get out into the woods late afternoon on Saturday and Sunday if the weather is good.

Have a great evening. Hope your week is going well.


Karla said...

I'm sorry about Leann getting the axe..Life is hard right now. Hopefully she can find a better job soon :-)

Sounds like you've had some reading time :-) I'm taking some TV time tonight...I missed my season finales because I was "on the road" which was fun..but Bill didnt' record them for I'm catching em this week before the new season starts next week ...:-)

LadyStyx said...

I'm the same way with ceiling fans...or any other kind of fan for that matter. It's the direct draft that makes me all stuffy. Now if I have a fan pointed across the foot of the bed or out the door, just for circulation...I do just fine.

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear about your friend losing her job. Some of the guys at work will go out back, drive their truck up to the porch, and then come in to clock out. Not the way to do it but they do, and they get away with it.

Business has been good as far as walk-in business goes (mostly hobby farmers), but the dairy farmers have been getting hit hard and it's getting tough for them to pay their bills. Sometimes the feed dealer is the last one on the list to get paid, even though we supply the feed which helps produce their milk that they sell. Sometimes I hate answering the phone when I see the customer's name on the caller ID. We have lots of customers who have to come into the office now to pay for their feed before we'll deliver anymore.

It's chilly and raining here this morning. My furnace is running and has been for several mornings lately. The leaves are beginning to turn so that means the cold stuff isn't too far away.

Gotta run and get ready for work. I hope your weekend is a good matter what you decide to do.

Intense Guy said...

Wow. Poor Leann. Next time she's going to drive her car through the glass lobby window and park it there for the day just so she can be punched in properly.

Has hunter George provided any meat for 'his woman' yet?


Deanna said...

That sucks about your friend. It sounds like what many people would do, though.
I cannot imagine going bear hunting. I'd be scared to death. Our youngest daughter, Julie, goes bow hunting with her husband and oldest son. This is the first weekend of bow hunting, so I'll have her two little ones.

Lainie said...

LMAO naughty naughty boy. Oh wait...maybe you meant that innocently?? Who knows, but there has been no bear or venison provided as of today's date. Any other kind of meat is provided regularly. (From the grocery store, silly) LOL

AliceKay said...

*eyes Lainie* LMAO

Anonymous said...

Hey Lainie, I love it when you ramble girlie!! I wish our temps was in the 40s here. I know you dread it hun, but I sure do hope we get snow this winter. So sorry to hear about your friend losing her job. Have a great weekend! Hugs!!

ChicagoLady said...

I'm sorry to hear that Leanne was terminated. If it was me, it would have happened months ago, I'm so BAD about getting up in the morning (or going to bed for that matter).

I'm not looking forward to the cooler weather, we never really had much of a summer to make me long for the cooler autumn days.

P.S. The PATS LOST! Woooo hoooooo
(Ok, so did Dallas, go ahead, rub it in, LMAO)

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie girl, I included you in a blog award thingy on my blog if you want to lookie, HUGS