Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pics And Stuff

I know you are all thinking..."wow finally a post". It's been a very busy and interesting week so grab your tea or coffee...cos I hope to get you all caught up.

I have pics and I will attach them at the end of this post. They are all foliage pics from last weekend's trip up to the North country. The foliage colors aren't all that bright this year probably due to all of the rain we had over the summer but we are having a wonderful Fall so far. It's been chilly at night and warm and sunny during the day, except for last weekend when it was cold and not very sunny all weekend. It's already 61 degrees this morning.

So...last Sunday on my way home from up North, I got a phone call from Sara. She was in tears and very very upset. Sara spent the weekend at my house to dog sit her precious Hntababes (yes her dog lives with me). Anyway, sometime during the night as she slept in my bed, the dog got her $140 Coach purse that was sitting on the kitchen table. He dragged it onto the floor and emptied the contents of her bag, then proceeded to chew off part of one of the handles. She found it that morning, contents of the bag strewn all over the living room and kitchen and about 2 inches of leather strap missing. Mind you, he is a Chihuahua, about 10 lbs in weight and blind. Not a big dog at all. She searched all over the house for the missing strap and had to conclude that he must have chewed it up and swallowed it. (I have since found 'evidence' that that is indeed what he did.) I don't know what she wanted me to do or say at that moment. I reminded her that she should have known better since he can be destructive if given half a chance and if he is pissed off about something, he will act out. Perhaps he needs a doggie shrink, but we'll discuss that at another time. LOL I personally don't think it was a personal issue, he just could smell the leather and decided it would make a nice chew toy. Sara, however, in her irate mental state, believed he is 'faking' is blindness. That had me laughing but I didn't dare let her hear me. I asked her what she wanted me to do about it, since the dog doesn't get an allowance and therefore cannot repay her for her loss. She didn't think I was very funny and ended up hanging up on me. I called her back a bit later and she was still upset but had calmed down some. I asked her why on earth she spent $140 for a pocketbook anyway. I mean, that's just crazy. She said it was a gift to herself that she purchased when she got her income tax check and she felt she deserved it. OK whatever...I certainly can think of better things to spend that kind of money on but it's her money. I let her know I was almost home and we would discuss what to do when I got there.
The dog wasn't in any kind of distress, in fact he was jumping around and playing, wagging his tail and looking like he hadn't a care in the world. I am really glad he didn't get into any of her make up or medications that were also in her bag. I am happy to report that he's fine. Pieces of the strap have been observed during the early part of the week and I think we've seen the last of that. I asked her if she wanted me to save them for her but she wasn't amused.

Wednesday was George's court date for his divorce. He had mixed emotions about it all. First he just wanted it to be over with and second he was unsure how things would go. Donna was not asking for anything although she could have had half the equity of the house and half of his retirement. She was adamant that she didn't want any of it but the judge sent them both a letter saying they were both expected to attend the hearing which went against what the initial letter said.
During the hearing, the judge questioned her several times regarding the items she was entitled to have and wouldn't leave it alone. She also was pushing them to go into counseling and asked if they have done everything in their power to reconcile their differences. Since they filed under irreconcilable differences and not adultery, I can understand her wanting them to answer that question. George simply said that what transpired between them has been going on for a long time and it was time to put an end to their misery and move on with their lives. The judge asked Donna one more time if she wanted any of his retirement and she said no. I guess she got the message and finally signed the papers. So that's that...divorce is final!
He couldn't wait to call me and tell me the good news! It's like a huge burden has been rolled off of his back and now we can all move on.

George's kids have been wonderfully supportive through it all. I guess it's good that they are all adults and can fully understand why things are the way they are. They've all accepted me and now tolerate Donna's boyfriend so things are moving forward. George's son Jon emailed all of the family with his thoughts the other day and he is just a remarkable young man with a big heart and a lot of insight. He's just like his father in many ways and I let him know that.

