Thursday, March 08, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

Ok this below zero crap has got to stop. It's March already, where's the dang sun anyway? It's been below zero for the last three mornings and today it only got up to 8 degrees F as a high. The weatherman just said to expect up to -30F tonight with wind chill. I am glad I have no plans to go outside this evening. My car wasn't too happy about starting this morning and it's going to be even more miserable tomorrow. I certainly hope this is the last of the cold. It's time for some warmer weather.

I've been working late every night this week so by the time I get home, I eat and shower and it's time to sit in front of the tv for an hour before I fall asleep. I left work earlier today but got my taxes done so that's one more thing out of the way. I am getting a decent return back but I expect this will be the last time since I won't be able to claim Sara as a dependant next year. I am going to start having payroll take some additional money out of my check so I can be sure I overpay and get some money back. It's hard for me to save money week to week so I normally bank my entire return every year. I've never been one of those people who look forward to their return so they can splurge on all the things they have wanted all year. A few of my friends have already been on shopping sprees and have blown their entire return. I'll ask them a month from now what they spent it all on and I bet they won't be able to tell me.

I watched last week's Jericho episode on On Demand last night and's really getting good. I missed last night's episode but plan on catching that this weekend also on On Demand. Gotta love Comcast. LOL I have been keeping up with Survivor through On Demand too...since American Idol has had my full attention Tues. Wed. and Thurs. I have to say, I was not that impressed with the contestants in the beginning but I certainly am now. A few of them have really come into their own so to speak, and I am making an early prediciton that Melinda will come out the winner.
She really is my personal favorite. She's so humble and she seems surprised that people like her, every week. I think that girl is ready to become a star right now.

I was not able to get to Maine last weekend as planned, but I am hoping to get up there in 2 weeks. The roads weren't bad on Saturday morning but they were predicting snow for Saturday night into Sunday and I didn't want to take the chance of getting caught in that. I don't mind driving in snow when I have to, but when I don't have to...I'd rather stay put. You get my drift...I am sure. LOL

I am spending this Saturday morning working and Saturday evening I am going to hang out with my friend Cyndie. Her husband is away at some training school for the National Guard and it's my turn to keep her company. We're not quite sure what we're going to do but it will include a movie and food and drinks, although not necessarily in that order. However, if we start off drinking...we may as well stay in and cook dinner and watch a movie cos neither one of us will be in any condition to drive. I am sure we will figure out something.

Time for me to hit the shower. I hope you are all having a good week. Stay warm!



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AliceKay said...

hmm....that name up there looks familiar. LOL

I hope you have a nice weekend, Lainie. We're in for warmer temps but possible showers tomorrow. It was -2 just the other day. I do believe Mother Nature is having mood swings.

We always use what little tax refund we get toward our car insurance bill that comes due the first part of April. Never splurged on anything that I can remember. Oh, and Lainie...we had a real shocker the first year we couldn't claim Marty as a dependent. We had to pay in. :(

Lainie said...

Thanks Ak...hope you enjoy the weekend as well.
It is supposed to be near 50 tomorrow and in the 50's most of next week. I am more than ready to thaw out, believe me.
I made sure I had payroll take extra out of my check so hopefully that will be enough to not have to pay any more to the IRS.

Kerry said...

Looks beeeeeeeeeeee u ti ful outside today!!