Monday, April 05, 2010

This and That

Happy day after Easter. I hope everyone had a wonderful and springlike day. It was a beautiful weekend weatherwise here and we had a very nice day yesterday with family. Great company and wonderful food...who could ask for anything more?

Well my poor daughter could I guess. After spending 2 weeks in a hotel while the maintainance crew at her apartment building replaced water logged walls and carpeting in her apartment, she and Brad were finally able to go back home last Monday. They had to rearrange furniture but got their place pretty much back to normal in the few hours they had after work and before bed. Sara woke up at her usual time to get ready for work the next morning only to find the entire kitchen flooded again and the water was running into their living room all over their brand new carpet. Several feet of carpeting were soaked through. It was raining very hard outside and we were in for several days of heavy rain so she knew this was not going to end quickly. She got on the phone with the apartment manager and they came right over. Unable to do much at that moment, they made arrangements for Sara and Brad to go back to the hotel until they could clean up the mess and dry out the carpeting and walls. It has been almost a full week and they are still at La Quinta. Last she heard they might be able to move back home on Thursday. On the up side, she hadn't unpacked their suitcases and their computers were still boxed up and in the car. That was one less thing to do before heading to work, but all of the clothes in the suitcases were in need of some laundering.
To make matters worse, last Friday the toilet in the hotel room broke and she had to move all of their things four doors down to another room. She was pretty much at the end of her rope last Friday but she is now seeing the humor in everything now. After all is said and done, she will eventually see it all as an adventure I suppose. It's just kind of hard to keep perspective at this point.
The good thing is they don't have to pay rent this month and their room is being covered by management for their inconvenience.

Otherwise, things are moving along. We have birthday parties galore this month and next month we have 3 college graduations to attend (shell out money for). Hopefully things will stay quiet for a few months until Eric and Jessie's wedding in August. Somehow, I doubt that.

We've had some really warm and beautiful days lately and that means spring is here. No more snow! Now, let's hope all the rain is behind us too.

Gotta run. Have a great evening!


Intense Guy said...

Oh good grief! Poor Sara!! It's still pretty soggy here - I hope it dries up in your next of the woods soon and life returns to "semi-normal" for your daughter!

You are going to be busy this spring/summer! All those graduations and weddin's!! Gives ya an excuse to buy some new dresses huh (pokes George.. ya hear that?)

Deanna said...

Poor Sara and Brad!
I hope you don't have to attend all of those graduations! Weddings are fun, though.

Glad to see a post from you.


Lainie said...

We'll be attending two of the graduations. One is George's son Patrick's graduation from culinary school and he is coming home from Colorado to attend. He is just about finished his internship there but has been offered a full time job at the resort so it looks like he is staying in Colorado for the time being. The other two graduations are George's nephews, Keith and Kevin. Keith is graduating with a degree in radiology and we will be attending that graduation the day before Patrick's. Kevin has finished his classes but will walk with his class (not sure when that will be). He will be getting his pharmacuetical degree. We aren't going to that graduation and we actually haven't been invited to any party but I imagine there will be one.

I am looking forward to the wedding though!! And yes I have to get a new dress seeing as I am mother of the groom! :-)

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear about the problems Sara is having at her apartment. I hope they get that fixed for her soon.

It's another very warm day here today. We've had record temps the past couple of days but it will be back to more normal temps tomorrow. Night time lows back in the 30s, too. Not sure how my rhododendron will like that. It has some blossoms out already.

I hope you had a good week.

Anonymous said...

Good grief your poor daughter if I were her I would be demanding a new apartment I dont think I would want to stay in one that has flooded two times bless her heart, glad you are well and happy girlie, I miss you, hugssssss

Toriz said...

Glad you are well and had a great Easter.

Hope your daughter has her apartment back... Preferably without flooding now!