Friday, May 02, 2008


Here I am sitting at home once again waiting for a repairman. It has been a very expensive couple of months and hopefully today won't cost me another $800 like I am suspecting. Owning a home can really suck sometimes, especially when you are broke from the start and it's an old home.

Last Sunday George and I tackled the water pump problem head on since it finally died sometime during the night on Friday. He would have come down and done it on Saturday but he had to work and couldn't get out of it. He does machine service and repair work on a contract basis for the company he used to work for a couple of years ago. Anyway, it turned out the motor on the water pump was seized and had to be replaced. Trying to find a water pump on a Sunday was nearly impossible but he called a Well Pump and Repair service and they had one and were willing to come out on a Sunday at no additional cost. So by 2PM I had a new water pump and great water pressure. All was well with the world until last night. I got home from dinner with George, his son Patrick and Patrick's girlfriend Kiley, and had no water pressure at all. I went outside to the pump house and I could hear the pump running and it was really hot. I hit the power switch and shut it down, then called the repair guy. He sent me around the house looking for an open faucet or something and then I found water on the bathroom floor by the hot water tank. I can't tell if it's the tank itself or the pipes surrounding it that are leaking so here I sit waiting for the service guy to show up. I am hoping that I won't have to replace the new water pump. The pump itself is under warranty but I am wondering if it will be covered if the under lying problem is not directly related to the pump. George can replace the water heater at very little cost so I'm not too concerned about that. I am just hoping that the new pump hasn't been damaged.

On a happier note, as mentioned, I finally met the youngest of George's kids. Pat is in college studying culinary arts and restaurant management. He is a carbon copy of his father 30 years ago, very sweet with a huge smile. He was a lot more talkative than I expected and that made it a lot less nerve wracking for me. I tend to babble when I get nervous and I probably sound like an idiot. LOL
After dinner we all went over to the sporting goods store to check out tenting and fishing equipment. I don't plan on going fishing but I may have to give in and go camping. I do hope George realizes I do not sleep on the ground and I will be a pain in the ass the whole time. My idea of roughing it is going to the Motel 6. Oh well, he will learn. LOL

So work has been rather slow lately but I am managing to look busy for most of the day. When I am not busy, I hide out in the office in front of my computer. So far no one has caught on yet. Today is moving day at work though and darn it I am going to miss it. It seems to be a regular thing in that building, moving departments around. We are moving back into the room we were in a year and a half ago and I can't make any sense out of why so I won't even try. I just go where they tell me to.

OK I guess I better get dressed since the repair dude will be here in an hour or so.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

Update 10:52 am:
The water pump is working just fine now but I have a leak in my hot water tank which was causing the pump to work overtime. Every time the pump would pump water into the tank it would drain out causing the pump to pump more water in...etc, etc. I have water but no hot water, so I have to get a new hot water tank installed. Looks like another job for Super George!


Intense Guy said...

*Whew! Thats a relief!*

...and I'm glad its Super George and *not* Curious George!!!

Hope you have some nice steamy moments soon (with and without the Caped Crusader).

LadyStyx said...

Dontcha just hate when things seemingly fall apart all at the same time. You get one thing fixed and damned if something else breaks and attempts to take the new part down with it.

LOL@ iggy....sometimes a Curious George can be a good thing ;) ~laffz~

Punkn said...

Repair costs do tend to add up, don't they. Our septic tank pump has bit the dust. Guess we will be getting a new one of those next week. Don't want to even think of the cost. I can't wait to hear your camping stories. We have family camping trips. I usually check into the nearest hotel and whoever wants to whimp out with me can.

Punkn said...

Super George by day, Curious George by night.....

AliceKay said...

Been there, done that, and it ain't no fun. I sympathize with you, Lainie. *hugs*

On a lighter note...I'm glad the meeting with Patrick went so well. :)

No comment on the Curious George subject. LOL

Karla said...

You babble when you get nervous? I didn't notice!!! so maybe you just "thought" you were babbling...or maybe I didn't make you nervous LOL

Lainie said...

I wasn't nervous meeting you was a pleasure!

Hot water tank is installed and working with no leaks. It took George a good part of the afternoon, including the hour we spent at Lowe's buying the water heater and fittings for the plumbing, but he got the job done.
Oh and Iggy, he can be quite Curious when the spirit moves him.

Hope your septic tank pump doesn't cost an arm and a leg, Punkn.

ChicagoLady said...

I don't know, maybe she wants him to be Super George at night instead?

LMAO, don't you just love when the main topic of the post is ignored, but one little tiny word is noticed and built on in every comment?

I'm glad you got your water heater fixed. Definitely don't want to be taking too many cold showers. ;-)

Intense Guy said...

Ahh... things are back to hot and steamy...