Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy May!

I hope all you Mom's had a nice Mother's Day. I had a great weekend, very busy and very nice. George took me out for breakfast on Sunday and then we went to visit my mom. I brought her a pot of Stargazer Lily's and we visited for awhile. Then we went over to the cemetery to visit George's Mother's grave. She died on Mother's Day so he makes sure he places flowers at her grave every Mother's Day. Shortly after we got back to my house, Eric and Jessie came over and we ended up going out for supper at Applebees. We had a nice time, chatting and catching up with the kiddos. Sara called right after we got back home and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. I thought she had spent the weekend in Massachusetts but found out she had been at her apartment all weekend. I was a little disappointed that she didn't make it over here but oh well. When I got home from work this evening, she had left a card on the table for me. She always manages to find the perfect cards so I am happy with that.

Saturday was also very busy. George had his daughter, her husband and two kids over for a BBQ. It was a lot of fun watching the kids be kids, they are really amazing little characters. Callissa now calls me by my real name so 'Auntie Ann' has been retired. She said she has been practicing and she was so proud. What a sweetheart. Alex is also getting more comfortable with me and decided that he and I should play Legos. Meaning, I built something and he took it apart. He will be 2 in June. He's a crazy lil guy and I wouldn't be surprised if testing for ADHD is in his future.

It seems that all of my water problems have been fixed. The pump seems to be doing it's job and my hot water tank enables me to enjoy a nice hot shower once again. It sure is nice to not have to heat water on the stove in order to do dishes too! Hopefully all of my bumps in the road are done for the time being. I have been trying to clean out the house some. I have a lot of junk that I am never going to use and Goodwill has been reaping the benefits. I actually found some casserole dishes in the closet from my wedding that I have never opened. If I haven't needed them in 20+ years, I guess I won't be needing them ever, so off they went.
The same goes for clothes that have been collecting dust in my closet. I look at some of this stuff and ask myself...what was I thinking?

I had Friday off and pretty much ran errands most of the morning. I also got my car registered. Jon is going to inspect it for me next week so it will be all set for another year. In August I will have it all paid off. I still have another 25,000 miles on my warranty so I will hang onto the car for awhile longer and hopefully save what I would have been paying out. My bank account needs a little help these days. :-(

My dad came home from Las Vegas on Thursday and he had a blast. He goes every couple of years with one of his brothers and some assorted family members. My mother doesn't care to go along because it is too much walking for her but Dad enjoys all of that stuff and it is good for him to keep busy. I asked him if he won big bucks and he quickly told me that what happens in Vegas stays in I take that to mean hell yes but don't tell your mother! LMAO

It smells really nice in my house today because I stole some lilacs off of my mom's lilac bush yesterday. They are out in the kitchen but I can smell them here in the computer room. I love them so much...I wish they were available for a longer period of time.

Ok It is time to get off here and get some things done. I am making the sauce for my lasagna which I will assemble tomorrow for Wednesday night's dinner. I love lasagna but it takes so long to get everything ready, so I usually make it in stages. I usually make a huge pan of lasagna but it will be too much for just George and myself, so I am going to make 2 smaller ones and freeze one of them. Then when the craving hits again, I will be ahead of the game.

Have a wonderful week.



AliceKay said...

It sure sounds like you had a full weekend. You seem to be getting along so well with all of George's family now. What a joy to read.

I think I have some things in the back part of my kitchen counter cupboard that Terri and I received as wedding gifts that were never used. I need to get to cleaning that cupboard out one of these days. I wish we had a goodwill around here. And some of those that need weeding out, too.

My lilac bush isn't blooming as much as it should this year. I think some of the buds were frosted last week and they died off. I'll take a pic tomorrow (the weather man promised us sunshine tomorrow) to show you what I mean.

Lasagna sounds good. :)

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad you had such a nice weekend! I think I still have a couple years left on my car load, right Kerry? LOL

LadyStyx said...

Lasagna?? *goes to pack her bags* Am on my way!!! Never met a pasta dish I didnt like...well except the one from last night..*wrinkles nose* *bleah*

Intense Guy said...

*races by LadyStyx in the Red Number 8 car on the way to Lainie's*

Lasagna? someone say Lasagna?? I'm there!! :)

Lainie said...

I knew I should have made a bigger pan. Dinner is at 6PM. :-)