Saturday, January 13, 2007

How's your weekend going?

Hello...Happy Weekend, what's left of it. This was my Saturday to work and thank goodness I only had to put in 5-6 hours. So I got up early and did my I can relax for the rest of the weekend. I ran my errands after work yesterday and all I have to do today is vacuum and some laundry.

I think winter has finally arrived. It has been rather chilly the last few days and it is very dreary outside right now. The forecast calls for snow and freezing rain tomorrow and Monday, but it really looks like it could start at any minute. I guess our run of good luck has left us. I can't remember another January 13th and not a flake of snow on the ground in New Hampshire. Even the ski resorts have very little to work with although since the temperatures have dropped over the last couple of days, they have been able to call back a lot of the folks they laid off earlier in the month and can now get the snow guns blowing. I'm not a winter person even though I have lived here my entire life. I have only been on skis once, I don't ice skate and my days of sledding and tobogganing are longgggggg gone. Do you know you can break a freeking hip doing that? The older I get, the less I like dealing with the cold and snow. I will shovel, but only enough to dig a path from the road to my front steps. I will dig out the tires of my car then pray I can gun it and drive away. I have a very sweet neighbor who will plow my driveway for me for pretty cheap, but I have to be able to get my car out of the dooryard so he can do it. Aaahhhhhhhh winter in New England...the good news is...wait there is no good news. Spring is still too far away for there to be any good news.

Gonna hit the chores...have a wonderful Saturday.



Kerry said...

I agree

yup your right holy crap I hate winter as much as you, and it's getting cold and dreary here too and ugh!! spring is soo far away!

ChicagoLady said...

Winter has arrived here too! Woke up to some ice, and getting snow tonight. Just in time for the morning drive to work. Yay!

Karla said...

want ice? we've had ice for 5 days now..and it's not melting anytime soon..tonights low...7...tomorrow nights low 2...I wanna move south....Brazil sounds kinda nice right now

Kerry said...

We are supposed to get hit with another storm Friday night.. well my weekend is planned out now. Staying inside under blankets!