Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday morning and I really should be doing something productive, but I am not. And I probably won''s my day of rest!

I had digital voice installed at my house yesterday to add to my digital cable and internet. Comcast made me an offer I couldn't refuse and with the free long distance and all of the phone features included (which I have been paying extra for using my other phone carrier) I should be saving a decent amount of money each month. I can also save some money on my cell phone bill by going with a cheaper plan since I won't be using that so much. One of the main reasons I had a cell phone in the first place was for the long distance. But in order to save minutes I would often wait until after 9pm to make calls. Now I can call anyone I want at any time and not be concerned about the time I spend on the phone. Considering that with Verizon, my free calling area was not very broad and even calls to my family just 20 miles away were considered long distance, this is really a nice benefit.
While the guys were here connecting my phone, they upgraded my modem and made sure everything with my computer was working great. They were very amused with my wallpaper on my computer, what I call my bedspread. I can just imagine what they all had to say once they left my man, this woman lives in a real fantasy world...or something. LOL Had I known they were going to turn on my PC, I would have changed the picture. Oh well...what can I say? I love my bedspread!
Along with the "bundle' they offered me some premium movie channels for an additional $10. I've got HBO and STARZ with On Demand. I haven't been able to really check that feature out yet, but maybe today there will be some good movies on.

I was planning to stay home last night but ended up going out with some girls from work. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant and had our fair share of nachos and Margarita's. I only had 2 drinks because I had to drive home, but spread them out over the course of the evening and ended up having a real good time. At least I am not nursing a hangover this morning. I don't think that the rest of my companions are feeling too well. I'll be making some phone calls in a bit to find out.

I just talked to Rick in Maine and if the weather holds, I am going to go up there next weekend to visit the mainiacs. I haven't been up there since October and it is about time. They are all really super people and they make everyone feel so comfortable in their home. Rick said he is planning to make his chickenless pot pie for dinner Saturday night. LOL I offered to bring the chicken. I am sure most of you know the whole chickenless pot pie story, but for those who don't, Rick is an awesome cook and one night he was so proud of his chicken pot pie that he made. He even made the pie crust from scratch. Everything apparently was so delicious until they realized that there was no chicken in the pie. He cooked the chicken, but forgot to add it to the gravy with the veggies. :-) Blossom told us all about it and Rick has never been able to live that down. I am certainly looking forward to whatever culinary delicacy Rick has to offer. Haven't been disappointed yet with anything he has cooked. It's always a good party up there with Rick, Blossom, Mazz Tweetie, Pup and the gang. Let's just hope the weather co-operates!

I suppose I should get moving here but first I want to post a pic of my bedspread! Hope it comes out as good as it looks on my PC. LOL Enjoy!

Have a relaxing Sunday.



AliceKay said...

When you mentioned "bedspread", I thought maybe this was the one...LOL. Those poor cable guys. Didn't they measure up? LOL

Lainie said...

Who knows...but I am sure they see all kinds of things when making calls. I'm not sure who's face was redder but they certainly got a good chuckle from it. LOL

Kerry said...

thats a nice spread you've got there!!!!

Lainie said...

Why thank you. I am a tad bit partial to it myself. LOL

ChicagoLady said...