Friday, February 22, 2013

Wishing For Spring!

I hope my friends in the mid west are staying warm and safe. The blizzard that has been slamming them is heading to New England with 5-10 inches expected here in Central New Hampshire. Apparently the storm is staying to the south of us so that's a good thing. This will be the third weekend of stormy weather in a row. I am definitely ready for Spring!!

It's been a very busy month for me. George and I spent our 4th wedding anniversary in the Carribean on a cruise ship. We left from San Juan Puerto Rico, stopped in the Virgin Islands, Aruba, Curacao and Nassau, then disembarked in Miami. We had a glorious week of 80+ degree weather, sunny days, romantic moonlit nights and too many umbrella drinks to count. I have tons of pictures but will go through them and post a few when I have a little more time. I love cruising and hopefully we can do it all again real soon. I am not at all frightened or daunted by the bad luck events of the Carnival Triumph or Concordia. I'll take my chances.

We met some wonderful people on board and one couple especially from Puerto Rico. Juan and Zenada had dinner with us a few nights and were in the stateroom across the hall from us. They were wonderful company and lots of fun. I hope we can see them again sometime soon. Maybe we will plan a vacation in Puerto Rico next time. I think that could be a good time, especially when you have someone there who can show you around!

While we were gone a lot of things happened here at home. George's brother and his wife moved into their new home. They have been renovating it for 6 months after totally gutting it and making it handicapped accessible and finally everything was ready for them to move in. Their son Kris also got engaged! We're all very happy for Kris and Tasha, although I haven't had the chance to meet her yet. Hopefully soon!
My daughter has met a really fun and sweet guy. They started seeing each other while we were away and we met Mike last weekend. I really like him. I hope things work out for her, she definitely deserves happiness. I'm just so happy to see a huge smile on her face. I know she is happy because her visits and phone calls have diminished by 50%. LOL That's fine with me. Entertaining her can be a huge chore! I can only do so much shopping (and I HATE shopping). Now if only Eric can find someone wonderful, then I can stop worrying.

George's son Patrick and his fiancee Renee have set their wedding date. They are tying the knot on September 7th at a beautiful, rustic venue in North Conway, NH. It should be a lovely, intimate gathering and I can't wait for it all to come together.

We have another wedding to attend this summer, as well. George's nephew is getting married at a beachfront hotel in Maine. I guess I better start shopping for a couple of dresses. Can't even wear the same dress cos it's the same side of the family.

Physical Therapy has been going well. My recovery has been slow but steady and I hope to be back at work in another month or so. I've had a couple of acupuncture sessions and I think I have another one on Monday. Not sure just how much they are helping but it is obvious that I have a few areas that really need some kind of help. Here's hoping! I also like the soft tissue massage. My last session was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. It does blow my mind at how tense I really am though. It's amazing when those muscles do release. Let's hope we can keep them relaxed!

I suppose I should shut this down and get something else done around here. Stay safe everyone...I hope Spring is truly around the corner for all of us!!


ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise. The stories I heard made me completely against cruises, but I was never a big fan of them anyway.

Sounds like you'll have a busy summer! Will be nice if spring does come a little early this year.

Good job with the PT, I'm sure everyone at work will be glad when you can go back (including you!).

Deanna said...

I hope spring is truly around the corner, too. We finally got hit with the snow, but nothing like you guys have had. The are predicting another round Monday night and Tuesday.

We love cruising, too. Although, we have been on so many that we've been taking a bit of a break from them. They are so relaxing! I'm with you. The Carnival mess is just that. A mess that just happened. I'll bet you can get some really good rates right now, though!

Congrats on all of the goodness going on in your life right now and to all of the happy couples!

Glad the massages seem to be helping some. Did you ever think you'd be happy to return to work?

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your cruise. Happy anniversary!

Lots of exciting things to come in your family this year. Wishing all of the couples the very best life has to offer.

I'm glad the physical therapy and massages are helping you. I hope your recovery is complete soon. I bet you miss going to work. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

:) I'm glad the one with the brilliant smile is smiling again!

I'm glad you were on the cruise ship that didn't have any problems!!