So...that brings me to today. It's Saturday and I just finished cleaning my kitchen and living room. Laundry is in the dryer and I put together an apple pie which I will be taking up to George's house later on to bake. His daughter Nicole and her husband and kids will be going over for dinner tonight and it has been awhile since I've seen them so I am looking forward to that. I am also bringing up all the ingredients for pizza and I'll get Alex and Lissa to help me make them. Should be fun.

Ok so now for some pics. Hope you enjoy.

This was the view from the kitchen window in the cabin, I took the photo during breakfast.

Looking across Lake Francis. Not a glimmer of sunshine all day.

Just a little color

Franconia Notch

Yup, that's snow on Mt. Washington.

View of Mt. Washington taken in Twin Mountain.

So there ya have it. Some Northern New Hampshire foliage pics. Not the best colors this season but the leaves are just at peak here in Southern New Hampshire so maybe I can grab a few more around here.


AliceKay said...

Your story about Sara and her dog had me laughing. Sorry...but I couldn't help it. LOL

Good to hear the divorce went thru and you and George can get on with your lives. I can only imagine what a relief it is for both of you.

Great pics! Loved seeing the foliage, sun or not. The foliage was beautiful when we were up there, which was the first week of October. That year, Mt. Washington had more snow on it's peak than I can see in your pics. Beautiful scenery up that way.

ChicagoLady said...
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ChicagoLady said...

I too was laughing at your conversations with Sara. I think you handled the whole situation perfectly.

I'm sure the pictures don't do the scenery justice. If the sun had been shining, the colors would have been bursting off the mountains.

I'm glad George's divorce is final. Now the two of you can finalize all your plans to be together.

LadyStyx said...

*grabs her decaf, very lightly sweetened ice tea*

We were having nice 70's temps last week, but it's decided to go into the 80's this week and we've had to put the A.C. on again *sigh*

*giggles @ the purse story*

I'd never spend that amount on a purse, I wreck em too easily! I do have one small leather one *makes note to not bring it when I visit* that I got from WallyWorld...cost me no more than $10 (gotta LOVE the clearance sales!).

Happy to hear that George's divorce is finalized. The judge had several questions for me and all I could say when he thumbed through my file was "It got very complicated". He looked at me and said "yes, I see that". I was very very relieved when his signature went on the line as I'd been fighting for nearly a year to get it done.

Beautiful pix. Many of the trees down this way are the same, very minimal in color. Several have simply turned brown and fallen off the trees. I was so looking forward to some bright colors...

Lainie said...

No need to apologize AK. I was busting up the whole rest of the ride home that day. George and I told the story to his daughter and her husband last night and we cracked up all over again. Poor Sara...will she never learn?

The foliage seems to be a bit brighter here in Southern NH than up North but still not as colorful as previous years. Disappointing for sure.

Intense Guy said...

Wow. Coach leather doggy chews... that's one spoiled doggy. :) You had me cracking up with your "Well Sara, I found the bits of leather, you want 'em back?" It's really funny how some dogs and cats seem to be able leap tall building in a single bound, when it comes to getting into mischief... I hope Sara isn't too mad at poor Hunter.

And hopefully you can see me wiping my forehead with a hanky... I'm glad things are finally set a'right for George and for you!


Jess said...

I hope that dog enjoyed the best dam chew toy ever!
But your poor friend - honestly, you'd have been pretty miffed. Buying expensive stuff for yourself really does cheer you up!!

Karla said...

LOL I'm with you why would anyone spend that much money on a purse!! Mine cost a whole $5.00 at Payless on sale!

Woot! The divorce is for the wedding invitations to come in :-)

The pictures are nice. I kinda miss that around here. We have mesquite and oaks but not enough oaks to form "colorful scenery"...Being raised in Arkansas I was use to the colorful falls.

Tori_z said...

I don't get why people spend that much on an item like that either, but there you have it. I couldn't help laughing at it all... It's too funny! LMAO!

Glad to hear the devorce is final at last and everyone can move on with their lives. :)

Punkn said...

WoooHoooo about the divorce being finalized. Having a Chihuahua myself, I SO related to the story about Sara and her dog. They can be such demons! Dang dog has expensive taste (but then so does Sara, huh). No way in the WORLD could I part with $140 for a purse of all things.