Friday, January 26, 2007

Holy Moley it's cold outside!

Happy Friday to YOU! It's been a long work week and it isn't over quite yet since I have to work in the morning for 5-6 hours. I suppose I can manage that. I have only logged 52 hours so far this week, what's another 5 or 6 right?
Winter has made a very nasty appearance. When I got up this morning at 4am it was -4 degrees F outside and the wind was blowing like mad. Once I got dressed I ran outside and started my car, then ran back inside, finished getting my lunch together and finished my tea. By the time I was ready to leave, my car was plenty warm and I had a fairly decent ride to work, except for the few times the wind nearly blew me and my vehicle onto the other side of the highway. It's insane, how cold it is with the wind chill and all. I don't know how those crazy people who smoke can stand it, standing outside during their coffee breaks and lunch, puffing away. If I was a smoker, I think I would quit for the winter. LOL
Work was ok...I was pretty busy for the whole day so it pretty much flew by. I left at 3 today...decided to treat myself to a short day. Stopped at the bank and then picked up some groceries and came home. I've got some chicken boiling on the stove to make a big pot of soup with. I am hoping it will warm up these old bones. I can hear the wind howling out there now.
Short interruption...Sara just popped in for a quick visit. She's on her way to Plymouth to visit her boyfriend at school and had to pop in to pick up her mail and smooch her puppy, not necessarily in that order. And yes I got a smooch too! LOL
Anyway, I guess I am glad that I am staying in tonight. I opened the back door to let the dog out and had to boot his little rear end to get him out there. I think he took care of his business in record time!
Monday was my dad's 77th birthday. He had too many things to do last weekend so tomorrow afternoon I am taking him out for lunch. Not sure where he is going to want to go but I am betting he will either want Chinese or seafood. Either one works for me.
I suppose I better get busy in the kitchen...just wanted to catch up a bit. Hope you are all staying warm. Hugssss!


AliceKay said...

It's been really cold here, too. I hope work goes okay for you today. I'm getting ready to head to work soon, myself.

I hope you have a nice lunch with your dad. My dad's 77th birthday was in October.

ChicagoLady said...

Brrrr, it finally got cold here! I'm staying inside under a blankie. Happy Birthday to your dad, God Bless him!

Lainie said...

Thanks! We had a nice time. He was showing off his new bumper sticker that one of his friends got him that says, "I'm a sexy senior citizen". LMAO He's too much!

Kerry said...

dang I missed it before the birthday dinner!

Glad you had a good time!!

I need your dad's bumper sticker!