Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm Back!

We're home...had a great time and got a bunch of pretty nice foliage pics. I will upload them to my PC tomorrow and get them posted. I'm too tired to do it tonight and I still have to catch up on some things before I call it a night. I know it is only 6pm but I didn't get much sleep last night. I am going to bed right after The Amazing Race, if I can even stay up long enough to watch it.

I love our time up in Pittsburg and this weekend we stayed in a different cabin than the last time we went there and the bed is lousy and the futon isn't much better. I would sleep for an hour and wake up and try to get resituated but the bed is small and I always manage to wake George up in the process. So when I try not to move, I just end up uncomfortable and awake to the point that I just say screw it and get up. On Friday night I moved over to the futon around 3am and stayed there until morning. Last night I knew early on I wasn't going to torture myself and decided to just sleep on the futon. That's when George decided he would open up the futon and sleep out there with me. Bad move. It's smaller than the damn bed and as much as I love him...I need some space. I know he meant well and ya gotta love the gesture but all I could think of was how much I wanted my bed! It was warmer in the living room with the furnace on and all but I got even less sleep than the night before. When the sun came up, I was watching. Oh Lordy I really hope my mattress will fit on his bed when I move up to his house.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and have a wonderful week.


AliceKay said...

Welcome back home, Lainie. Sorry to hear the sleeping arrangements weren't as nice as the last cabin you were in. It's always good to get back home to your own bed after a trip like that.

Will look forward to your foliage pics. *hugs*

AliceKay said...

By the the Halloween themed background. Orange and Black are my high school's colors...the Towanda Black Knights. :)

ChicagoLady said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you had a nice time, and can't wait to see some foliage pics. Some of the trees are just starting to turn here, not sure what we're actually going to end up with, color-wise.

As I've gotten older, I've always been leary about hotel beds, and just about any bed that isn't my bed.

Can you believe some of the idiots on TAR this year? The girls thinking they needed an unmarked container at the beach? And the other couple that didn't tell their taxi to wait, so had to go searching for one? Sheesh! Read the directions, people! I'm not sure I have a favorite yet. No one's really annoying me this year, thank goodness, but also no one has stood out to where I want to root for them.

ChicagoLady said...

Oh yeah, love the Halloween theme! My high school colors were also orange and black. We were the Wheaton Central Tigers. Now that school is a middle school, and the former middle school was expanded and is now Wheaton-Warrenville South, still the Tigers though.

Intense Guy said...

Welcome home Lainie -

Hope you got a good night's rest - the Sofa Dude

Karla said...

Glad you enjoyed it even if you didn't sleep least you had your hunnybunches with you :-)
yeah I agree with Chicago..what the hell were those girls digging for? LOL (maybe they wanted to build a sand castle?) they all seem a little "directions challenged"

LadyStyx said...

ooooooooooooooooh new decor! I, too, had orange in my highschool colors but our other color was blue. We were the East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans.

Sounds like the trip was ok, Im with you though...I gotta have a good night's sleep!! Im ok with sleeping in other beds so long as they are room and comfortable. Pillows too....must be nice and fluffy....not those thin things that most hotels use.

Jess said...

Enjoy a wonderful sleep!
I tend to just fall asleep if i'm really tired. Perhaps you should've gotten up to do some jogging or something then been sooo exhausted you'd've collapsed! Fantabulous idea.