Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 Better Start Improving

So...my hope for good health in the New Year seems to have gone by the wayside. I went to the doctor today and she sent me for chest X-rays because I may have pneumonia. Hooray. She gave me some antibiotics, mucinex and sent me home to bed with lots of fluids. She told me to double up on the first dosage to get a jump on the infection and she will call me when she gets the x-ray results. I can go to work tomorrow if I feel up to it. I am hoping I do because I have so much to do.

My back is much better today. I actually put the heating pad away on Sunday and I've been fine. No idea what happened and I hope I don't have to go through that again.

I haven't posted pics of the new car yet because it is now caked with dirt and road salt. Hopefully we can clean it up for it's formal unveiling soon. LOL
George says it drives great and maybe I will actually ride in it this weekend.

Patrick arrived safely in Steamboat Springs Colorado, yesterday. He and Renee are visiting her sister for a couple of days before moving into their new apartment in Colorado Springs. I know George will rest easier now knowing they aren't travelling. This time of year you never know what kind of road conditions you will encounter.

I suppose I should try to get a nap in before George gets home. Just wanted to keep you posted. I am temporarily down but not out! I still have a lot of fight in me yet. :-)

Hugs!! Hope you are all well.


Intense Guy said...

Oh! Next to Nyquil and Metamucil, Mucinex is my favorite health food snack... :)

Hey Lainie.. youse is showin' yer age when you can't get up the 'citement enough to go for a new car ride!

AliceKay said...

You sure are having an awful time of it, Lainie. So sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well. Pneumonia isn't something to mess with, so I hope the antibiotics start working quickly. My son had pneumonia when he was 16, and it knocked him for a loop. (it took 3 doctor visits in one week before someone finally took a chest x-ray, even though i told the PA on the first visit that it sounded like he had pneumonia)

Glad to hear Patrick made it out there safely. Some roads this time of year can be treacherous.

Get well soon so you can go take a ride in that new car!

Lynn said...

So sorry about your news girly, I hope you do feel better soon, hugsssssssssssss

Karla said...

Feel better soon *hugsss*

Deanna said...

It is time for winter to be over. That is just a fact. Get feeling better soon! And take care of yourself - that work will wait.

ChicagoLady said...

Hope the meds help and you are back on your feet again soon! You definitely deserve a nice ride in the new car after all this. Hopefully George will get it all cleaned up for you first.

Intense Guy said...

Hugs - hope you are feeling better today.