Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hope everyone is doing well. It has been a very busy month so far and looks like we'll be pretty busy right through May too.

Sara has been back in her dry and almost new apartment for a couple of weeks now. She had a bit of a hiccup the other day when the apartment manager told her she owed them for 21 days of back rent but after appealling to the landlord, she was told that they were going to credit her for the entire month. She still gets a bit nervous when it rains so they are going to start looking for a new apartment that won't be on the ground floor.

Last weekend we had a combo birthday party for my Mom and for Sara. We went to a restaurant called the Back Room and their specialty is their coconut chicken tenders. That's what I got and they were delicious. It was a fairly quiet but nice evening.

At work, we got some interesting news that the company was being sold to a company called 3L Communications based in New York. Our CEO felt the time was right to sell but he plans on being a big part of the new company in one way or another. As a gift to his employees...we were given a rather nice bonus for all of our hard work. He is a very gracious boss...very big on profit sharing. It was the biggest bonus I have ever received and I have put it away for a rainy day. Maybe next year we can use it for a vacation.
I believe they closed the deal on April 16th so it will be interesting to see if anything changes in the near future.

George has been very busy at work, plenty of overtime for him these days. He likes being busy, that's for sure. He has also been spending whatever free time he has getting the tractor up and running down in the garage. Since I have moved in here, that tractor has been in numerous pieces all over one side of the garage so I am happy to see that finally he is doing something with it. I actually heard it start up this afternoon and maybe he will be able to drive it out of the garage this evening. He is down there now tinkering with it.

I am just about ready for surgery on my hip. My date has been set for May 3rd and I just have one more appointment this week to go so hopefully all will be fine and I can finally be rid of all this pain. I am expecting to be in the hospital for 3 days and then physical therapy and recuperation for about 4-6 weeks. Say a few prayers for a quick recovery...I am a bit nervous but thrilled to know that relief is near.

We have several college graduations and parties coming up not to mention Mothers Day and several birthdays. May is going to be a busy and expensive month for sure.

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged anything but I've just been really busy. Hope the weather has been nice in your surely has been beautiful around here. Enjoy spring! More sooner than later...I hope. ;-)


Lynn said...

So great to hear from you girlie!!

Im so glad that Sara and her honey is going to be looking for another apt. and worked things out with the landlord about rent money.

I wish you the best with the surgery hun I will be thinking about you and praying for a nice and quick recovery.

Good luck with those graduations and parties sure sounds like you are going to be very busy like you said.

I miss you and hope to hear from you again soon!!

Intense Guy said...

Nice to see words from you Lainie!


3L Comm is a huge company. I hope your boss manages to keep your part of things "personal" and a great place to work.

...and I can see why Sara is a little skittish about living below the "water line"!

*Hugs* best wishes for a speedy recovery from your hip surgery. You got a tractor ride to look forward to!

AliceKay said...

Good luck with your surgery, Lainie. *hugs*

Deanna said...

I'm so glad you are going to get some relief with your hip. Best of luck and prayers for a speedy recovery.

May certainly sounds hectic! Hope George got his tractor going.

Lainie said...

All Doctor appts have been done and I've passed all tests so looks like surgery is a GO for Monday.
The tractor is running and I can't wait to go for a ride. LOL Once I am sprung from the hospital I will have plenty of time to catch up and keep up with your blogs.
Thanks for the hugs and prayers...I surely will need them.

Toriz said...

Hope all goes well with the surgery, and that you have a speedy recovery!

May is a busy month here too. Mothers' Day is usually in March here, but we have birthdays and anniversaries right through the month.

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