Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hello 2013!

Well I don't know if anyone will read this since I have been AWOL for a looooongggg time butI find I have a lot of time on my hands so why not post something.

Where do I begin??

Some of you are aware that I recently had hip replacement surgery in October. It's been a long road to recovery but I am almost there. 11 days after surgery I had to be readmitted to the hospital because I had an infection at the incision site. Luckily for me it was caught quickly because any infection deep in the tissue or around the hardware would have been a disaster. As it was, opening up the incision to clean it out was bad enough but I'd take that over removal of the prothesis any day. So three more days in the hospital and 6 weeks on a very intense anti-biotic infused twice a day treatment program and so far so good. I don't know when I will start to relax about the whole infection thing...it still looms overhead like a dark cloud, but at least it is more gray now than black. I have the BEST doctor who took all the precautions in the world, even postponing surgery for 2 years because I had less than perfect lab results, but in the end, it didn't matter, I got an infection anyway. But that's how I roll...nothing ever goes easily for me. I hope that by my next appointment, he will be more relaxed, and then perhaps I can relax. But I feel pretty good and the terrible pain I was in 24/7 is now gone and I can actually sleep more than 45 minutes at a time at night now, which is awesome! In fact, most nights I sleep 5-6 hours at a stretch now.

The holidays were really good for our family this year. Thanksgiving was here at my house, George helped with the turkey lifting and basting and Sara and I did the rest. My Mom did bring a few of her specialities such as her cranberry relish and some home made rolls which were completely devoured. The guys watched football and my neice, daughter, mother and I played some board games after dinner. My nephew Sean stayed home so we were able to have a drama free Thanksgiving.

Christmas Eve was spent at George's son Patrick's place. Pat made several sauces and set up a pasta bar for dinner. Pat's fiancee was our mixologist and made some very creative drinks for the occaision. Of course, the grandkids got spoiled rotten and I was very happy to have both Sara and Eric with us this year. We had an ugly Christmas sweater contest which was won by Patrick although George did everything in his power to win including attempting to bribe the judges by taping dollar bills to his red bow.

Patrick, George and Jon

Christmas Day was spent at my parents house. For the most part, it was a good day. Sean was there and he may be 21 years old but my great niece, who is 4, is better behaved than Sean is and I just had to keep away from him. I could go on for hours about everything that bugs me about this kid but it's not productive and will just make me upset so suffice it to say he came very close to ruining my day but I wouldn't let him. We just went home a little earlier than planned. New Year's Eve was spent at home, very quiet, just George and myself. New Year's Day we went to dinner at my parents house and by then I just wanted it to all be over!! I couldn't wait to get the Christmas tree down and put away and after having Sara here for 12 days...my house was in dire need of a straightening!

So now we are a week into the new year and things are changing already. George's daughter and her husband have called it quits after 8 1/2 yrs of marriage. This saddens me greatly especially since there are 2 young kids in the mix. I suppose we can hope for a reconcilliation, who knows what might happen but I don't see it.

On a positive note, George's son Jon and his wife Nikki had a baby girl this past September. Amelia Elizabeth is a happy healthy 4 month old now with a huge smile and very cute chunky thighs!! We love her to pieces.

Grampy and Amelia

I guess this is a good place to stop. I hope everyone is well and I will definitely try to make more frequent stops here. At least until I am back to work. Then who knows how much time I will have.


Intense Guy said...

Hello Lainie!!!

Of course there is someone out here to read your posts!

I'm glad you are on the mend from the hip surgery (now I understand!) I hope you are kicking with both legs soon!

George looks really "comfortable" and content. I suspect someone is very good for him!

I hope your kids are well too.

Lainie said...

Thanks Iggy. It's been a long road but I am getting better every day. The kids are doing great and I will post some pics soon...I promise. I know you are probably in need of one of Sara's Smiles by now!

Lainie said...
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Deanna said...

Hi Lainie,

I'm glad to hear your hip surgery was a success and hopefully you have that infection banished and gone! Those infections are a scary thing.

The new grandbaby is so pretty. Great picture of her and George.

Hope you have a great 2013!

ChicagoLady said...

Dang, how did I now know you had hip surgery?????

I'm glad the infection got cleared up and you are almost back to 100%! It's amazing how quickly you start to enjoy life again when the pain goes away.

AliceKay said...

I knew you had the hip surgery but didn't know about the infection. I'm glad it was caught early enough. Infections can be very, very bad.

Nice picture of the guys in their ugly sweaters. I thought George's lights were pretty cool. :)

George and Amelia look very good together. Congratulations to Jon and Nikki on the new addition.

I've checked your blog on and off for months, wondering if you would ever post again. I'm happy to see you are. :)