Friday, May 21, 2010

May Has Been A Crazy Month

I apologize for being a lousy blogger. Life, somehow, has managed to get in the way. Life and Facebook...ok I cannot lie. But I have today off and hopefully can fill you in on what has been happening in my world.

So last time I posted...I was excited about selling my house. Well, that deal has fallen through and we are back at square one. I dropped the price of the house significantly to accomodate these people mainly because I wanted to get the sale behind me and move forward with other things, not having that monkey on my back so to speak. Apparently people think that they can get everything for practically nothing and negotiations came to a complete halt. They saw I was willing to work with them so I guess they thought I would just give the house to them. Wrong! I am not desperate, I don't 'need' the money and I am in no hurry. So...that's that. I am hopeful something will happen soon but if not...I can hang on.

Last week was an extremely busy week, starting with Mother's Day. We met George's brother Ray and his family at a restaurant for brunch. It was also Ray's son Kris' 21st birthday so it was a nice surprise for Kris when we all showed up with cards, gifts and balloons.

We celebrated several birthdays during the week. Every 3 days there was a birthday in the family. Thursday we had dinner with George's son Pat and his girlfriend Renee, who were back here in New Hampshire from Colorado. Pat graduated from college on Saturday and he wanted to be here to walk with his classmates. He went to Colorado to do his internship for his Culinary Arts degree and has accepted a full time position there at the Broadmoor Resort. All is well with them and it was great to see them.
So Saturday we had Pat's graduation to go to and then a birthday party for my son-in-law Matt. The graduation was was outside and Saturday it was a little cold and raw but once the sun poked through, it got nice. The birthday party was also nice, we had a BBQ and I enjoyed the good company. Matt's mother, Marsha and I have become fast friends and it is always nice to talk to her. Here is a pic of us at the birthday party.

Sara also came home Saturday night to spend some time with her new cousins Kris and Keith before the graduation party. Ever since George and I got married, she has gotten really close to them and they have been finding a way to hang out quite a bit on the weekends. My sister-in-law Diane loves having her around their home and always calls her a breath of fresh air. That is so nice to hear and of course I agree. So having Sara here last weekend was a great help. Here is a pic of Keith, Kris and Sara taken during their night out.

Last Sunday, George and I hosted Patrick's graduation party at our house. We had about 35 people here altogether and it was a really nice day. We cooked burgers and dogs on the grill and had all kinds of other yummy foods to share like a veggie platter, cheese crackers, pasta salad, potato salad etc., etc. Nicole made 4 dozen cupcakes and George's ex-wife Donna was very helpful and contributed a lot to make the party a success. During the party we also celebrated 2 other graduates in the family. Kevin, who is George's nephew, graduated last week from Northeastern University and Keith who is also George's nephew, graduated from Southern New Hampshire University. A bunch of smart kids in this family! Here's Pat, a dual degree graduate, one in Culinary Arts and one in Restaurant Business and Management.

Tuesday was my birthday and Thanks to all who sent cards and messages via email, Facebook and blogger. I appreciate it more than you know. We just had a quiet dinner Tuesday night with Pat and Renee, who came over to see us before heading back to Colorado. The rest of the week was fairly quiet and I think this weekend will be a nice relaxing weekend for a change. I need to catch up on a number of things, mostly house related because the only cleaning I did was the essentials you have to clean before having company. And of course, you clean the kitchen and bathroom only to have to do it again after everyone goes home.

George is fine and he has been working a lot of overtime. Hopefully he will be able to relax a bit this weekend since his big project at work has been completed. But I know him and he wants to take advantage of the nice weather and get the flower beds all planted and tended to. He spent an hour or so last night mowing and I am sure he will be right back out there tonight raking and getting ready to mulch. Hopefully when he is finished, I will have some nice pictures to post of his handy work. Until is a pic of George and his daughter Nicole at one of the parties last weekend.

Off I go now to get the laundry put away and I've got some errands to run. Have a wonderful day!


Intense Guy said...

Crap, I was out of town on your birthday so I missed shouting "Happy Birthday Lainie!" and "How's it feel to be 29 (again)?!??!?"

Goodness... thats a ton of graduations!

Toriz said...

WOW! Definately a busy month!

We have loads of birthdays that happen throughout May too.

Hope your birthday was a good one, and that you find a buyer for the house soon. I know you don't need the money, but to get the sale of the house out of the way

AliceKay said...

Busy lady. I hope you find time to stop and smell the flowers every now and then.

I'm sorry the sale of your house fell thru. I hope you get another bite real soon.

Congrats to the graduates.

Nice family pics.

LadyStyx said...

Happy belated birthday.

Yeah, life and Facebook do tend to get in the way. It's worse if you have other hobbies as well...

Congrats to the graduates!!

Lynn said...

Awww Happy Birthday girlie and sure sounds like you have been busy, it was good to see a post from you I miss you, hugsss

lee said...

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