Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sweet And Sour Saturday

Just when you think all your ducks are in a row...something has to come along and knocked their little webbed feet right our from under them. Last Wednesday I got a call from my surgeon...he spotted something in my lab results that made him want to double check my white blood count. He asked me to come in later in the day and have some blood work repeated and made an appointment for me to go in Thursday to talk over the results. After reviewing the results, he has concluded it would not be in my best interest to tackle my surgery at this time. My white blood count levels are just a bit too high which makes him think my body is fighting something, either an infection or some inflammation. Well inflammation wouldn't surprise me since my hip joint and possibly my knee is all screwed up. He likened it to when you have an infected tooth and you need to have it extracted. The oral surgeon won't touch it until all infection is cleared up. If he did indeed operate and the new hip joint became is a horrible miserable ordeal to remove the prosthesis, then I am laid up in a hospital without a hip until all infection is clear before he can put it back in. Needless to say, neither of us wants that. So here I sit with a batch of new meds while I wait for whatever is going pack up and leave my body. It sucks to be me, believe me. I am so disappointed but I have to accept and believe he is doing this for my own good. The positive thing is he has given me a stronger pain killer to help manage my pain. Unfortunately I can't take them during the day if I am at work because they make me drowsy. But at least I am able to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time at night. So...hang onto those prayers because I will be calling in my marker real soon! :-)

So...the sweet to my sour is that I finally have a very ambitious and potential buyer for my house. It's been on the market for 7 months now and this is the first legitimate and considerable offer I've had. Lots of people have looked at it. Lots of people have expressed great interest. But with the market the way it is...and the fact that it is an older mobile home, people have had a hard time getting financing. The house needs some TLC...a new carpet, some paint and a refurbished bathroom would really make it a very nice home. It is in a great neighborhood and on it's own land and this couple have three little kids who will make use of the nice back yard I have out there. They will also benefit from the $8000 rebate since we signed a purchase and sales agrrement before the deadline and they can use that money to make some cosemetic repairs. They're young and energetic and are very excited. So pending the house inspection, which will take place sometime next's hoping. I am pretty confident that everything is in good shape there. The roof is good, the furnace is only 7 yrs old, I have a new water pump and hot water heater. The stove and fridge are in good shape and I am throwing in the washer and dryer too. The septic tank was in good shape the last time it was cleaned and I know the water isn't contaminated. So the week wasn't a total bust, I guess.

George and Eric are at the house now removing the dog house that once belonged to my Siberian Husky and cleaning up the yard. Eric and Jessie have a lot of bon fires at their house so he is going to take all the wood from the busted and fallen trees from the last wind storm we had, and he wants the picnic table too. The only things left in the house were cleaning supplies and a couple of vaccuum cleaners and a gun cabinet that belonged to my ex husband. He doesn't want it so George is going to bring it back here and we'll put it on EBay or something. I have 20 years of mostly good memories there...I hope this family enjoys living there as much as I did.

I guess I will get to making my grocery list and then it is off to a trip to Wally World when George gets back. I will keep you all posted as to when this stupid hip of mine can be repaired. All I can say, if it doesn't happen soon, I will be utilizing the chain saw that I spotted in the garage. If I can get down the stairs to get it, that is.

Enjoy the day. It is gorgeous here today. Hugs and all that great stuff!


Toriz said...

That's a shame. Still, better to wait a bit than to end up laid up in hospital with no hip at all. And, at least those pain killers mean you'll sleep at night... Even if you have to suffer all day! *Hugs*

That's great about the buyers for the house though. :)

AliceKay said... sorry to hear you can't have your operation right now. I hope the infection (or whatever it is) gets out of your system soon so you can have the surgery rescheduled.

I hope the sale of your old house goes thru. It sounds like a good home for a family. I know you had a real nice back yard. :)

It's 86 and windy here today. Brewing up a thunderstorm, too. It sure is crazy weather. We had temps in the 30s with snow, sleet, and hail mixed in with rain just the other day.

I hope the rest of your weekend is a good one.

Intense Guy said...

Wow, that really does suck. I hope you get a new hip before you get to the chain saw. If you do use the chainsaw, take lots of paper towels with you - its probably gonna be rather messy.

The other up side is - maybe you can get a tractor ride in now... On a nice cushiony bale of hay or something.

I hope your house sale goes through!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG bless your heart girl, if it aint one thing it is another, I sure do hope whatever is going on inside your body happens soon for you and you can get the ball rolling with the surgery, and I hope all goes well with the house and the young couple do enjoy their lives there, hugssss you tight and will keep the prayers going :o)

ChicagoLady said...

Hope the meds have killed off any infection you had started, and your new surgery date has been scheduled!

You have to be ready for Bo next week!!!!!!!!!!

AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday, Lainie. *hugs*

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