Monday, January 21, 2013

New Pic of The Kids

Here you go, Iggy!

New photo of my kiddos, taken on Saturday night at Eric's company (belated) holiday party. I must admit...they clean up well! Sara accompanied her brother as she did last year and they had a great time.

Physical Therapy is going well, she wants to try acupuncture in the coming visits. Has anyone ever had acupuncture?? It will be something new for me. I guess I will give it a try. Might help with the muscle spasms and tension I am having. She explained that some of my muscles in my right leg are so tense and hard and it is probably from constantly tensing up when anyone would come near me, kind of a defensive action to protect my hip or anticipating the pain, and even now, when I am not in pain, I kind of freeze up automatically, for no good reason. She put some pressure on one muscle in particular and man did it hurt...but after a couple of minutes of soft tissue massage, it relaxed and quieted down. I don't understand how needles on certain pressure points will help but I am willing to give it a try. Guess I better shave my legs before my next visit, eh??

On that note...I shall go. Stay warm, people. It's a cold one out there today!!


Deanna said...

20's here... and that is cold enough!

Your kids look awesome.

I've never had acupuncture, but I had some sort of pulsing machine treatment on my hip when my bursitis acted up and it was amazing how much it helped! I'm willing to bet you are going to see some really good results.

Take care!

Lainie said...

Apparently I have a couple of muscles in my inner thigh and my hamstring that have been in 'protective' or 'defensive' mode for so long that they are as hard as a rock. She explained that the muscles have been, in a sense, protecting my hip for so long that they just lock up and spaz out. The acupuncture wasn't bad, the needles were tolerable and I would compare it to several bug bites. She did work those muscles over quite a bit and I am extremely sore this morning but I am icing the area right now. I don't know how poking a bunch of needles in my thigh will help but here's hoping it does!

It's -6 right now up here in the Lakes Region. I'm waiting for it to warm up to at least 0 before I head out to run my errands this morning!

ChicagoLady said...

Very nice picture of Eric and Sara!

I hope the acupuncture helps. I've never had it, but some people swear by it.

AliceKay said...

Nice looking kids, Lainie. :)

I've never had acupuncture, but I was advised to try it for my back. Just haven't gone that route yet. Hope it goes well for you and helps your muscle spasms. I've had the e-stem (electrical stimulation) therapy on my neck, and that feels pretty strange.

We had snow, then sleet, then freezing rain, and then rain today. Supposed to warm up to the 50s on Wednesday before a cold front comes thru with lots of rain.

spacegirl60 said...

It is so cool that your son takes his sister to company events.

Acupuncture is amazing from what I hear. Not done it myself but many people I know have. Does not hurt either. Sometimes they give you staples to help over the weekend.

I hope it works for you and you start feeling better.

Intense Guy said...

I hope your leg is now "cured" (and you are doing jumping jacks now!)

AND thank you for the lovely photo of the lovely one! :)