Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's been a really busy weekend and I am ready for a nap. After finishing this post, I hope I can lay down on the sofa for a bit and just chill. I should be doing laundry but it can wait another day.
Work was really slow on Friday. Actually it has been slow for several days now and it doesn't look like it is going to improve much in the next couple of weeks. We just finished our months shipments and won't be getting another kit on the floor to start work for next month's shipments until the last week of May. Not a really good way to run a production line if you ask me, especially when we have a 14 day lead time, but I guess that is why I am not a Supervisor or a Manager. To break up the monotony, I went on the computer and found a word search making web site and proceeded to create some work related word search puzzles. These included a list of parts we use and terms written in the work instructions we all use. My supervisor made copies and handed out the puzzles after getting approval from Dave. I was actually surprised he went along with it, because he is usually a stick in the mud about such things. But he seemed impressed and said it was fine as long as we shred the puzzles after. It took a little while to complete and passed the time with a little bit of fun.
Friday night George and I went out for our usual pizza and beer. The wait staff is starting to get to know us quite well now as we are in there about every other week.
Saturday morning I slept in some and then ran a few errands before driving up to George's house. We were going to his son in law, Matt's, birthday party at 2 and we still had to pick something up for Nikki, who's birthday was earlier in the week. I think next year we should celebrate all the May birthdays in one shot instead of individually. Anyway, I got there around noon time and we headed out. We ended up getting to the party early, which was fine because it was nice to socialize with the kids before everything got crazy. What I didn't know was George's not quite ex wife was going to be there as well. It shouldn't matter to me because I was invited by Nicole so I knew she wanted me to be there, but I knew it was going to make for an awkward situation. I was right. Thankfully I already know the kids and grandkids and one of the other guests, Matt's father Mike. I actually worked with Mike for several years at the last job I had. Donna and I didn't speak, and she only spoke to George when she needed someone to open a bottle and he was standing right there. I could feel the tension in the air. I really didn't enjoy myself, my stomach was in knots for most of the afternoon. She was the one who had an affair and left her marriage, but it still was very uncomfortable for me.
We left around 4:30 and decided to go have dinner out, since I hadn't been able to eat a thing at the party. We went to Newick's in Concord which is a really nice seafood restaurant. There was a long wait but we decided to sit at the bar and eat there. It's a nice casual atmosphere and we watched some of the ball game and chatted with the bar tender. I started to relax at once and enjoyed my scallops and onion rings.
We went to my house after and once we got there, George asked me if I wanted to birthday present early. Well hell yeah! I love presents! I opened the card and taped inside was a key to his house. We have been talking about me moving up there eventually, like months from now, but this made it official. It's so exciting!!
Then he handed me another card, and inside was a poem he wrote. As I was reading the poem, he slipped a little gold and diamond ring on my finger. I could hardly finish reading the poem through the tears, but lets just say, there will be a bigger ring in the future. This is a promise of what's to come, once all the legal stuff is behind us and we can officially start our life together. Who knew that boy was such a romantic? He'd been hanging onto that ring for several weeks and he couldn't hold out any longer. I love his heart and I've never been this happy.
The ring is a bit big for my finger and it has to be resized but I snapped a quick pic .

Today, was another day of surprises. After an early breakfast, George tells me he is taking me out for lunch. Right around the same time, Jessie calls to wish me a Happy Birthday. She passes the phone to Eric and he tells me they are going out for brunch but they would like to stop over afterwards. So we plan to catch up around 4PM.
George and I head out for lunch but he wants to go to the Back Room, which is a really nice place but kind of expensive. Since he already took me out for dinner the night before, I protested a little bit but he told me to hush, let him spoil me if he wants to. Imagine my surprise when we walked in and there's my dad, Eric, Jessie, Sara and Brad sitting in the lobby waiting for a table. My mom is in Montreal this weekend, otherwise she would have been there too. This was all Sara's doing since last year my birthday was pretty much forgotten because of her college graduation on the same day and we also had to move her out of her dorm. She and George have been emailing back and forth to plan the whole thing for a couple of weeks.
It was a great surprise and lunch was fantastic. There was so much food, it was unbelievable. Most of us had chicken cooked one way or another, and George had a huge steak. Eric and Jessie had seafood. I couldn't have asked for a better day, or weekend for that matter.
Now I sit here still full to the gills and ready for a nice long nap. I have several to go boxes in my fridge from all of the lunches and dinners out. I shouldn't have to cook for a week.
It is back to work tomorrow and I am not looking forward to that. The only good thing about it is I only have to work 4 days and then I am off for 4 days for Memorial Day Weekend. I just hope the week goes by fast.


AliceKay said...

Wow, what a great weekend (for the most part). Lots of surprises and a wonderful birthday. I saw the pic of the ring and had to read thru your blog fast to get to that part. LOL Nice to hear such good news. :)

If your week is half as good as your weekend, you'll do just fine. *hugs*

LadyStyx said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy for you. What a wonderful birthday you had!!!

Happy birthday from ranger and me.

~*~Steph~*~ said...

Happy Birthday Lady!! Sounds like to me you had a wonderful birthday weekend and a busy one at that! What nice surprises George sprung on you.That ring is beautiful. I am so happy for you all!

Newicks is awesome,I love the atmosphere in there. We've been a couple times,maybe when we're not so embarressed to go eat in public with the kids again,we'll be able to make it more frequent lol.

Happy Birthday again,I hope you are resting now!

Deb said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful through and through. I'm thrilled things are going so well for you. Doesn't it feel wonderful to be in love?

Karla said...

I am SOOOOOOO happy for you sweetheart...You deserve every ounce of happiness you have. Love ya lots!!!

Kerry said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! ohhhhh My God!!! thats a ring!!! I am sooooooo happy for you both! OMG thats a ring!!!!!!!
Happy birthday! and a beautiful ring it is!! OMG YOU GOT A RING!

Lainie said...

Hey Kerry...I got a ring. :-)

ChicagoLady said...

Kerry beat me to all the OMG's! I was walking into the kitchen tonight after work, glanced at the calendar, and saw it was your birthday yesterday. Was gonna post a happy belated b'day message, but obviously I'm a day late, AGAIN!

And here we were all joking with you about a non-existant wedding plan, and now you get to really do it!!!!!

Happy Birthday a little late! And congratulation on the key and accompanying ring.

Punkn said...

*wipes a tear of joy from my cheek*... I cannot tell you how happy I am for you Lainie. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Lainie said...

Wedding plans are a long while away. But thanks! And thanks for all the birthday wishes too.
Oh and Happy Birthday Punkn!!

Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday Lainie!!!!

:) That's a super ring from Super George!

I wish you much continued happiness.. *hugs*

Lainie said...

Thanks Iggy. He's a Super Guy and I am a very lucky Gal.
Hugs to all of my wonderful friends!